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grocery saas user app

User app features

  • Browse stores with locations
  • Add to cart Menu items
  • Order tracking
  • Manage Address and Checkout features
  • Order history
  • Offers, Coupons, Taxes applied
  • Developed on Flutter
  • Clean UI and Easy to Customize

grocery saas delivery app

Delivery app features

  • Accept / Reject orders from the vendor.
  • Delivery at the customer’s location.
  • Update status of delivery.
  • Live status for users' addresses.
  • History for all orders.

grocery saas vendor app

Vendor app features

  • Getting Orders.
  • Accept/Decline/Assign orders.
  • Order history.
  • Allot orders to the delivery boy.
  • Update status of orders.

grocery saas admin CMS

CMS features

  • All store management
  • Approve / Reject Grocery store registration request.
  • Sales report for all the Grocery stores.
  • Manage all the payments & many more
  • Roles: Owner, Manager.
  • Chat with customers.
  • Manage products and orders.
  • Access all info of the store.
  • Delivery boy management.

grocery saas web app

Web app features

  • Browse stores with locations
  • Add to cart Menu items
  • Live order tracking
  • Manage Address and Checkout features
  • Order history
  • Offers, Coupons, Taxes applied
  • Clean UI and Easy to Customize

grocery saas


Are you looking to start an online grocery system with your own grocery shopping and delivery system? Then we are here to help with a complete solution for the online Grocery Delivery System. In this Grocery system solution package, we have the following apps: 

  • User shopping mobile app
  • Delivery boy mobile app
  • Vendor mobile app
  • eCommerce web app
  • Admin Dashboard

that will help you build an online delivery system for Grocery and/or an online supermarket delivery system with your own mobile and web applications.

User Shopping Mobile App: 

This app is for your users where your end consumer/customer will be able to make an order through their mobile and this app will live on Google Play store as well as the iOS App Store, So your customers or users will be able to download from their respective play stores.

Important Features for Grocery user app:

Browse stores with locations: Users can browse the store as well as the product under the cross-ponding store based on their nearby location. To access these features users have to enable locations.

Email Verification: Security is most important for any business. So in the user app user will get an email verification sign-up. So later on they can log in through their own email id and password as well as they can change login details credentials themselves.

Add to cart Menu items: This feature in the grocery app will help users to add multiple products to the cart while doing online grocery shopping and make a purchase of all products once after adding all necessary goods to the cart.

Order tracking: This feature lets users/customers allow them to track their all orders status. Like where their order has been reached, who is coming for delivery, at what time they will come to deliver, etc.

Manage Address and Checkout features: This feature helps users to manage multiple addresses through their grocer user mobile app. They can add multiple addresses and do select any address based on their availability while checking out the order in the app.

Order history: This grocery shopping app feature will help users to track their order history through the mobile app. They can take an overview of their order history and even make a new print of the invoice if required etc.

Offers, Coupons, Taxes applied: This feature helps your users to apply coupon codes that have been running by your business. As well as it will show all the tax details on billing or while placing an order. 

Developed on Flutter: This app built with Flutter ( So it will work on both iOS and Android. Begin a business owner you don’t have to maintain and/or develop new features on the different codebases. A single codebase will work fine for both platforms iOS and Andriod.

Clean UI and Easy to Customize: Our online grocer shopping app has a user friendly and a clean UI that provides a better user experience for your shopping users. As well as for business owner it will easy to customize if you have prior knowledge of our tech stack or you have own development.

Delivery Boy Mobile App:

This is the delivery boy app. They can register and join with your business to deliver your order to your customer. This app also will go live on play stores. One can download it from the Play Store itself. Here a delivery boy will get all the details regarding the delivery and order to the corresponding customer based on their availability with other features. 


Accept / Reject Orders: Here delivery boy has an option which order they want to accept and which they don’t want. It helps delivery boys to choose their nearby product delivery so they can deliver the order on time. 

Update status of delivery: This feature helps grocery delivery guys to get instant notifications for delivery. This helps delivery guys not miss their updates regarding order delivery. 

Delivery at the customer’s locationDelivery guys get to navigate the exact location that has been provided by customers. Through map navigation, they can follow the exact route to deliver customer orders on their time and address. 

Live status for users' addresses: This feature allows delivery guy to get the status of the order e.g. If they picked up the order from the warehouse then can set the status your order has been picked by the warehouse and it is on the way to reach. Once they deliver the order, they can set the status as order delivery. 

History for all orders: The history folder helps the delivery guy to get a detailed summary of their daily status about the delivery- date, time, amount, and much more.  

Grocery Vendor Mobile App:

This app is for your vendors who will connect to your app for their business. Since, this app supports multi-vendors so that all vendors will have their mobile app to manage their operations regarding their shops and grocery store on your platform. They can find the Grocery Vendor App on their Google play store account and iOS app store account. 


Getting Orders- A notification pops on the vendor's app as soon as any customer places an order.  

Accept/Decline/Assign Orders - The vendor gets to accept, decline, and assign the order depending on its availability and delivery boy availability. 

Order History - The order history gets to make an exact summary of the order, they accepted and declined in a month. It helps them calculate profit and loss, best-selling products, and much more.  

Allot Orders to the Delivery Boy - The vendors have the authority to manage the app so efficiently that one can assign the product delivery to their preferred delivery guy.       

Update Order Status - The best feature is being notified about each order acceptance, declination, and even when one has made the payment. 

eCommerce Grocery web app:

This eCommerce grocer web app is for browser-based customers. This application will work on a web browser like a website. So, if users are on the system or have not installed your mobile app. Also, users can make an order through your website/web app. This web app has all the eCommerce features for multi-vendors; the user can find their prospective shop to make purchases based on their nearby location. 

All store management - The is the core management system helping one manage each folder efficiently. 

Approve / Reject Grocery Store Registration Request - The eCommerce grocery app helps you approve the delivery guys and vendor's acceptance and declination request of order and product. It makes it easy as each person involved gets notified about the same.  

Sales Report for all the Grocery stores - The statement of the sales made in a month, week, a year can be tracked here. Sales or profit made through a delivery guy or the vendor is easy to locate and served with calculations.    

Manage all the Payments & many more - The payment option are though several, and this feature makes it easy for one to track which option was preferred more and the amount received from each option. You also get to track the refund made.     

Roles, Owner, Manager -  

Chat with Customers - A personalized touch making the app more approachable and giving users a better experience. The users can post their problems and gets the report of it faster. 

Manage Products and Orders - You can manage the algorithm of the product, coupons, banners, and much more. 

Access all info of the store - This feature gives all the information of each app related to your company. 

Delivery Boy Management - Access to the delivery guy app and get specific information about profit, delivery made in a day, and a number of delivery guys online.

Admin Dashboard:

This admin dashboard or Grocery CMS stands for managing all your online operations and inventories like Managing vendors, Delivery Guys, Products, Offers, Sales, Products, customer data, orders, and many more. 

There are two-level or access in this admin dashboard and Grocery CMS. One for super admin-level access and the others will be for shopper/manager level access. 

Admin level access for the business owner to manage all businesses and manager/shopper CMS for the shop owner, and they have access only to their stores and operations.

Technologies stacks:

  • Flutter for Mobile app development.
  • Angular, JavaScript, and, Bootstrap for web app development.
  • Nodejs and Angular for Admin dashboard or CMS.
  • MongoDB for Database.

Read more about our tech stack details at Online Grocer System Technologies.

Note: The above cost is only for the source code of all the apps mention in this package. Not for installation, setup, and deployment. We don’t provide hosting, play store account, app store account, Google APIs, and other 3rd party we use. Please do check out our Prerequisites details at Grocery Delivery system prerequisites.

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