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flutter restaurant app product image

Ready to use restaurant native mobile app work with IOS/Android Platform.

flutter app

Flutter To Do Mobile Application is built with the leading technology FLUTTER & is a very useful application for today's fast world.

flutter e-commerce app

Clothing mobile application built on flutter gives you a complete solution for your E-Commerce Clothing store

flutter grocery app

This Flutter grocery app is a UI kit that has all features of online grocery purchase for your customers.

Multi Restaurant sass Application

Multi-restaurant saas app comes with all the app UI/UX and backend integration to build IOS / ANDROID mobile apps.

eCommerce Grocery Shopping Mobile App

This Flutter grocery app is a pro version that has all features of online grocery purchase for your customers.

Flutter News App Banner

This News app UI kit is built with flutter SDK. You can publish your news with a wide range of news & information happening around the globe.

Multi-Restaurant Firestore app is a restaurant app to take order online & deliver at the user's location.

readymade grocery store

This app comes with a complete package of service that includes FLUTTER USER APP, FLUTTER DELIVERY APP, WEB APP, CMS DASHBOARD.

Flutter App Marketplace by Ionicfirebaseapp

We have launched our own products Flutter App Marketplace that helps users and developers to build their Flutter App faster without putting much time to write code by themselves. Now with our ready-to-use Flutter app, you can build your app within a few hours. Here you will find the Flutter App UI, Themes, and Template with its source code. So if you're a developer then it is easy to build your app faster and customize as per your requirements.

And If you are a business owner and/or start your online business without having technical knowledge then it also helps you out to build your business mobile with our app and our App professional Services helps you out to setup and deployment of apps. So what you are waiting for just browse your own business app and make it live with your own Flutter Mobile Apps in case you have any custom requirements for your app development then check out our Mobile App Development Service and workflow.

Benefits of using our marketplace, All apps developed and managed by our teams there are no third-party apps, So if you need any customization or support then you don't have to go anywhere or 3rd party platform and keep waiting for their response, just click on our live chat and our team will help you out with that. Here you will get some Flutter free apps that we kept as open source for all. Our app can be integrated with any Backend and 3rd party API that provides the flexibility to connect your existing application to new technologies and implement its reach feature so that your users delight with Flutter features.

Benefits of our Flutter App Marketplace

Fast Development: With our Flutter app your development process will increase. Now you don't have to write a bunch of code and test it. But, Flutter's single codebase and hot reload feature help you build and customize your application development faster compared to other native app development like Android Native app and iOS native app development.


Cost of App Development: Now you can save the cost of development for your app. Now with our fully customizable app, you can save your development cost for your company or business.


Turn Around Time: With our ready-to-use app you can save a lot of time that you have been putting on finding the right resource and developing your own app from a wire-frame. Here you can choose your app from our platform and get fully customizable source code with our Flutter Expertise Development Services and 24/7 support.


Expressive User Interface (UI): Now we have been working with more than 1000+ customers so we got a user case study of the user's behaviors that help us build an expressive UI with inbuilt features of Flutter design. Now you can delight your customers with a nice UX design based on our customer case study.


Fully Customizable Widget and Component: we wrote our code that helps you understand the code flow easily. So later on if you would like to build your own Flutter Development teams they can easily understand code and customize widgets and components as per your future requirements.

What we are offering in readymade flutter mobile app template 

As a leading marketplace for the app developing industry, we have served 500+ clients across the globe with a high success rate. We offer flutter mobile app templates, themes, and readymade apps. We have worked with now, 500+ clients across the globe with a high success rate. We offer flutter mobile app templates, themes, and readymade apps.  

Our best-selling flutter app template and readymade apps are flutter restaurant app, flutter To-do app, flutter grocery, and clothing app templates. We offer a single and extendable license, admin dashboard, user and delivery boy app and provide service until you get live with your ideas. 

What is a Flutter App Template? 

Flutter app template is the Readymade app template developed using the flutter framework. Flutter app templates have better UI elements for mobile screens. App Template has been used to build apps faster and reduce your development and costs for app development. Flutter Mobile Templates will work for both iOS and Android with the same codebase.

There are many best flutter App UI templates based on your business niche. As of now, we have been getting enquire and research the most popular Flutter mobile templates: Grocery delivery app, Food Ordering App, News App Template, Chating App Template, and the list are endless. There are a plethora of flutter app templates. Many are open-source templates so you can create your own version with them. The simpler applications make it the most preferred in start-ups and small businesses. 

What are the benefits of a flutter template? 

Mobile app templates built with Flutter results to be the best. It provides benefits like, 

  • Reduction in Development time 
  • Better and similar UI/UX for  
  • Cross-platform functionality 
  • Great material design 
  • Single coding makes it quick to develop 
  • Easy customization 
  • Widget component  
  • Access to 3rd party integration 
  • High-quality user experience 

Developing a mobile app template with flutter is cost-effective and fast to develop.  

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source framework written with Dart language and developed by Google in 2017. It's completely free/open source to use for development as well as for commercial purposes. Alternatively, in other words, you can say it is an SDK by Google, which uses the Dart programming language, which is similar to javascript, to build an app.

We have spent thousands of hours on research and developing all the Flutter mobile apps or templates and optimize for performance and ease of use for anyone. 


Flutter is a Hybrid framework that will work with mobile app IOS/Android and Web app / Embed devices and future it can use to develop the Fuchsia OS app as well. Google is planning to launch its OS in 2 years named as Google Fuchsia.

Why we use flutter as it is still new compared to other Hybrid frameworks.

Yes, Their 2-3 major hybrid frameworks like Ionic, React Native and Now flutter. All of these frameworks are backed by larger companies. Ionic and react-native are older than flutter and have a big developer community. Flutter has lots for the future and even currently looking quite promising in every aspect if compared to other frameworks.


Flutter app development is very fast when compared with React Native, and performance-wise also best. You are looking to develop a hybrid app that works on all the platforms IOS/Android with a performance like the native app. Then we suggest going with flutter. You can check all the existing flutter apps or UI templates that you can use in your project.

You can download and change our app as per your requirements if you need any customization, please feel free to contact us.


Does Flutter Mobile App Development Integrate with 3rd Party?

Yes, You can Integrate with 3rd Party as you can build your Flutter Mobile app with Dart. It works with any backend system like Rest API or Firebase/FireStore backend. We can also integrate any payment gateway or analytics tools required. AI integration is also quite good with the flutter app.

Does flutter cost to use SDK and Framework?

No, It is open-source, and it is entirely free to use for your product. You can use it as per your requirements if you have the coding knowledge, or you have an interest to learn the code and build something new. If you are willing to learn and develop your first Flutter Mobile app, then you can try our free TO DO Flutter Mobile app.

Why do we Choose flutter?

Because with the same code, you can develop both Android and IOS apps with a performance like native apps, it will provide a fast development life cycle. Since it is an open-source mobile application development framework, developed and maintained by Google, it allows more security, flexibility, and rapid development with the best development experience. Development is quite fast compared to other frameworks. Google is planning to launch its OS in the next 1-2 years, and they have planned to develop all their OS apps with flutter as well. 

The following are the main features that derive us into the Flutter Development:

Cross-Platforms: First, it's allowed to build applications that will work on multiple platforms. Its cross-platforms help to speed up our app development process and its inbuilt compiler help our app to work like native apps on both Android and iOS.


A Single Codebase: Flutter has a single codebase feature that has very interesting features that drive us for Flutter app development. Now we don't have to write multiple codebases for different platforms, now we have to write only one codebase for both platform Android and iOS, and Flutter inbuilt compiler incorporate with their main component (Like Scrolling, Logo, Text, Button, Images, and others) that helps to perform an action like their native apps.


Expressive and Beautiful UIs: Its built-in Material Design and Cupertino (iOS-flavor) widgets help us to build a rich motion API, smooth scrolling, and platform awareness that provide great flexibilities to build beautiful and an expressive UIs that has increase users experience.


Native Performance: Last but not least, Flutter's widgets automatically incorporate all critical component platform differences such as Scrolling, menu, navigation, text fonts, logos, and others that help Flutter's apps provide a native performance on both Android and iOS platforms.

What are the benefits of Flutter App Development?

1) High-velocity development: With features like hot reload helps you quickly build UI's and add new features and many 100's dart modules to start any complex project immediately.


2) Expressive and flexible designs: Flutter comes with a modern reactive framework along with a rich set of widgets, animation libraries, and layered extensible architecture.


3) Access native features and SDK: Flutter compiles the Dart code into native code on build time, so their performance is great. Another significant advantage, they provide a bridge to writing code on Native Language (Java / Swift) and bind with flutter, and this makes flutter different compared to others. 


4) Create high-quality experiences :

Create superior skills across devices and platforms with portable, GPU accelerated rendered and high performance, native ARM code run-time.

Do we need Flutter Developer Professional or Companies?

If you have good knowledge of flutter, then you can develop any of the flutter apps quite quickly. You can use our pre-built template and theme to start your app development, as well. We have lots of Free open-source products for the developer community to get started on their project. Some of our Pro products are paid and comes with lots of prebuilt components and a screen that can use straightway in any of your flutter apps. Developing the Great UI/UX for any app is a must thing to make any product successful and meet your business goal. We, as a team, develop great products and performance optimize and fix the bugs regularly. 


 If you don't have programming knowledge, then you should go with Flutter Development Companies or professional Developers. As if you are going to start yourself, then you might not be able to develop excellent UI/UX for your end-user, and you'll spend much more time building your mobile app.

Which language is used in flutter?

Dart programming language is used in a flutter to develop an App. Dart is a more powerful programming language that was developed by Google in 2011 and is easy to learn and deploy.

How ionicfirebaseapp develop Flutter Mobile App?

We have started working on flutter from the time it was on Alpha release. We started Flutter from the very start days and found it quite interesting, so we started investing lots of time to develop our 1st app. We have developed more than 100 apps on Flutter, including some largest Telecom Self-care mobile apps. We have more than ten open source products on flutter on our git and website. Some paid products we have on our marketplace as well, and we bring week a new product to our App MarketPlace.


 We have greatly explored and experienced building great apps with minimum time and effort with ease. Our team has the expertise to construct the enterprise-level app with full support that provides flexibility to run your business with minimal hustle.

Pros Of Flutter App Development?

Single Code Base: It means you don't require multiple codes for android and ios mobile app. With one system itself, you can develop both Android and Native IOS mobile apps.

Hot Reloading: You don't require to recompile your code, and again after making changes, It will work like web development means once you make any changes. You save that file then refresh, and it will update without compile and build just like we used to do in Android Studio and IOS mobile app development.

Dart Programming Language:  Dart programming language used, and this is more powerful and easy to learn and deploy.

Google Fuchsia OS: Flutter will be used for Google Fuchsia OS native app development. So in the future, it will be handy for business. Google Fuchsia is an OS that was introduced by Google (Not sure how long it will take because till now, Google didn't give any clear idea).

Performance: Its performance will be very good and fast for both Android and IOS.

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