Flutter App Development

Flutter App Development

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source software development kit that was released in 2017 which is developed by Google. It is used in Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Google Fuchsia, and Web Development. Flutter uses a single codebase to develop mobile, web, and desktop applications. It uses Dart as a programming language to build applications.

Flutter Architecture:


How is Flutter/Dart "Transformed" into a Native App?

Check out the diagram below. It will clarify how the Flutter code transforms into Native Apps. Flutter-dart-transformed.png

Features and Benefits of Flutter Development:


Free to use open-source: It is open-source. It is free to use and to build any kind of application. It is developed and maintained by Google that helps you keep getting great feature updates to build apps.

Fast Development: In flutter development, nearly everything is widgets so that you can speed up your process of development with their Stateful Hot Reload features. Now, build native apps that interface with fully-customizable widgets.

Expressive and Flexible UIs: Its in-built material design architecture helps you build an expressive UI that will work as a native for your end-users for flutter cross-platforms. Flutter has inbuilt widgets that assist you to develop UIs that will automatically incorporate with the major component for both Android and iOS.

Native Performance: Since your Flutter code has been compiled to native ARM machine code that is using Dart's native compiler Flutter's widgets automatically incorporate all critical platform differences like scrolling, navigation, icons, and fonts. Hence Flutter gives your application full native performance on iOS and Android both.

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Flutter app supports cross-platform. The same application will work for iOS and Android. Flutter development Embrace platform differences. Embrace-Platform-Differences.png

A Single Codebase: Flutter has a single codebase that helps you build your apps for multiple platforms with a single codebase and your app will work like a native app for all platforms. Now you don't need to write multiple codes for both iOS and Android apps. Now write your app code on Flutter and it will work for both iOS and Android.


Hot Reload: Flutter has a Stateful Hot Reload feature that helps you speed up your development. Now you can test your code and check their result without losing your state in your emulator. Its features help you to quickly debug your applications with your ideas and code.

Everything is a widget: Everything-is-a-widget.png

In Flutter everything is widgets, Even UI is a Widget that will customize as per your requirements. You can write widgets code to develop and UIs. in Flutter App development UI as Code.


UI is a Widget Tree:

In the Flutter app, our App's UI is a widget tree. You can see the diagram below for the widget tree for Flutter apps. UI-is-a-Widget-Tree.png

Open Community: Now Flutter has 10 top GitHub communities where you can get your development guide and information. Even in case, you will face any issue then you can raise a ticket on GitHub and you will get a response from all Flutter developers around the globe that help you to resolve your issue faster.

Why should we choose Flutter for Development?

Since you have seen the above features and Flutter app development benefits now these are the main reasons and benefits while choosing Flutter for your development.

Time/Fast Development: Flutter will save a lot of time to build your apps. Because a single codebase and Hot Reload feature help you build apps faster than other development.

Cost Affecting: Flutter is open-source and also it is free to use for both enterprise and personal uses. So you don’t need to pay even anything for this. Now if you would like to build an app for your business then you don't need multiple development teams just like we have to do previously. Before flutter, for Android as well as a testing team and project management, we had to manage a development team for Android app development, and for iOS, we required another iOS development team separately. That increased our development cost as well as time. Now with Flutter Development, you can save your time and energy to build your business application.

Team Management: Now you don't require to manage multiple developments and testing teams for your app development. A single development and testing team are enough to build your app that will work natively on both Android and iOS platforms.

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC): Now with Flutter development, you can increase your SDLC because you don't require multiple development teams for Android and iOS. Now a single codebase feature helps your app be native on both platforms.

Do companies use Flutter?

Yes, there is a world most admired companies followed by Startups have been using Flutter as their app development. Check out some of the most admired companies/organizations using Flutter.

Google: Google is Flutter for app development for internal as well as the public app. Some of the public applications by Google that developed with Flutter are Google Ads and Google Assistance.

Alibaba Group: Alibaba is one of the world's largest commodity eCommerce businesses. Now they are using Flutter to build their app to deliver an expressive UI for their users.

Groupon: Now Groupon has introduced their application with Flutter which helps them speed up their app and provide an easy user interface for users.

Ionicfirebaseapp: They are using Flutter to build the Flutter app marketplace for multiple businesses. Now its Flutter apps have been using more than 1000+ small and mid-level businesses.

BMW: After Flutter a new stable release of 1.9 BMW started using Flutter to build the application. eBay: As per Flutter's official site eBay is now using Flutter to build an application to provide an expressive UI to its users.

New York Times: Now new times developed Games on Flutter have been increasing its users' interactions.

NUBank: Now NU bank has been using Flutter for their Flutter Mobile app development.

Now like there are other world-recognized companies that have started using flutter for their development. For more details, you can check out their official site showcase (flutter. dev/showcase) you can most popular apps built with Flutter here:

This is a short introduction with a major point to be considered for Flutter development. I hope this will help you out. In case you have any questions or suggestions then make a comment and I will try to provide a valuable resource.

How to Start Flutter App Development?

To start Flutter you should have the knowledge of Flutter. To start Flutter development first you have to install and set up the Flutter SDK in your system. To install and Setup Flutter SDK follow the instruction on the official site here https://flutter.dev/docs/get-started/install

Or if you would like to hire to Flutter professional developer then get in touch with us at Contact us to build your professional Flutter applications.

Once you have installed Flutter and setup path then open your command prompt then type this command flutter doctor, If you have installed it correctly then it will give all the details like Flutter version and help command. Now you can keep following Flutter docs to create your first app and run that app.

To get more details about the Flutter development and its widgets, API, and additional features development you can check their docs (https://flutter.dev/docs). If you are familiar with Java then it will be a bit easier to understand and learn Flutter development faster.

Why Flutter Apps?

Since, Flutter is open-source, Developed, and maintained by Google it has been recognized worldwide. Some of the major features that developers love about Flutter are Fast Development, Expressive UI, a Single Codebase, Cross-platforms, Native Performance, and Hot Reload.

What Would be the Flutter App Development Cost?

Flutter App Development cost depends on so many factors mainly depends on what are the features you require and the complexity of apps, but I am mentioning some of the following that I think are important for app development and max companies follow these schemas while doing the billing and it will reflect on your app development.

UI/UX Design: UI/UX designing is the first step for application development to make a wireframe, structuring, and interface. As per your requirement, there will be work and the company or developer is going to put hours to design that. If it involves more hours to design then it will increase the overall Flutter app development cost in India. You can expect the following costing for Flutter app development online:

App Architecture Schema: Now, the App architecture schema is the most important backbone of your application. It will decide how fast, easier and secure your app is with less consumption of time to run your app smoothly for your users even keeping your app data and user's data secure with ease. If your Flutter app architecture schema is not good they cost more server cost, a heavy database consumption, app speed much lower, and do not provide the best user experience. So, make your app schema perfect as per your user base and their requirements.

Development Time: Development Time is directly proportional to app development cost. This means more development time equals more costing depending on the app development platform. App-Development-Cost.png

Backend Development and Server: Any app is required for a backend and server to keep your flutter mobile app data live. So, your server cost will depend on the number of users and data you have on your mobile app. If your app data is more and the user base is high then it will generate server cost.

Backend Development is part of Flutter app development. If you have an application then you should have a backend that incorporates your app and provides the exact result that users are looking for. So your App Backend should smoothly handle the multi-threading support because at the same time multiple users keep requesting for the same thread, so if your backend does not integrate with your app then your user will not get the data that they are looking for or your app might crash. To avoid this you should have the best architecture for your backend and secure. This will cost on features, complexity, and platforms where it begins to develop. You can check out some applications backend live demo here:

The Complexity of Application: If your app has more complexity then it will increase cost because you need multiple resources to handle all your app complexity to run your app smoothly.

App Categories: App categories do matter for costing. e.g., if you have an eCommerce application then it will cost more because it will require more functionality to be implemented and as per market, it is the leading industry. So it matters your business niche and categories for costing.

Application Design: App design is the most important thing that decides how your user is going to feel while using your app and it will decide the user experience (UX). It depends on how complex, the flow of your app, and the platform that your app design is going to build or develop.

Hardware Costing: The overall cost of the Flutter app also depends on the number of hardware connected with applications. More hardware costs more flutter development and deployment cost.

Developer Cost: Developer cost is a major point that has been considered by companies. If your Flutter application has a complex design and flow then you have to hire an experienced Flutter developer to build the app. Once a flutter app development company is going to allocate your app to an expert developer then their charge will be higher than an avg developer. Sometimes you don't require much experience as a developer and/or a dedicated team for your apps then it will help save your cost, but in case you go for a dedicated team then it will cost you more. It depends on how many hours the Flutter developer is going to work on that.

App Maintenance: It is one of the most important things for any application that you have developed. If you have followed agile methodology then it could be easy for you to maintain that. App maintenance has been required because of our daily changing market and users behaviors. If you are not going to maintain your app based on your industries and user experience then you will lose your business.

The above requirements are a necessity and important point of Flutter app development services. The major cost will come on App maintenance are updates, some additional features going to add based on user feedback and market trends, and bugs fixing (In case it occurs).

Company Stats and Locations: The cost of App development keeps varying based on the location where the app begins to develop. If you consider the USA then there is a higher hourly rate for development compared with India and others locations.

However, the cost of application development is generally charged according to the prices of the corresponding market and the purpose of the application going to serve. If you go with a startup or mid-level company then your price will be low compared with going with a reputed flutter app development agency.

Flutter is new to the market and not many companies provide the services on that but its features and demand has been growing in the market. Its continuous changes, updates, a single codebase, and cross-platform features make it a great SDK for Mobile app development, and in the coming future, more development will happen through it.

As per the current market scenario Flutter, applications make about 031% apps with a 0.07% download rate of apps (And it keeps counting).

As per the Dev community and as per demand we are expecting exponential growth in Flutter app development in industries with their cross-platform, single codebase, and Native performance with different mobile screens. Flutter development makes a great option for app developers to build applications for businesses with fast development and low cost compared to traditional native app development costing & time.

These are major factors that will decide your Flutter App Development cost. But there will be some additional and internal process and terms application based on location and companies or individual developers. If you would like to check some live demos of Real-time applications for business then you may check out our Readymade Flutter app marketplace below:


Flutter is an open-source that helps you build cross-platform applications. You can start Flutter development at flutter. dev. Flutter using Dart programming language to develop the app you can check out more details about Dart and its package at the pub. dev. It helps you build cross-platform apps and save you development time along with your team management and costing.

Here we also get the information about the costing of Flutter Development and what are the factors that will cause more cost and how to reduce your app development cost Flutter Development.


Q. Does Flutter Cost for Enterprise or Business apps?

Ans: No, Flutter is open-source for all including enterprise and/or business uses. There is no such kind of limitation as per now they said or they state on their terms & conditions.

Q. Does Flutter Support Web App Development?

Ans: Yes, Flutter does support Web app Development, But as of now it is not for production, It is only used for the development process, but in the future, they will surely release a stable version of Flutter for the web too then you can use Flutter as web app development for production.

As per Flutter Office Site, they state this:

Q. Will the Flutter app work for iOS and Android?

Ans: Yes, the Flutter app will work on both iOS and Android. Its in-built feature will incorporate with their component to give a native application performance.

Q. Will the same code work for iOS & Android?

Ans: Yes, Flutter has a single Codebase feature that allows the same code to work for iOS and Android both.

Q. Does Flutter Development Increase our App Development Process?

Ans: Yes, It will increase the overall App development process. It's Hot reload, a single codebase, Expressive UI and other features help you speed up the development process for your applications.

Q. How Does Flutter reduce the cost of app development?

Ans: In Flutter everything is free because it is open-source. Flutter developers can reuse the code to fix all issues and develop new features. Its single codebase feature doesn't require multiple programming languages to develop an app for iOS and Android both.

Q. Who is using Flutter for App Development?

Ans: There are so many world-reputed companies that have been using Flutter for app development. These are the few: Google, Alibaba, eBay, BMW, Ionicfirebaseapp, Groupon, Dream11, Tencent, EMAAR, and others. For more details check out the best flutter app development industries apps. organizations-building-beautiful-apps-with-Flutter.jpg

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