This E-Commerce Clothing Mobile App comes with fully customizable features, the ready-to-use app for users with easily configurable application design that allows you to start an online business with our Mobile

E-commerce Home Page

Product Grid Page

Product Details Page

Notification page

Filter Page

Profile Page

Side Menu Page

Settings Page

Wishlist Page

My orders Page

Help,Policies & many more

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flutter e-commerce app


  • E-Commerce Clothing app with Clean UI/UX
  • Category and Subcategories
  • Product List screen with Search
  • Products Details with different attribute colors & size
  • Product filter with price, brand, size
  • Wishlist products for Later
  • Manage Address and Profile details
  • Developed on Flutter

Flutter eCommerce Clothing App

What is Flutter eCommerce Clothing Shopping App?

This is a online shopping mobile app UI that build with Flutter. We build clothing shopping mobile app UI that help you build online business in today digital transforming world. This is fully customizable Flutter Shopping App UI for clothing business, So you don't have to hustle to build your app UI and waste your time and energy. With our ready to use shopping mobile application you will come online with your own mobile app. It will incorporate with functional eCommerce application that will integrate with any backend like Nodejs, Firebase or others. It has an expressive UI that we build as per user case study.

Note: This is only UI of the Flutter Shopping application. You will required a Backend to run this app fully functional and/or go to the production.

Main Features of Flutter eCommerce Shopping App UI Template/Kit:

Clean and an Expressive UI: It has clean and an expressive UI that provide an awesome user experience to your shopper. All UI component is fully customizable so can do further customization based on your further requirements. We build UI based on our real user uses case study. Since our app have been using more than 2000+ customers and they have more customers. So we got a analysis of a real users case study that help us to build a very clean and simple UI of app.

Categories and Sub Categories: eCommerce Clothing shopping app UI has categories and sub categories component that will easily incorporate with your backend. You can integrate with your backend it will start working. It will give user to search products base on their need and save time and energy while buying a product from your shopping application.

Product Listing and With Search: This Clothing Shopping Mobile App UI has a nice UI home screen where user will get list of products along with search option. Search will help user to save their time to find the product that they are looking for. And this search component will easy to incorporate with any kind of backend and it is a fully customizable.

Product Details with Different Attribute and variant: This UI component feature helps your user to get a nice pixel clear image and description details of products as well as with product variant and attribute (Attribute and Variant like Size, color and price).

Products Filter based on different Attributes: This feature provide your Flutter eCommerce Clothing Shopping app to customize the shopping and filter the products based on your product different attributes like Size, color, price and others. This helps users to do narrow down their search and save their time and energy to find the right product that they are looking for.

Wishlist: This feature helps user to save their favorite products to but letter in case they were in rush or due to some other reasons they were not able to made a purchase. This feature allow users to do wishlist of that product so they don't have to do search for that products. Once they logged in their account and under wishlist they will find their product and do order online.

Order Details: This feature in your Clothing Shopping app helps users to get track on their orders and it's updates. They will check the delivery address, payment mode with cancel order feature and continue shopping button feature.

Account or Profile Updates: This feature allow users to update their information if that required. Like they can update their personal information like, Name, Email, Phone, Address, Pics and others.

Multiple Address: This feature helps user to manage multiple address like Home, Work, Family, Friends and their love one or want to send a git to anyone.

Push Notification: Our Flutter Shopping App has push notification function that help you to get notified user for any new updates. This allow to make a push notification based on your user search and interest. Example: If you start any new offer then you can push a notification through your mobile app (Hey check out the new offers) and your existing users will get notification on their mobile with your message.

Note: If user will disable the notification then your push notification will not deliver to that users. This feature enable due consumer laws.

Setting: This feature in your shopping app help to incorporate with user privacy and policy. Here there are 3 options.

  1. Allow Notification Messages: Here user can enable and disable Notification for get further updates through push notification.
  2. Allow Text Message: Here users can enable and disable the shopping app to get text message from application.
  3. Allow System Updates: Here user can enable and disable the system update means app updates automatically when your release any new version of your Flutter eCommerce Shopping App.

Help: Here user can find the quires they have. You can update FAQ as well as add your live help center chat link so user can direct communicate with through your shopping app in case they any kind of questions or queries.

Policies: Under this application feature you have to update your all policies for users. So they can read your policies before using your app and agreed on that while doing shopping through Clothing Shopping Mobile App.

About US: Here your company details will appear, so your Flutter Clothing shopping Mobile app user get to know about your business details.

Contact US: This feature help your customer to get in touch with through contact form with their concern.

Build with Flutter: This eCommerce Clothing shopping mobile app build with Flutter. Flutter is one of leading app development open-source technologies that developed and maintain by Google.

The above the main feature of our Clothing Shopping Mobile App UI. In case you are looking for custom Mobile App Development then contact us through live chat or drop a mail at or check out our Mobile App Development Service.

Why you do start online Business with eCommerce Clothing Mobile App?

Today world, Mobile and Internet change the scenario of digital world and as per static servery Mobile App revenues has been increasing gradually and user attraction and shopping have been going through mobile app. You can see the image below and you will see how Worldwide mobile app revenues has been increasing since 2014 and what will it growth till 2023.

As per research date, You can see that the mobile app revenue in 2014 was 97.7 billion USD and after that is has been growing never went down. Now in the 2019 it has 461.7 billion dollar revenues and in coming years like 2023 it might reach to $ 935.2 billion. So, Why not you can generate your money through your own mobile app and Internet or Online marketing for eCommerce Clothing Shopping app.

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