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On-Demand Home Services App

Are you ready to deliver the solution for the day-to-day problem? Are you too inspired by the Urban clap company? The company started with three men and raised about $110 million from investors and valued at about $480 million.  

Well, if you are a budding entrepreneur, investing in a handyman app is the best and a profitable business idea. The sole reason there is a market for it and the market has begun to exist and flourish.  

The home services app is built on flutter. Its template offers a bunch of services at your doorstep just in a click. The app is useful for home-based multiple online services.   

The UI kit aids in creating an amazing home service solution with special features that lets your customers book services hassle-free and quickly. Offer your customers online services like electricians, plumbers, carpenters, kitchen remodeling app, house cleaning, home renovation, and so on from their preferred device, make a payment, register, login, view order status, and manage the account, etc.  

How on-demand home service app works?  

The on-demand home service app has a separate fan-based mostly in the metropolitan city. The app is providing services in most of the cities and the reason it has in no time gained huge popularity is it – easy use feature.   

There is no denial that day-to-day services can be ignored. Every household needs it and thus home service apps come in the figure. It offers services like – Plumbing, cleaning, remodeling, wiring, and repair of multiple electrical and home appliances.  

It has an easy flow of working structure. The workflow is similar to any other app structure that is,  

  • Logging in or registering with minimal details.  
  • Add your exact location  
  • Select or search for the service you need  
  • The app shows the accurate amount, time taken by the serviceman to arrive, his name number, and ratings  
  • After the details shared customer can then confirm or reject the service  
  • The customer confirms, the serviceman arrives at the exact time and location  

 The customers can do the rating or write a review. The easy installation, usage, and payment method help one have a good lifestyle and save time.  

What are all the features that must be there to build an MVP?   

It has three main features to successfully run the service – Admin Panel, Professional Home Service App, and Customer App.  

Admin App being the home to panel the helps the owner-manager and control the functionality of the other two are present in this,  

  • Booking Management  
  • Manage Customer and Professionals  
  • Site Management  
  • Cancellation Details  
  • Manage Notifications  
  • Discount, Offer Management  

The admin panel is thus the master panel that helps you earn profit and analyze your service and revenue better.  

Professional Home Service App helps the service provider connect with customers. The service provider needs to register and they get to manage the orders. It has features that benefit the professional serviceman.  

  • Add and Edit Personal Information  
  • Pay-out Method  
  • Service Request Acceptance and Decline Control  
  • Earning Reports  

Customer App is the third feature enriched application with the best user experience detailing. This is where the services begin. The feature for end-consumer is,  

  • One-Click Signup  
  • Multiple Service List  
  • Fare Estimation  
  • Payment options (COD, PhonePe, Gpay, and so on)  

There are multiple features integrated with all three applications for the smooth functioning of the app.  

The Home service app is built on flutter and is much like a clone of those advanced feature enriched home service applications. Developed with flutter it makes its performance and hassle-free. Now, if you ask why flutter?  

Well, flutter is the most preferred development framework by developers today. It offers a single codebase, best community support, flexible widget library, firebase integration, dart language, and faster development increases productivity for cross-platform functionality.  

How much does it take time and cost to build a home service app?  

Developing an advanced featured app like Urban Company or Thumbstack takes about 600 to 1200 hours. It again depends upon factors like,  

  • UX/UI designs  
  • Feature and Functionality  
  • Your preferred platform or framework  
  • Testing and so on.  

Now, coming back to the plot the investment of 600 hours to 1200 hours might get less depending on the points mentioned above. But again, the minimum cost for a home service app will be around $30000. The cost may vary depending on the – hour, feature, an application used, and experience of the developer and agency.  

But there is good news that is you can take the advantage of pre-built home service applications. We at Ionicfirebaseapp offer readymade home service app that,  

  • Gets customized with a week  
  • Gets updated every2-3 weeks  
  • Is much affordable compared to what you are about to invest  
  • We help with deployment and tech support after the purchase as well  

And to know more about the service login at our App Development Services and see the demo of your app.

Most FAQs:

For Whom this Readymade Home Services App Template will Fit for?

This readymade home services app will greatly fit for business for Home cleaning services, kitchen remodeling services app, Plumbing Service provider, And so on.

Do You Require Coding Knowledge to get started with your Homecare app?

No, You do not require any coding knowledge to get live with our readymade home services app template. Just you have to make a purchase of business edition and we'll take care of other parts.

Which Technologies did we use to build these apps?

We used enterprise standard technologies to built these apps. For Mobile apps, we used Flutter SDK, For Admin Dashboard we have been using Angular for front-end and Nodejs for the backend.

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