Turn Your Heads To The Future Of Cross-Platform Development With Flutter

There was a time when mobile developers had to grapple with maintaining multiple code bases of their apps - one for each platform. Nowadays, the mobile platform wars yielded 2 winners: iOS and Android. In recent years, cross-platform development frameworks have emerged as the life savers for developers, and there are multiple reasons why flutter is the future of cross-platform, these reasons are…

  • It saves development time and guarantees a short time to market.
  • Reduced development time of coding, resulting in a faster time-to-market.
  • User Interface and business logic are consistent across all platforms.
  • Create your rendering engine.
  • With Google Firebase, you can create a serverless application.
  • A custom animated user interface is available for all degrees of complexity.
  • Capability to expand beyond mobile
  • Implementation of simple, platform-specific logic

Flutter App Development Service

We built high-performance, native-like mobile applications with flutter

We are a team of professionals who are passionate about developing Apps and love playing with codes.We served for a decade and worked with more than 500+ clients worldwide. We have real-time case studies and data user analysis helping us provide the best UI for your app. We help building from scratch and get live with your ideas into beautiful and rich functioning apps. Join us and get ready to celebrate your success!

Our Experience With Flutter

In India, we are the first company who are providing the flutter app development service that too at an affordable price. We have 5+ years of experience in developing Flutter applications with smarter UI frameworks, extensive tools, and widgets that transform CX and drive new growth.

Github open-source library

To create onboarding screens for Android and iOS, get full assistance from our GitHub open-source library, where our library is built with the support of Flutter elements.

Our Top Seller Flutter Apps

Our Approach To Develop Flutter Apps

Get a ready-made app in a few steps

  • User First UI & UX

    Being an experienced flutter app development company we first design your Flutter apps leveraging the expressive as well as flexible UI of the framework. Our app designers use conditional UI with animations to deliver a native user experience that drives engagement.

  • Native Performance

    We have a team of dedicated mobile app developers that have great knowledge in Dart coding and incorporate Flutter’s widgets for cross-platform compatibility, to deliver a native performance on both iOS and Android mobile platforms.

  • Scalable & Future Ready

    For us, the scalability of apps is a serious topic. Our designers design a robust architecture so your application works smoothly in high traffic. Our developer's code applications keep future upgrades in mind, be it adding new features or compatibility with the latest s/w and hardware.

  • Test-Driven Development

    Our developers work with a defined test-driven process & leverage Flutter’s debugging and inspection features while building apps. This, in turn, is followed by Quality Analysis using the best application testing tools.

  • Less Time to Market

    Our development team knows how to use the right tools for building your Flutter app. Our developers leverage Flutter’s Hot Reload feature in the debug mode to build UI, add features, fix bugs, and do a lot more in much less time.

Tools & Technologies Used In Flutter app Development

Creating a Flutter app needs multiple design and development technologies.
Explore the best ones we work on to deliver amazing apps on different platforms.

How hiring flutter app development will benefit your mobile app strategy?

Experienced Flutter Developers

We never leave any stone unturned to give our clients the best, as the work of our dedicated staff is crafted with passion, dedication, and also with commitment. Hiring the Flutter developers with us means connecting with talented resources who are oriented towards creating natively compiled Flutter applications as and when required.

Save Cost

Backed by Google, the flutter cross-platform framework is a great choice if you want to save your costs and still receive a native-like experience. Our professionals make sure that they use this framework with complete knowledge to avail you most benefits of it that will assist you to cut down your costs.

Massive Knowledge

At ionicfirebase, our flutter developers have tremendous knowledge and mastery to use this framework, irrespective of your app type. We have prowess in using software packages that are coded with Dart tech. We have a team of experts in building user interfaces with a flutter-based declarative API.

100% Transparency

Our mobile app development team maintains complete transparency throughout the mobile application development process, and they ensure clear communication from start to end of the development lifestyle. We consider your time zone, company culture, and specific project needs before assigning you a dedicated developer who will match your project requirements.

Hire Dedicated Flutter Mobile APP Developer

Start building your new mobile app today with the best mobile SDK available, Dart. Your customers won’t be able to tell the difference between a Flutter and Native App when it comes down to performance or user experience.

Dedicated Flutter App Developers Hiring Model Types

As you can hire dedicated developers on three different models, you need to pay only for what you need. Hire dedicated mobile app developers with Ionicfirebase for transparent and straightforward billing.

  • Full-time Hiring

    Duration: 8/hours per day, 5 days/week
    Communication: Email, Skype, Phone
    Billing: Monthly
    Hiring Period: Minimum 1 Month
    Hire offshore, a full-time dedicated resource that works closely with your team and communicates effectively, billed every month for a 40-hour week.

  • Part-time Hiring

    Duration: 4/hours per day, 5 days/week
    Communication: Email, Skype, Phone
    Billing: Monthly
    Hiring Period: Minimum 1 Month
    Hire part-time dedicated app development resources to get things going offshore, billed every month for a 20-hour week.

  • Hourly Hiring

    Communication: Email, Skype, Phone
    Billing: Monthly
    Hiring Period: Minimum 25 Hours
    Pay what you need the resources for. Hire dedicated resources offshore on an hourly basis with a minimum of 25 hours, billed monthly.

Why choose us as your flutter app development service provider?

Ionicfirebase is a one-stop solution for flutter app development services

Custom Flutter App Development

Ionicfirebase leverages the flutter framework to build solutions that align with your business requirements and streamline engagement. Combining experience & insights with the game-changing value of flutter, we deliver high-performance cross-platform apps in record time.

UI/UX Design

We develop and deploy next-generation UI/UX solutions based on flutter. By tapping into the potential of flutter’s platform-specific SDKs, along with Google’s Skia graphics, we provide UIs that permit smoother navigation and maximize user engagement.

App Migration

Whether it’s about migrating to flutter or upgrading to its latest version, we have the right solution for you. Our flutter app migration services are carefully engineered to help optimize your IT landscape as agile and efficient while ensuring no data or quality loss.

API Development and Integration

Using flutter’s interloping abilities, our professionals build platform-specific APIs and expand the functionality of your applications with accelerated time-to-market. Backed by 3rd-party integrations, our solutions help you scale collaboration, innovation, and value to compete.

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