Features of On-Demand Home Services Mobile App

  • User Registration (OTP based)
  • Personalization
  • Category, Sub Category
  • Advanced Filters
  • Geo-location
  • Navigation
  • Task Tracker
  • Order Scheduling
  • In-App Chat
  • Multi-payment Options
  • Order History
  • Review and Ratings

home service app

Affordable Custom On-Demand Home Service App Development

The on-demand home service market is expected to grow by a massive 42% in 2023. With the world moving to the digital platform, you are losing out on a huge opportunity if you don’t offer your services through mobile apps.

We have helped 200+ on-demand home service providers to scale their business 10x with our custom on-demand app home service apps. Our solutions are easily scalable, highly affordable, and ensure the best user experience. 

Still thinking about getting your own app? Every second you spend in considering options, your competitors are finding ways to get ahead. Get started immediately with a custom on-demand home services app starting at $999. 

Need more features or customization? Talk to our experts for the time and cost estimates to help you get started. Take advantage of the huge market opportunity in 2023 with a custom on-demand home services app.

Custom On-Demand Home Services Apps for All Business Models

Ionicfirebase is a leading on-demand home service app development company that designs and delivers integrated services to clients across entire value chain. Our home services app solution are highly scalable and easily customizable for on-demand home service businesses of all sizes. Not sure about investing in a custom mobile app for your business? Get started with our basic app and add features as you grow. We work with you to deliver the best experience for YOUR customers.

On-Demand Home Service Marketplace App

Marketplaces manage a network of multi-service providers and freelance labors. We can provide custom applications for customers and freelancers for a seamless demand fulfillment experience. Get advanced reporting in the backend dashboard to track transactions and make data driven decisions for your business.

Service Professional Owners

Connect with your customers directly and provide customized offers to improve your retention rate. Engage with your customers to create brand loyalty with marketing and reward management features. Minimize paper trail with a modernized system that your employees will love. Ensure higher productivity, customer satisfaction, and revenue with our custom on-demand apps.

Aggregator Service Providers

If you have an aggregator of home services and want to provide a seamless experience for your customers while ensuring good profit margins, get a custom on-demand app today. Track all transactions, connect customers with freelancers or service providers, and manage transactions with transparency. 

home service app

Cost of Custom On-Demand Home Services App Development

The cost of any custom app depends on several factors like technology, customization, etc. The more features you need, the more efforts will be required to develop them. This has a direct impact on the overall costs. 

The cost of custom on-demand home services apps depends on:

  • App Platform - iOS / Android / Wearables
  • Technology - JavaScript, Swift, WebRTC, etc
  • Features - Real time communication, custom payment module, geo-fencing, etc
  • Third Party App Integration - CRM, Payment, Service Delivery, Language, etc
  • App Hosting - AWS, Google, etc (this depends on the data and performance requirements for the solution)
  • Maintenance - Complex features require higher maintenance to ensure proper uptime
  • UI/UX - Rich designs, interactive sections, integration of AR related interactions
  • App Security - This depends on the type or volume of transactions

Always consult with on-demand app development experts to know exactly what you need as per current requirements. This will help you to get the features you need right now to get started. Additional features can be added as the business scales up.

At Ionic Firebase, we have a readymade solution that should fulfill your immediate requirements. Get started for $999 and start selling your home services on the mobile platform in just 24 hours.

Benefits of Custom On-Demand Apps for Home Services

Home Services providers are already creating their presence on the mobile platform to enhance their digital footprint. While it is possible to use a responsive website on a mobile device to book services, the experience provided by custom mobile apps is second to none.

Moreover, there are various features of the mobile platform like voice commands, interaction with virtual assistants, and accessibility, which require custom solutions for ensuring the best user experience. With a custom solution, your app will have the foundation for supporting innovation and a product development roadmap. 

Benefits for Service Providers:

  • Sustainable option to grow the online presence of the business
  • Reach customers with your service exactly when they need them
  • Provide personalized experience to users based on their preferences
  • Track all activity and transactions to maintain high-efficiency levels
  • Allow location-based services to be delivered 

Benefits for Customers:

  • Get personalized experience based on preferences
  • Easily access services on the mobile device
  • Quick registration using OTP verification
  • Seamless connection with popular online payment apps and debit/credit cards
  • Real-time tracking of service status
  • Get location-wise services 
  • View service provider ratings 
  • Get real-time help through chat support

home service app

Get the Competitive Edge with Custom Solutions that Offer Features Similar to Industry Leaders

Save time, cost, and effort by getting a custom on-demand app for home services that offers features similar to the biggest market players like TaskRabbit, Thumbtack, and Airtasker.

Our solutions are affordable, fast, robust, and meet every quality parameter you would need to get more customers for your business. Book a consultation to see how we can customize a solution just for you or get started with a ready platform for as low as $999. Request a demo now!

TaskRabbit Clone

Match freelancers with customers that need instant help with their daily tasks. This app is designed to facilitate real time interactions, tracking, and service delivery. The perfect app to get you started if time is of the essence and first response is key to helping you win more business.

Thumbtack Clone

Looking for a solution that allows bookings to be made and scheduled in advance? Get our Thumbtack clone to facilitate seamless booking, easy scheduling, and dynamic schedule management, all from the convenience of a simple yet feature-rich custom on-demand app.

AirTasker Clone

Our AirTasker clone allows you to establish your presence across multiple devices and platforms with seamless integration and service booking. Whether it be mobile, web, or even desktop, our custom on-demand app clone will give you everything to scale your business 10x.

home service app

Looking for a custom full featured on-demand app for home services?

Are you ready to deliver the solution for the day-to-day problem? Are you too inspired by the Urban clap company? The company started with three men and raised about $110 million from investors and valued at about $480 million.  

Well, if you are a budding entrepreneur, investing in a handyman app is the best and a profitable business idea. The sole reason there is a market for it and the market has begun to exist and flourish.  

The home services app is built on flutter. Its template offers a bunch of services at your doorstep just in a click. The app is useful for home-based multiple online services.  

The UI kit aids in creating an amazing home service solution with special features that lets your customers book services hassle-free and quickly. Offer your customers online services like electricians, plumbers, carpenters, kitchen remodeling app, house cleaning, home renovation, and so on from their preferred device, make a payment, register, login, view order status, and manage the account, etc. 

How on-demand home service app works?

The on-demand home service app has a separate fan-based mostly in the metropolitan city. The app is providing services in most of the cities and the reason it has in no time gained huge popularity is it – easy use feature.   

There is no denial that day-to-day services can be ignored. Every household needs it and thus home service apps come in the figure. It offers services like – Plumbing, cleaning, remodeling, wiring, and repair of multiple electrical and home appliances.  

It has an easy flow of working structure. The workflow is similar to any other app structure that is,  

  • Logging in or registering with minimal details.  
  • Add your exact location  
  • Select or search for the service you need  
  • The app shows the accurate amount, time taken by the serviceman to arrive, his name number, and ratings  
  • After the details shared customer can then confirm or reject the service  
  • The customer confirms, the serviceman arrives at the exact time and location  

The customers can do the rating or write a review. The easy installation, usage, and payment method help one have a good lifestyle and save time.

home service app

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