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node JS clothing dashboard

Node-JS Clothing Backend CMS is built to manage our clothing mobile app but you can use to manage any other web or mobile apps.

node JS restaurant app dashboard

NodeJs Restaurant Backend Dashboard is developed with NodeJs and angular 5 to manage any web or mobile apps. This package has admin dashboard integrated with our restaurant app.

firebase restaurant CMS dashboard

Firebase Restaurant Backend Dashboard Develop with firebase and angular 7 to manage any web or mobile apps. This Admin Dashboard fully integrated with our restaurant mobile/web app.

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You are looking for the backend for your Mobile/Web app or CMS and CRM Backend. Then you can browse our products that build on NodeJS and MongoDB, Firebase/FireStore.

What is backend : 

Backend is the heart of any application. The backend of an application is responsible for things like all the logical operations, business logic, database operation, and performance of your product. Any app/web app is nothing without a robust backend system.

 Backend, also called server-side language/programming, and it runs on the server. Backend developers need to understand backend programming languages (NodeJS, PHP, JAVA, RUBY) and databases with the understanding of server-side architecture as well. If an application is slow, crashes often, or continuously throws errors at users, it's most likely because of backend problems.

Backend development languages manage all the 'behind-the-scenes' logic and functionality of web/mobile applications. Backend code deploy on server and connects the app/web to a database, it manages user connections and user authentication, and powers all the app application feature itself. Backend development works alongside the front end to deliver the end product to the user's hand.

When you required the backend ? 

A static website is useful if you are looking to present your business, portfolio, Services. If you are looking interactive Website where users can interact with your app/web application, then a backend requires most. You may need a backend in the following use case?

  1. Change the content of the app/web from the Admin panel.
  2. Change Menu/Product from Admin.
  3. Accept orders and manage them easily.
  4. Send time to time — push notification to your users.
  5. Run a marketing campaign to engage with your users and increase revenue.

Which is the Best Backend programming language? 

It might be challenging to come straightway to give any conclusion like which one the best backend programming language. Each language has its pros and cons. we need to understand the feature you required and then decide which one the best suited to your requirement. You may contact us, and we help you choose the robust backend system. 

According to our experience, we can say NodeJS currently leading the backend development language. We work with all leading nodeJS frameworks like Express, Hapi, and these used by all the Fortune companies in the world. We Develop backend With Rest API, so the same backend will support your Website and mobile app and easy to integrate with any 3rd party software/app.

We are working with GraphQL Backend, as well. It's the market trend quite exciting for us as it gives a lot more flexibility to your backend compare to Rest API backend. Apollo Server leading service provider in the GraphQL. If you are looking to build the custom backend, then we suggest going with GraphQL.

Which Backend system is Best NodeJS OR Firebase/FireStore?

We have backend system development mostly on NodeJS and Firebase, and both are great to start any of your projects quickly, even within a day itself. Each has its pros and cons, and you need to ask some questions yourself before deciding on any backend. 

  1. Do you need lots of customization in the product in the future: NodeJS gives more flexibility 
  2. Easy to manage and deploy: Firebase Backend 
  3. Easy to integrate (Payment, Mail): NodeJS give more flexibility as each payment gateway provides API to integrate with nodeJS.
  4. Database system: NodeJS, we used MongoDB, but it's very flexible if you decide to develop with any other database. In Firebase/Firestore, we didn't have a choice to select our database.
  5. Development Time: NodeJS is very robust, but it takes more time for development as well, so it might impact your budget as well. 
  6. Both backend systems required their knowledge the customize and changes in an existing codebase.
  7. Firebase/FireStore Grate to quickly start up and running your product as this manage by Google, so don't require any database installation and setup requirements.

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