Features of the Uber Eats Clone App

The Mobile apps incorporate with UI/UX and backend integration to design IOS / ANDROID mobile apps. This package includes three mobile apps User, Vendor, and Delivery boy app. Our Uber Eats clone app development solution also comes with two different dashboards for super admin and restaurant owners. It is built with superior technology of Flutter and NodeJS + MongoDB for Backend API. It will completely blend with your business if are looking to have a multi-restaurant chain with multi-vendor businesses similar to Food Panda, Uber Eats, etc.

Save Time and Money
100% Customizable
Your Own Branding
iOS & Android Apps
White Label Solution

Customer Mobile App

The Uber Eats Clone App incorporates with feature-rich, user-friendly iOS and Android mobile Apps for customers to order food from nearby restaurants.

  • Search Nearby Restaurants

    Customers can search for nearby restaurants in their location and the app displays restaurants delivering to their location.

  • Easy Online Ordering

    Customers can browse within the food categories, customize food items, add addons and order their favorite food items from their preferred restaurants.

  • Opt For Pickup Or Delivery

    At checkout, customers can opt for either pickup or delivery. If opted for pickup, customers should pick up their orders from the restaurant; or then they will be delivered to their address.

  • Real-Time Order Tracking

    As an order is placed and picked up by the delivery boy, the customer can track their orders in real-time with the customer mobile app.

  • Push Notifications

    As the order is placed, the customers will receive timely notifications on their order updates. Moreover, they can receive notifications about the newest discounts and other offers.

  • Multiple Payment Options

    Customers can opt for cash-on-delivery or can make payment by using any one of the integrated payment gateways like Debit Card, Credit Card, Net banking, etc.

  • Rating & Feedback

    Based on the food served and service provided, customers can rate the restaurant, food, and delivery boys with using the customer app.

Restaurant Partner Mobile App

Our Uber Eats clone app incorporates with dedicated iOS and Android Apps for restaurants to receive orders, manage orders, and also to manage their store.

Our food ordering software is a new platform that allows you to manage food delivery business activity efficiently. Besides, exclusive features and online food ordering system make it convenient for restaurateurs to run the business without putting in much effort.

Hire App developer and get our skillful app developers at your fingertips, which are well-versed in new technologies and posses in creating online food ordering application includes all feature rich advanced elements that make grocery ordering an intuitive experience for both customers and grocery store owners.

  • Receive Orders On Mobile

    The Restaurants can receive orders on their smartphone or on tablets. This facilitates restaurants to manage their orders in real-time and more efficiently.

  • Order Management

    Restaurants can effortlessly manage their orders either from the mobile app or from the restaurant web dashboard. Also, they can update the status of orders as being prepared, dispatched, or all set to pick up.

  • Push Notifications

    The restaurants will receive order notifications on their phone or on the web dashboard when they have a new order or an order update.

  • Dish Management

    The restaurants can update the status of the listed dish menu as available or not available. They can also set up definite dish items as accessible for Breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.

  • Multiple Payment Options

    Restaurants can receive their payments with multiple of secured payment channels.

  • Rating & Feedback

    On the basis of the food served and service provided, customers can rate the restaurant, food, and delivery boys.

  • Reports

    The restaurants conveniently view their business improvement with the report projecting sales, profits, expenses, and relevant costs.

  • Manage Store Hours

    Restaurants can easily manage their working hours. They can set when they are open for orders so that they will get orders just when they are available.


Delivery Boy Mobile App

The Uber Eats clone app development designed the Uber Eats Clone script that dedicated iOS and Android mobile Apps for delivery boys which facilitate them to receive, manage, and to deliver their orders. The store owner can accept and verify documents from delivery executives to go on to give them individual logins. Delivery boys can sign in into the app through an account created by the admin. You can create multiple admins to manage this account making process.

  • Receive Orders On Mobile App

    Delivery boys can register within the delivery app. Once approved by the admin they will start receiving orders while customers orders from nearby restaurants.

  • Order Management

    Delivery boys can manage their orders with the help of mobile app. They can update the order status as picked up and delivered.

  • Push Notifications

    Delivery boys will start receiving order notifications on their phones while there is a food order from a nearby restaurant. They can either take or reject the order.

  • Live Route To Restaurant And Customer

    Delivery boys can see the shortest routes from their current location to the restaurant along with from the restaurant to the customer's location on Google Maps.

  • In-App Call Option

    The delivery boy mobile app features an in-app call function, which assists the delivery boys to call the customers directly at any time needed.

  • Update Working Hours

    Delivery boys can update their working hours rooted in their availability. Order will be simply assigned to delivery boys who are working by that point of time.

  • Order History

    Order History allows delivery executives keep track of all the orders they had completed. Delivery boys can see the list of completed orders within the order history and filter it based on definite date ranges to find more details on exact orders.

Admin/CMS Features

Our Uber Eats clone app comes with all crucial web and mobile apps. We work with On Demand App Development platform of iOS and Android apps for Customers, Restaurants, and Delivery boys.

  • Super Admin Access

    You will get convenient Food delivery service software business owners. A super admin can manage everything associated to Food delivery app software.

  • Vendor Level Access

    You will get this feature to access is for vendors who are listed within your online food delivery solution business being a vendor.

  • Site Settings

    You can design the general, worldwide, and incorporate particular data for your site within the Settings board. Logo, motto, Mission explanation, Site name, analytics code, invoice, mail setting, offline, meta tag, SMS, language, mail chimp, Google+, Facebook, pusher notification and many more can be given on the Site information administrator page.

  • Language Settings

    Language settings features can be set for the website. The language difficulties are broken down with the integrated language studio that displays the application within a user-specific language, with English, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, German and French.

  • Store Manager Access

    The access is made for the restaurant store manager to receive the details and manage the orders.

  • Payment Settings

    Admin can allot how they want to receive payment for orders placed within their online ordering system. They can select to receive payment in cash, by credit card etc.

  • Promotion Banners

    Admin can place promotional banners on image on the basis to promote their product or restaurant or to find visitors from the host website to reach to the advertiser’s website.

  • Third Party Credentials

    Google login, Facebook login can be integrated with the website by the restaurant owners. Customers can login to the Google, Facebook account to refer friends with the email address and receive offers if their friends sign up into the website.

  • Newsletter

    Admin can send mail to every customers (or) selected customers. Newsletter management is a softer form of promotion that respects the consumer, making loyal and returning customers. Information regarding food items, offers can be emailed to customers as well as make them to buy items directly, thus makes a way to boost the business.

  • CMS

    CMS to add or edit information similar to About Us, Contact Us etc. The general restaurant information can be provided with this interface. The logo and cover image of the restaurant can be put up. The inbuilt CMS editor lets you to modify and organize the content that discriminates your restaurant from the rest of the competitors

  • Payment Method

    Admin panel can Enable/Disable payment methods (COD, PayPal, Stripe). For restaurant owners, it is exceptionally easy to configure payment methods for online food orders for both pickup and delivery.

Key Benefits of Uber Eats Clone App

The Uber Eats Clone script is a complete set of food delivery software solution, together with a food ordering app for customers, an order receiving app for restaurants, with a delivery app for delivery boys.

One-Time Payment
Save Time and Money
100% Customizable
Your Own Branding
iOS & Android Apps
White Label Solution
Clean UI

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