clothing app store
clothing app store

User Mobile App Features

  • Category and Subcategories
  • Product List screen with Search
  • Products Details with different attribute colors, variants etc
  • Product filter with price, brand, size
  • Manage Address and Profile details
  • Payment Integration (Stripe, COD)

clothing app store

CMS Dashboard Feature

  • Manage product and their attribute
  • Manage Color, Size, the Price attribute
  • Update order status
  • Payment integration (Stripe, COD )
  • Enable/Disable payment method
  • Apply coupons, Taxes, Offers

Details About Online Clothing Delivery App

The clothing app has impacted the lifestyle of people more than anything. About 67% of the population prefers window shopping. The access to mobile apps and easy log-in has made clothing apps the most demanded and included in the list of the must-have apps.  

Clothing apps with clean UI/UX and easy to browse features are more appreciated. It is another way for fashion inspiration today. The integration of features like push notification, order tracking, chatbot, and list screen search attracts customers for the real-life experience of shopping anytime, anywhere.   

Clothing apps today offer not just clothes categories but gadgets, home accessories, personal care products, etc. This functionality helps customers not to jump from one app to another and increases the revenue and conversion rate of the clothing app.   

Clothing apps are gaining popularity for their features and affordability filters. It is great for retailers that wish to make their presence online and reach more customers. The retailers with these online clothing apps sell out 30-40% more products. The brands through online clothing apps have increased their margin to 35% from 28% and it's guaranteed to grow more.  


Do you have a clothing store and are you planning to make your presence online? Get your own clothing mobile app with our readymade online clothing system with clean and easy to navigate features. This clothing delivery app and system include all the advanced feature that is required popularly known clothing apps.     

This Online Clothing Delivery system has two panels for easy management.   

  1. User App 
  2. CMS Dashboard  


The clothing shopping user app panel is completely like online clothing and/or fashion shopping app with an enhanced user experience. The features like category, filters, payment options, profile setting, etc make the user get to shop easily and specifically. Here we are listing some of the important features of our shopping app. But we suggest you to do download our live demo of the clothing shopping app to get the exact feel and looks of apps along with the live test with all existing features. 

  • Category and Subcategories – One must provide the buyer with choices. And, this app helps you put all the categories and subcategories of products. One can choose among the category and subcategories mentioned both on the homepage and sidebar. It makes one’s shopping and for specific product easy.  
  • Product List screen with Search - Once your user opens the app they will land on the home page where they will get the list of products as well as the search option at the top. 
  • Products Details with different attribute colors, search variants - Considering the informed buyers of today, the app provides transparency and every possible detail like fabric, product detail, size & fit, material care, delivery expected, types of payment available, return policy applicable, and similar products, etc. The information given for each product creates transparency and trust in the buyer and the app.   
  • Product filter with price, brand, size - The app doesn’t just provide search with category and subcategory but with multiple filters. The filters can imply different brands, cloth material, price range, rating, body shape, pattern, occasion, main trend, and much more. The filters make the shopping flexible and worth its implication.  
  • Manage Address and Profile details - The buyer with one log-in Id can save multiple addresses. The profile gets created as they log in. They can later add details like gender, date of birth, and location. the profile page specifies content like refer & earn the point, Coupons, Wishlist, addresses, help center, order history, FAQs, terms of use, privacy policy, and much more.      
  • Payment Integration (Stripe, COD) - The payment option needs to have the easiest access. It is the phase for conversion and this need not belong. And, the app has no unnecessary step towards the payment. It provides multiple options for payment with a detailed summary of the product bought.    



The other panel of this clothing app is the CMS Dashboard that allows the shop/business owner to manage products, offers, and everything without any developer. The easy management with attractive templates makes it more compelling. The owner can work according to the demand and supply chain initiating offers, products, and notifications. The CMS Dashboard panel is flexible and notifies every detail helping one connect with customers better. This CMS helps you manage your product stock, upload products, manage your deals, customer, order processing, and many more. We are listing some of the important features of clothing CMS here. But we suggest you to do check our live demo of Dashboard to get an exact idea about our all features. 

  • Manage product and their attribute - The owner can manage the product details, discount applicable, and everything. It lets the app stay updated and as per the demand by buyers.  
  • Manage Colour, Size, the Price attribute – Transparency of the product is    
  • Update order status - Order tracking is the new and most loved feature of the shopping apps. It notifies people as to where the product is and how long it can take to reach the expected date. It provides information dispatched, shipping, station it reached and when would it get out of delivery by the owner. Trustworthiness can be built with this feature.  
  • Payment integration (Stripe, COD) - The owner can integrate as many payment options and apply discounts on the particular mode of payment. The amount received from different modes will be reflected in the history.    
  • Enable/Disable Payment method – One can enable and disable few payment options for a particular product or particular payment. The owner can integrate any method they like considering the situ  
  • Apply coupons, Taxes, Offers - The owner can integrate coupons, discounts, offers on the homepage and the payment page as per the demand and supply. To apply the banners of discounts is easy and simple. This attracts customers. 

Tech Stack that we used for this package: 

For the Clothing Shopping App/User app, we used Flutter. Flutter is a cross-platform framework to develop a mobile app that will work on both iOS and Android with a single codebase. If you haven’t any idea about the Flutter then please do check Flutter details and Benefits.  

For Clothing CMS, we used Angular and Bootstrap for the frontend, and for API and backend, we used Nodejs and Nestjs. And for the database we used MongoDB.  

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