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Grocery Shopping User Mobile App Features

  • OTP Signup and Login
  • Categories and sub-categories
  • Offers, Deals, Coupons, Tax
  • Product Search
  • Manage Address and Checkout features
  • Favorites
  • Payment (COD, Stripe)
  • Product Ratings
  • Delivery boy Rating
  • Push notifications
  • Secure account verification via OTP
  • Order cancel & refund to the app wallet
  • Geo-Location enabled
  • Chat with the admin

grocery user app features

Grocery Delivery Boy App Features

  • Individual credential for delivery boy.
  • Real time order notification
  • Accept / Reject orders.
  • Order delivery with map location
  • Update delivery status
  • View all delivered items.
  • Offers, Coupons, Taxes applied
  • Developed on Flutter
  • Clean UI and Easy to Customize

grocery delivery boy app features

Grocery Web App Features

  • OTP Signup and Login
  • Categories and sub-categories
  • Offers, Deals, Coupons, Tax
  • Product Search
  • Manage Address and Checkout features
  • Favorites
  • Payment (COD, Stripe)
  • Product Ratings
  • Delivery boy Rating
  • Push notifications
  • Secure account verification via OTP
  • Order cancel & refund to the app wallet
  • Chat with the admin

grocery web app features

Grocery Dashboard Features

  • Manage your products.
  • Stock management
  • Banner Management
  • Manage your products categories & subcategories
  • Manage order delivery status
  • Manage Coupons
  • Bulk Import/Export Products through Excel.
  • Manage Deals on category and product
  • Realtime notification on new orders
  • Chat with customers.
  • Add and update the Banners
  • View and manage Orders
  • Send Push Notifications for all the users
  • View selling reports and graphs.
  • Manage payment methods (COD, Stripe)
  • Delivery fee management (Distance, Fixed, Flexible)
  • VAT tax Management.
  • Add/Edit New local language.
  • Change your own Currency.

grocery CMS features

Readymade Grocery Store Delivery App and System

Note: The above cost that mention is only for Readymade Grocery Shopping App & system product source code cost on that there is no setup & Deployment, domain, hosting, Play Store Account, and third party payment gateway integration (except Stripe) included.

The thing you do require to get live this Grocery Apps and System:

  • Your own Play Store Account (Google Play Store Account and iOS App Store Account)
  • Cloud Server with Min 2 GB Ram (we suggest AWS or DigitalOcean)
  • Your own payment gateway account
  • MongoDB Account

In case if you do not come from a development background and are looking for full setup and deployment done by our team then please check out our Grocery Installation - ONE SOLUTION FOR ALL services.

Readymade Online Grocery Store Shopping and Delivery System

Online Grocery Shopping and Delivery systems will be required for your offline grocery or supermarket store business. In this Grocery store application, we kept general variants for grocery and supermarket products. This Readymade Grocery app and the system will be well suitable for your grocery and supermarket business. This shopping and delivery business bundles all the apps that require a Grocery delivery system for a single grocer store. It contains the following:

  • Grocery User Mobile App
  • Grocery Delivery Mobile App
  • eCommerce Webapp
  • Admin Dashboard/CMS
  • Grocery POS System

Note: These features are fully customizable, so in case, you require any customization then you will do it yourself or we'll help you out with this. But any further or additional customization in the Readymade Grocery app will have an extra cost and it depends on the work involved.

Tech Stack - Technologies we used

  • For Mobile app: Flutter 2.X
  • Webapp: Angular 12
  • Backend: Nodejs 14
  • Database: MongoDB

Why Online Grocery Store Delivery App System

Since today, it is the internet and mobile application world. Now people love to do shopping from anywhere anytime they want. Now people don't want to waste their time and energy while grocery shopping in the supermarket. e.g if you are shopping through the supermarket then you have to pick your time, make a list of items you would like to purchase then go to the supermarket during traffic then after collecting your items, stand at the billing counter, packing, and then again come back to your home. In case you missed out on anything again you have to go back and follow the same procedure.

So that people love to do shopping online and so they can save their time and energy to get their daily needs on the doorsteps with minimal hustle. That’s why Walmart, Amazon, Grofers, and other companies are making huge benefits to the grocery business through online and mobile apps. As per a survey in the coming day, online grocery shopping sales in the United state only will be approx $29.7 billion. You could see the stat in the graphical image below.

As you saw in the graph online grocery shopping sales only in the United State from 2012-2021. Now if your grocery and/or supermarket business has no online facility that allows your customer to do online shopping then you have been losing your business.

So, what you are waiting for, let’s build your business online today with our readymade online grocery store delivery app and system.

What you will get with our Readymade Online Grocery Delivery & Shopping Bundle:

You will get the Following as I mentioned above:

Readymade Grocery User Mobile App:

First, you will get a grocery user mobile app that is built with Flutter. This application will work on both iOS and Android. It has multi-language support and online payment integration along with offers and RTL support. This app is for users, so users can download it from play stores like Google Playstore and iOS play store. Through this app, users can search their items and do online orders on their address with their preference pickup delivery on their address on prospective date and time. These are the following main features that help users to do shopping with your grocery mobile app:

Account Creation: Here they will create their account with their personal details. They required an email id, and Phone number to create an account so in the future, they can track and manage their order.

Signup/Sign in with the Mobile app: This is a newly added feature after the release of Version 2.2.0, that allows users to registered their account with their mobile number.

OTP Verification: Now with Readymade Grocery Version 2.2.0 has OTP verification through mobile number.

Wallet: With our version 2.2.0, the wallet feature will come. As of now, the user can not add money directly to the wallet. Only the cancel order amount will be credited to their wallet so they can use their wallet money to make a purchase next time.

Address Management: Here they can manage their multiple pickup addresses based on their convenience.

Browse based on categories and their menu: This feature helps users to save time while finding their products. They can filter based on Categories and even find the products while searching and adding to the cart.

Order Tracking: Users can track their order status, so they will be available on time of their product delivery.

Online Payment: Here you can integrate any online payment method that allows your customers to do online payment. By default stripe has been integrated, so you can change keys and start using it else if you want to integrate any third party then you have to check payment gateway docs. In case you want deployment done by our team, there will be an additional cost for that.

Cancel Order: Now with our version 2.0.0 release of the Readymade Grocery app, users can cancel the order from their account.

Date & Time: This feature allows your customers to set a specific order pickup date and time based on their convenience.

Order History: These features allow users to track their older order history. This will help customers to track what they order or they will repeat their order based on their past order.

Multi-language Support: Our application has multiple language support, so now the language is not a barrier to get you started with your online grocery delivery app.

Delivery Slots: This feature helps user shoppers to book the slots for their delivery. That provides flexibility for shoppers to choose a time based on their availability.

Deals/Coupons: This feature allows your grocery shopper to keep track and/or eye on your running deal or offers on your website and get the coupons and make benefits on the running current deals.

Register Transfer level: This application has supported RTL.

Order Status with Notification: Our Grocery shopping app has order status with a notification that helps users to get updates with their order status with a notification.

Map Integration: This feature helps users to get their addresses by Google Map integration that helps them to get the current location.

Why did we choose Flutter to build this app?

We used Flutter to develop the Grocery Mobile app. We choose Flutter because it is open-source. It has expressive UI design, Cross-platform, and Fast development. Flutter allows us to build a nice UI and make our overall fast development. It has a single codebase, hot reloaded features that help our developer team to build faster UI with pixel correct. If you would like to know more about Flutter development benefits then check out Flutter Development Benefits.

Grocery POS System:

Now with our latest update, you will get the Grocery POS System with our grocery shopping app. Now in one place, you can manage your store billing as well as an online grocery ordering system.

You can check the live demo and functionality on our admin dashboard demo at

Readymade Grocery Delivery Boy App

Our delivery boy app will work on both iOS and Android. It is also developed by Flutter so it will work natively for both iOS and Android. It has a clean UI and fully customizable features. You can upload this app on Google and the iOS play store so your delivery boy can download it from there and signup with their details and start operations. This Grocery Delivery Boy App has the following main features:

Individual credentials for delivery boy: Every delivery guy will have individual credentials that help them to manage and track their order status and performance.

Order Accept/Reject facilities: Here delivery boy has an option which order they want to accept and which they don’t want. It helps delivery boys to choose their nearby product delivery so they can deliver the order on time.

Instant Notification for delivery: This feature helps grocery delivery guys to get instant notifications for delivery. So that delivery guys did not miss their update regarding order delivery.

Delivery Location Track via Map: This feature helps delivery guys to navigate the exact location that has been provided by customers. Through map navigation, they can follow the exact route to deliver customer orders on their time and address.

Updating Delivery Status: This feature allows setting the delivery status by grocery delivery guys. Eg. If they picked up the order from the warehouse then can set the status your order has been picked by the warehouse and it is on the way to reach. Once they deliver the order they can set the status as order delivery.

Access pre-delivery items: Here delivery guys can track their delivery history. Means how many orders they deliver and whom they deliver so they can achieve their target in case it will be on the target base.

Real-time order notification: The delivery boy will get real-time order notification regarding order acceptance. They will accept orders if they can deliver that order at that location and that particular time that has been provided by customers.

Offers, Coupons, Taxes applied: It helps delivery boys to track the officers, coupons, and taxes that are applied by grocery store business.

Call customer on top: This feature helps delivery boys to call customers to get their locations and availability directly on call.

eCommerce Grocery Webapp

Our Online Grocery delivery system package keeps Webapp that allows users to do shopping without installing your app. Or if they are doing shopping through the system they will do shopping with that. Our web app is compatible with all browsers that have users. This eCommerce Grocery web app helps your customers to do shopping through browsers, in case you don't want to install a grocery mobile app.

Grocery Webapp Features:

Sidebar for all menu: These features allow easy navigation for the user to move around the corresponding menu. Like Saved items, order, My cart, Categories, My Order, Products, and logout.

Search Filter: This feature helps users to save their time and energy to find products. They do search for their product and get it instant search product that they are looking for.

Products by Categories/Offers: These features help users to filter products by categories and even by offers that help them to save time and energy.

Multiple Payment Features: It has multiple payment features like COD and online payment. So your grocery shopper will choose their convenience payment method while placing an order.

Products in different variants: This feature helps to keep different kinds of products with different variants like KG, litter, and any other unit. For details please check out the product live demo.

Custom Design with Bootstrap: We did a fully custom design with the help of Bootstrap that will enhance the user experience.

Technologies we used for Grocery eCommerce Webapp: Major technologies we used for web apps are Bootstrap and Angular. For more details check out DOCS

Readymade Grocery App CMS Or Admin Dashboard:

This is one stop to a system that helps you to keep manage your products, sales, order tracking, and all other features that will manage your mobile app and web app.

Readymade Grocery app CMS Features:

Manage categories and products: You will manage your categories and products for your grocery mobile and web app both from the CMS/Admin dashboard.

Multiple Image Upload for a single product: Now with our new version 2.2.0 you will be able to upload multiple images for a single product.

Out of Stock Menu: Now with our latest release of version 2.2.0 we added a separate menu tab for Out of Stock products, so now you can easily find which products got out of stock and you can update it.

Order request notification: You will keep notified of any new order. So It will keep updating you regarding any new order.

Order Management: It helps you keep eye on orders and manage them on your admin dashboard.

Create Delivery Boy and Order Assign: This feature helps the admin to create a new delivery boy account and assign orders at the backend/CMS.

Coupon and Offer Management: These features help us to keep manage your online grocery store Coupon and offer that you would like to keep running for shoppers.

Chat: This enables the feature where you can directly do a live chat with customers to understand their concern, queries, their request, etc, and provide an instant solution or guide them live.

Readymade Grocery App CMS Features that added after Version 2.0.0 release:

Import/export: After the release of Version 2.0.0 of Readymade Grocery app CMS we added Import and Export features for products and orders. It will now help you out to export and import your product in CSV format.

Privacy policy, T&C, about the US: Now you can update the Privacy policy, T&C, about us through Grocery CMS. there is no need to change in code.

Payment enables/disable: Now you can enable and disable the payment options through Grocery CMS/Admin Dashboard.

Delivery time slots translated according to selected language: Now, all Delivery time slots translated according to the selected language will convert based on your language choice from CMS/Admin Dashboard.

Technologies we used for Backend: Major technologies we used for Backend are Angular, Nodejs, and MongoDB. For details about the backend technologies, we used to check our document for Technology.

Pricing & Plans Overview:

Single License (Developer Edition):

Cost: $499

It Includes:

  • Source code for Android and iOS.
  • Source code for Webapp.
  • Source code for Admin Dashboard.
  • 3 Month Free support in any bugs or errors that come to our existing app.

Single License (Business Edition):

Cost: $748

It includes:

  • Source code for Android and iOS.
  • Source code for Webapp.
  • Source code for Admin Dashboard.
  • 3 Month Free support in any bugs or errors that come to our existing app.
  • Local setup on Macbook.
  • Production Setup on Server.
  • Publish on Your AppStore.
  • Publish on Your Google PlayStore.

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