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For Customer

Any user can easily sign up or register on our grocery app just by following the few steps.

 Categories and sub-categories

A comprehensive dashboard is provided so users can find any product from categories and subcategories lists.

  • Offers, Deals, Coupons, Tax

Users can get to know about the discounts on individual products and first orders, deals of the day, and rewards on shopping.

  • Manage Address and Checkout

Users can manage their address, and they can modify it anytime.

  • Add to Favorites

Users can add a product to their favorite list so that they can easily find the product while ordering.

  • Order Tracking

Users can track their grocery shopping orders in real-time and can get order alerts via SMS and email service.

  • Payment (COD, Stripe)

Users can make payments through varied payment methods such as PayPal, Google Pay, or COD.

Delivery Boy App

  • Individual credential for delivery boy.

Every delivery boy will get an individual credential.

  • Real-time order notification

The delivery boy will get a Real-time notification.

  • Accept / Reject orders.

Delivery boys can accept/reject new booking orders.


Grocery websites have all the features the same as a mobile app.

  • OTP Signup and Login

Users can signup and log in through OTP verification.

  • Categories and sub-categories

Every product has categories and sub-categories in the app, so users can find products by simply searching the product name. 

  • Offers, Deals, Coupons, Tax

Users can get to know about the discounts on individual products and first orders, deals of the day, and rewards on shopping.

  • Product Search

Users can easily find their required product by simply searching it on the product search engine.

  • Manage Address and Checkout features

Users can manage their address, and they can modify it anytime.


  • Manage your products.

Admin can manage their product list, and take action like adding details about products.

  • Stock management.

Admin can manage their stock, and take action like changing the availability of the product.

  • Banner Management.

Admin can manage their banner where they have organized, robust, and efficient methods to manage media and advertising spaces in the store.

  • Manage your product categories & subcategories.

Admin can manage their product categories and subcategories on the app.

  • Manage order delivery status.

Admin can easily check the status of an order, the total amount earned on each order, and have control over taking actions on them.

  • Manage Coupons.

Admin can manage coupons with every individual customer.

  • Bulk Import/Export Products through Excel.

Bulk importing and exporting products is also easily done through excel.

  • Manage Deals on categories and products.

Admin can manage deals on both product and category by following simple steps given on the app.



Our readymade grocery delivery solution is designed to assist grocery & super mall store owners to switch their delivery operations online. The solution is prepared, keeping in mind the latest grocery delivery trends and the emergency of purchasing the groceries & essentials online.

 Our readymade grocery delivery application includes all the advanced elements that make grocery delivery a seamless experience for both customers and grocery store owners. In a nutshell, three applications need to be designed, including the grocery store owner app, the customer app, and the driver app. Also, an admin panel is designed to assist the application owner keep a watch on the grocery delivery business.

Custom Grocery App For All Business Models

No matter how complicated the idea is, our skilled team of professionals possesses the versatility and capacity to balance your specific market criteria and priorities with our best-fit grocery application solutions.

Single Grocery Shop

Sell your products directly to your local shoppers with the assistance of our features-rich app and grow your business.

Grocery Shop Chains

Using a smart online platform to supply all the shops with one-stop grocery shopping and handle it from a single dashboard.

Grocery Delivery Aggregators

If you want to take the market by storm, we could assist with your very own grocery delivery app like BigBasket, FreshDirect, or Grofers.

Custom Food Shopping APP/ Food Ordering APP


Online Grocery Delivery App


Online Grocery Delivery App

Give a digital presence to your traditional grocery stores with our super reasonable, customizable, and scalable grocery shopping application built with grocery store owners in mind. Enable your customers to place orders from your grocery app with an all-inclusive product catalog and start earning quickly.


Nutritional & Organic Food Delivery App


Nutritional & Organic Food Delivery App

Organic, healthy, and nutrient-rich food, customized & freshly cooked meals to fitness enthusiasts, diet-conscious individuals, and individuals under medication with our online organic food delivery services application tailor-made for fitness trainers, nutritionists, and dieticians.


Readymade Corporate Food Delivery App


Readymade Corporate Food Delivery App

Start delivering food to corporate workspaces & offices. Whether it be daily meals or dinner packs, online breakfast, or team lunches, give your potential customers a variety of options to choose from.


Online Restaurant Food Delivery App


Online Restaurant Food Delivery App

Our online restaurant food delivery app helps you to streamline food deliveries with full efficiency. Start catering around your city after partnering with local food joints, quick-serve, and fast-casual restaurants.


Milk and Daily Needs Delivery Service


Milk and Daily Needs Delivery Service

Get our custom Online Milk Delivery App Development Services at a reasonable price. Take a flying start by delivering daily staples and fresh supplies such as vegetables, milk, bread, eggs, and of course fruits right on your customers’ doorsteps & make healthy profits.


Fresh Fruits, Salad, and Sprouts Delivery App


Fresh Fruits, Salad, and Sprouts Delivery App

Built an online sprout delivery app like Bigbasket. Save your potential customers valuable money as well as time by selling freshly cut salads, sprouts, fruits, vegetables, and other packaged food. This way your valuable customers can bank upon you for their daily healthy starters & brunching needs and become your regular customers.

Discuss your project idea with our team and get the finest fit mobile app development services that fit your business.

Delivery Boy App

Delivery Boy App

Every customer wants their product at their doorstep and this is what a delivery boy does. So either you want to manage deliveries for your grocery store, own a bakery, or any other hyperlocal delivery? A feature-rich delivery boy app can help you to manage deliveries of orders received on your eCommerce store in a hassle-free manner.


Why the Delivery Boy App?  


Luckily, if the delivery boy is receiving multiple orders at a time then managing deliveries is not that easy. To simplify the door-to-door process, delivery agents are required who can take care of your deliveries as well as manage them in a sorted way.

The delivery app permits you to add multiple agents, assign orders & let them deliver orders to particular customers. Agents, on the other hand, will have a mobile application to manage the deliveries.

Even the customers will also be notified of the agent details via email.

Delivery Boy Mobile App for Agents

The delivery agents just have to install the “Delivery Boy” app to their Android or IOS mobile devices & manage the delivery of orders effortlessly.

Agents can easily update order status and view order history in the application. Furthermore, to track the order received/deliveries, the agents will have an interactive mobile dashboard.


Important features of the app:

You can easily add multiple agents, who can manage deliveries of orders received on your online store. Admin can assign orders to the particular agent added to the app.

You will have a separate section to list all the orders from where you can mark the order status as per the delivery actions.

You will have the right to cancel the orders in the app.

Commission settings for the agents: You can offer a commission to the delivery boy i.e. the amount he/she earned per order delivered.

Membership plans as per business requirements.

Mobile Applications for the delivery agents: Agents can install the “Delivery Boy” mobile application on their android or iOS phones to update the order status & manage deliveries.

Delivery Boy Mobile App for Agents
The thing you do require to get live

The thing you do require to get live this Grocery Application

  • Pick the best match solution to start your online grocery delivery business.
  • You can choose either a custom grocery app solution, a ready-made grocery app solution or a SaaS-based solution based on your business requirements.
  • Go with an appropriate revenue model as per your requirement to make your online grocery store profitable.
  • Your own Play Store Account (Google Play Store Account and iOS App Store Account). Google will charge you a 25 USD one-time fee and an ios developer account fee of 99 USD yearly.
  • Cloud Server with Min 2 GB Ram (we suggest AWS or DigitalOcean)
  • MongoDB, Firebase, One signal,, Google Map key, Twillo, or Sendblue Accounts.

In case you do not come from a development background and are looking for full setup and deployment done by our team then please check out our Grocery Installation - ONE SOLUTION FOR ALL services.

Readymade Online Grocery Shopping Mobile App

Online Grocery mobile app will be required for your online grocery store software or supermarket app on android or ios. In this Grocery eCommerce solution, we kept general variants for the grocery app like a single store, multi-store grocery app, or multi vendor grocery app. This Readymade Grocery Delivery app will be well-suited for your grocery and supermarket business. This shopping and delivery business bundles all the apps that require a custom grocery delivery system for a single package. It contains the following:

  • Grocery User Mobile App
  • Grocery Delivery Boys Mobile App
  • eCommerce Website
  • Admin Dashboard/CMS
  • Grocery POS System

Tech Stack Used to build this Grocery Delivery Mobile app

  • For Mobile app: Flutter 2. X
  • Webapp: Angular 12
  • Backend: Nodejs 14
  • Database: MongoDB


Readymade Online Grocery Shopping Mobile
What is a grocery ordering software syst

What is a grocery ordering software system? How does it help you to grow your grocery business?

 The grocery ordering software system permits you to explore more growth opportunities & create strong footprints in the emerging grocery delivery business online. To streamline your business operations into one easy-to-use platform simply embrace advanced tech solutions.

Presently, the market for E-grocery is all set to hit around $3 billion. If you are actually considering harnessing the power of the modern tech stack, do not think further & automate your grocery business with mobility solutions.

Connect with your customers in real-time with our custom grocery apps solutions. With immense expertise in offering a readymade grocery delivery software system, Ionicfirebase's white-label grocery ordering solution takes your grocery business online and lets your customers place customized grocery orders with a single tap.

How Does Online Grocery Ordering And Delivering Software System Work?

How Does Online Grocery Ordering And Delivering Software System Work?

 Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit across the globe, online grocery delivery has spurted in magnitude. To combat the adverse impact it created, store owners are moving online & investing in cutting-edge technology solutions that enable customers to get fresh produce & essentials at their doorsteps. Let us understand how the readymade grocery shopping system permits customers to get their grocery products at their doorsteps efficiently.

From placing an order through the customer app to order confirmation by the store to pick-up by the delivery provider, here’s how the app works,

Using a dedicated app and website, customers can browse stores, and products and add items to the cart

Users are also allowed to customize order quantity and specify special requirements before checkout

Make a payment from the options given and stay connected with the store owner and delivery boy through real-time notifications until the order arrives

The grocery store owner received the notification of every new order with detail, started preparing for it & assigned the order to a nearby delivery provider.

The delivery boy arrives at the customer’s location, delivers the grocery product they have ordered, and asks them to make the payment if customers have chosen the cash-on-delivery option

Customers can rate & review the service based on the overall experience.

How Does Online Grocery Ordering And Del

Sketch the Premium Benefits with Readymade Grocery Ordering Software System

The best solution for the Restaurant Business

Tracking the behavior of the customer

Get rid of customers’ evolving necessities & analyze their behavior in real-time. Know the preferences of the customer, plan out a robust strategy & focus on products that give higher profit margins

Reach out to more customers

Take your grocery business to the next level by embracing digital solutions as it makes it easy for you to expand business reach and serve more customers

Enhance business accuracy

From managing inventory to sales to customers to delivery boys, grocery store owners can oversee each activity to make informed business decisions.

Boost online presence

Getting your grocery business on online platforms boosts your business visibility as more and more people will get to know about your brand.

Understanding the Psychology of Customers 

It is impossible to imagine the business world operating without apps. With the help of ready-made apps, you can understand the psychology of the ideal customer.

Easy Order & Stock Management

When your grocery business is backed up by the right system and application, it is quite easier to manage the stocks as well as orders while getting success in the business.  

Why Choose Us for a Grocery delivery app development Company?

Quality Assurance

Well, most online grocery app developers can deliver the project, but the quality is what every client seeks. With our rigorous approach toward QA (quality assurance), we aim to deliver a top-grade app that can stand out to your professional standard with sophistication. As we believe quality is what matters in the end!

  • Impressive Engagement Models

    For every project and app, it is crucial to stand out to the engagement models that are well appreciated by the client. Our team of professionals is trained to design flexible and impressive engagement models for various apps. The engagement model assists in developing a credible trust of our clients.

  • Expert Pioneers

    Sometimes, there are challenges while building an easy-looking app, yet involving several source codes can be difficult to resource. Our team of professional mobile app developers and designers love such challenges and build an exceptional app that only developers with years of experience can!

  • Commitment to Deadlines

    We share a reputation for timely project delivery. No matter how excellent an app must look, if you can’t deliver or launch the app on time, you might lose the potential trust of the client. We designed to work on timelines where the entire development team works together to deliver excellence when they need it.

  • Custom Design

    We have in-house UX / UX designers who will make each pixel of the app unique. From the app work process to the visual allure of the interface, we’ll make a special craft for your app. It will stand apart from the horde of all other apps.

  • High-End Security

    Our Organization pays attention to client security & protection over the product. Ionicfirebase is a white-label service provider where our development team commits our clients to provide all Graphics, Source code, and related content as it's their property.

  • Single/Aggregate Model App

    Our s/w is designed individually to suit your business requirements, also permitting the users to search & shop for their desired products, and get them delivered on time, saving both effort and time. An aggregated model application links and manages multiple outlets among various locations through a single application offering both the owners and customers a hassle-free shopping experience. 

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