Top 10 Flutter App Examples

Top 10 Flutter App Examples

What Popular Apps Are Made with Flutter? Flutter – an introduction

Introduced by Google, and complete with a framework, widgets, and tools, Flutter provides app developers an easy way to develop and deploy fast, aesthetically-pleasing android apps – on both iOS and Android platforms – with as little overhead as possible.

Undoubtedly, Flutter has become a hot topic, and it’s high time you found out if this emerging technology could enhance the process of mobile app development, and reduce costs, maybe both.

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What makes Flutter so popular?

The nature of Cross-platform makes it popular, as Flutter lets you develop both iOS and Android apps using the same codebase.

This implies that it will take a shorter development time, and also translates to lesser costs since we don’t need to train two sets of app developers.

This does not mean Flutter app developers have to compromise on the app’s aesthetics or performance.

How Many Flutter Apps Are There?

When Google introduced Flutter 1.20, reports indicated that the number of Flutter-built apps available on the Play Store increased from 50,000 to 90,000.

By the time Flutter, 2 was introduced in March 2021, there were more than 150,000 Top Flutter apps on Play Store, and we can predict that the number will continue to rise with Flutter's constantly growing popularity.

What Popular Apps Are Made with Flutter?

Google Stadia

Dribbble In 2019, John McDole, the leading User Interface engineer at Google Stadia, said they used Flutter to build the Stadia mobile app.

The Google Stadia controller setup was one of the complicated parts of the mobile application.

But Flutter made writing & maintaining Stadia's controller set up a more manageable task.

New York Times

This let the New York Times team launch a seamless version of KenKen puzzles across platforms quickly.

The mobile application became the first commercial Flutter web prototype to debut at Google Input/Output 2019.

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My BMW App

Also, the concern of managing plenty of codebases was resolved after migrating to Flutter. MyBMW App gives a consistent user experience across both iOS and Android for all models.

This enhances mobile application reliability and preserves the brand’s image in the eyes of valuable customers.

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Topline Abbey Road Studios

For cross-platform development, opting for Flutter made sense to the Topline team as they could launch both iOS and Android versions with a single codebase.

The team added a neat swipe menu and launched Android and iOS versions in just a few weeks — a seemingly impossible ordeal if they’d developed natively.

Beike — Real Estate

More on Beike & Flutter Betterment, Betterment is an online investing industry that gives investment and financial advice.

The team of Betterment wanted a solution that would assist them in better managing their mobile codebase.

With Flutter’s add-to-application feature, Betterment connected the latest code to its native codebase without impacting the experience of the customer. Nowadays, Betterment has over 500,000 user accounts and 26 billion assets under management.

Google Pay — Digital Payments

Google Pay, developed on Flutter, was launched to 100 M monthly active users in the US as well as Indian markets.

Thanks to Flutter, Google launched a beautiful, slick, and efficient app, with a 35% smaller codebase.

According to Google, due to a single codebase, they were able to save 60-70% on development time.

Xianyu by Alibaba

Alibaba is the world’s largest online e-commerce company that connects all dealers on one platform around the globe. In other words, the world's largest b2b online commerce place, They develop their app on Flutter to increase user experience as well as development experience with native IOS and Android app on their Xianyu app and this app has more than 50 M downloads.

Google Ads

Google Ads is a major source of income for Google or you say it generates more revenue compared to other segments in Google Business. And Google Ads also allow us to build our business online smoothly and run our campaign smoothly. Google Ads' main motto is they allow their customers to run ads campaigns smoothly it doesn’t matter where your business takes you. So this app also builds on Flutter Framework that enables a feature for users to run and manage their ads on one go, it does not matter whether you are using a desktop or not.

Reflectly - Journaling app

Journal Apps help you to learn happiness and self-care which is developed in FLutter with their AI technology.

Since Flutter uses Dart language, the app developers felt it was easier on the eyes.

The team at Reflectly rewrote the Flutter application in 2 months and felt that putting together the UI was far easier than they could ever have done.


AppTree is an Enterprise application that assists you to solve your management system for your firm. AppTree is an enterprise application that has enabled a common business functionality that helps you manage your business systems like labor entry, audits, data collection, inspections, requests, workflow and it will allow you to make approvals with your existing enterprise software data whatever you have been using.

The main features of AppTree are off-line usage, security, performance, authentication, and integration with an existing system that helps most enterprise solutions and challenges that currently we have been facing.

Best Flutter app development for Android and IOS

Designing an application will include making trade-offs between the realities of development and the designer’s artistic vision. Mobile application developers and designers mostly operate in parallel universes, isolated by a rigid distinction between the software they use and the difficulties inherent in iterating a concept during the development process. Occasionally, the developer’s imagination is harmed by constraints in the APIs or frameworks used by the designer; sometimes, graphic polish is postponed until “later” due to other programming work (and “later” often means “never” in practice).

From the beginning, the Flutter app offers you the entire control over any pixel on the device, containing a comprehensive collection of widgets that offer pixel-perfect interactions on both iOS & Android. App developers are using Flutter to develop visually appealing products such as Reflectly which is the number one journaling tool on the Apple App Store.

Key takeaways

These are some popular flutter apps that are winning the heart of users though, there are many other best flutter apps that are running really well. Flutter technology allows you to achieve greater functionality with less coding and a new, expressive vocabulary. Flutter is already gaining the community’s interest. As a result, numerous young developers use this technology, making it easier to recruit the best team.

Therefore, if you want to develop an app for your business, then feel free to contact us.

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