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Multi Restaurant sass Application

Multi-restaurant saas app comes with all the app UI/UX and backend integration to build IOS / ANDROID mobile apps.

Multi-Restaurant Firestore app is a restaurant app to take order online & deliver at the user's location.

Online food delivery App

Multi-restaurant Online Food Ordering saas app comes with all the app UI/UX and backend integration to build IOS / ANDROID mobile apps.

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Are you looking for multiple restaurant solutions like Ubereat or Swiggy?  

Yes, If you are looking for multiple restaurant solutions like Ubereat , Swiggy, or Food panda. Our product will help you to launch your product within a week. 

All of our multiple restaurant solutions come with the mobile app and its backend system to manage the app from the admin panel. 

We have Three multiple restaurant apps, and their features and cost are different. You can check all products for more details about their features and then decide which our better suits your business. You contact us, and we help to choose the best product for you. Our all the mobile app work on all the platform IOS/Android.

Multi Restaurant Food Ordering Saas app Marketplace:

Welcome to our multi-restaurant food ordering system saas application marketplace. We have been providing the best solutions for startups, small-scale businesses, and enterprise businesses to build their saas application as per leading technologies that have been recognized by leading industries. On our marketplace, you will get the products that have been developed and maintained by our teams so you do not need to go anywhere for any customization as well as for assistance. Our passionate on demand app development team will help you out with all your requirements. Our Food Ordering App helps you build online food ordering business in a few hours with minimal hustle.

Benefits of Our Marketplace Multi Restaurant Saas App:

Own Products/No 3rd party Products: All our products have developed by our teams and maintained by us only. There are no 3rd party products so you don't have to go anywhere for any customization or support.

User Experience: Since we have our own application marketplace and our products have been using by more than 4000+ customers that help us to build a case study and provide an expressive UI with multiple languages and currency.

Multiple Language and Currency: Since our products have been using by more than 119+ countries with multiple languages and currency that help us to provide better solutions as per your Geo-location language and local currency with nice backend. Where you manage your app data at one point with a highly secure system.

Fully Customizable: Our food ordering apps are fully customizable, so if you are a developer then you can customize our app based on your requirements. If you are a business owner and don't have coding knowledge or development team then we are here. Our professional application development services help you to customize based on your requirements as well as with full setup and installation services.

Secure and Feasible architecture of Backend:

Since we have been working around 119+ countries and more than 4000+ customers that helps us to build the best database schema and architecture to provide you the best solution to handle your database. And we have gone through so many challenges while working globe that helps to build a secure cloud database for your food ordering app, so your data will secure than unethical practices.

Which technology used to Develop multiple restaurant solutions?  

We used all the leading technology in the market to develop all the app or backend solutions. We developed a Mobile app on hybrid technology so that the same source file will work on IOS/Android and easy to manage in the future as well.

Mobile app: We used two primary frameworks to develop these multi restaurants solutions ionic and Flutter. We will explain both framework pros and cons and another blog.

Admin Dashboard: All our dashboard Design with Bootstrap 4 framework and Angular 8  used as a frontend JavaScript framework. Admin easily can manage all the app content from this Dashboard with realtime order management and tracking. 

API Development: We develop our backend system through NodeJS, one of the best backend system. ExpressJS used as a backend framework to develop all the Rest API. One of the significant advantages that the same backend will work with the Mobile app / Dashboard / Website. 

Database:  MongoDB used for database storage. We can run MongoDB on our Cloud machine or used Hosted Database Engine like MongoDB as well to keep things simple. 

3rd party Integration/tools:  We have used Cloudinary as images storage as on runtime, they optimize all the images based on client requirement. AWS SES or any other tools can use for Email Notification to the user, and One Signal can use for push notification.

What's the Difference between all these multiple restaurant solutions?

MULTI RESTAURANT IONIC APP AND DASHBOARD: This product build with ionic 3 and fireStore used as a database. We have one Admin panel for super admin / Vendor to login and manage their store. Reporting is minimal for super admin compares to other product two products. This product includes a Mobile app + Dashboard. 

MULTI RESTAURANT SAAS APP WITH DASHBOARD:  This product comes with 2 Mobile apps (user app + Delivery app) and 2 Admin Dashboard (Super Admin + Vendor). We have given a lot more functionality and control of vendors and admin to manage all the restaurant easily. 

The vendor (Owner of the restaurant) can add multiple Branches and create a manager for each branch and assign a manager to their respective branch. Managers can only manage their branch, but own can track sales of each branch and request to withdraw money to their account. 

We develop the app with ionic 4 frameworks and Admin Dashboard with Angular 8 and ExpressJS as a backend framework for API development. MongoDB used as a database. 

A vendor can manage all the orders through the Web Dashboard in this product. If you want a Mobile app for the vendor as well, check the Flutter SAAS app.

FLUTTER MULTI RESTAURANT SAAS APP: It is one of the premium products that we develop and comes with almost all the features required. Flutter SASS app performance best if we compare with the other two multiple restaurant apps. 

This app builds with Flutter that develops by Google, and it's performance almost near to the native app. We produce three mobile apps for this package ( User app + Delivery app + vendor app). The user app and Delivery app feature almost the same as the ionic restaurant sass app, but we included the Vendor app to manage orders through the app as well, so now the vendor can accept and manage orders through Phone easily. 

Admin Dashboard and Vendor dashboard has all the feature to manage multiple restaurant and each one sale easily.

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