Fully customizable, functional, ready-to-use by the end-users with easily configurable Online Grocery Ordering Mobile Application/Software built on the latest leading technology Flutter. You Should check out with app features.

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  • Categories and sub-categories
  • Add to cart
  • Order history
  • Offers, Deals, Coupons, Tax
  • Product Search/Browse
  • Manage Address and Checkout features
  • Favorites
  • Payment (COD, Stripe)
  • Product Ratings
  • Push notifications
  • Secure account verification via email
  • Order cancel & refund to the app wallet
  • Geo location enabled
  • Chat with the admin
  • Manage profile
  • Multi-language support (up to 79)

flutter grocery app pro

Dashboard Features

  • Manage your products
  • Manage order delivery status
  • Manage your products categories & subcategories
  • Manage Coupons
  • Manage Deals on category and product
  • Realtime notification on new orders
  • Subcategory based product listing
  • Add and update the Banners
  • View and manage Orders
  • Send Push Notifications for all the users
  • View selling reports and graphs.
  • Manage payment methods (COD, Stripe)
  • Delivery fee management (Distance, Fixed, Flexible)

grocery dashboard

Ready-Made eCommerce Grocery Store Delivery App

Note: The cost mention on the product is only for app source code not for installation and setup. You have to setup your self with your own servers and upload on your playstore account, in case you do require setup and installation done by us then please check out our extra services. Check out Prerequisites here

Version 2.0.0 Added Features for eCommerce Grocery Shopping App:

New User-Friendly UI: We Re-Design our old Grocery app UI to provide Flawless and smooth user experience.

Cancel order feature: Now, Customer can cancel their order from their account, in case if they are not need that product anymore. Just they have to login to their Grocery app account and go to account then select the order and cancel that.

Wallet feature: Now Grocery Shopping App Pro has the Wallet features that will allows users to add money to their wallet to hassle free shopping with your Grocery Mobile app.

Import/export feature: After update of Version 2.0.0, you will be able to import and export the products and order from your Grocery Admin Dashboard/CMS.

Note: As per now there are not fully customizable filter on import and export option. We request to please check this function in Grocery Admin Dashboard for more clarification.

Privacy policy, T&C, about the US / from CMS: Now you can add update your Privacy policy, Term and Conditions, and About us from CMS/Admin Dashboard. You don't have to edit in code.

Payment enable/disable: Now after Grocery app pro version 2.0.0 update you will be able to update your payment system. Like you can disable your payment method if you don't want.

Why do you need Online Grocery Shopping & Delivery App system for your businesses?

There was a time people made a list and went to the store to do shopping and waste their time and energy while doing their grocery shopping. Since mobile apps and the internet came, it totally changed the scenario of Grocery shopping. Now people simply sit in their house and check out their kitchen and do shopping through their mobile, set their preferred time to deliver orders and do online payment without wasting the time and energy. And as per survey online Grocery revenue has been growing and til 2021 it might reach upto $29.7 billion dollar for reference you check below images.

Now if you have a Grocery store or supermarket store and looking to win in your business then you can check out this ready made eCommerce grocery Delivery App. We launched a Grocery delivery app built with Flutter that will help users to build their own online grocery business with their own mobile app. With our Flutter Grocery Store App pro you will get all ready-made eCommerce/online shopping features along with a nice dashboard to manage your backend like inventory, order, payment, customer interaction and more you can check the live demo of grocery shopping app on Google Play Store.

Note: This app is ready to use and fully customizable. If you have knowledge of coding. In case you don't have prior knowledge of coding and you do require any customization then there will be an extra service cost for that. You can check our extra services and pick as per your requirements.

Main Feature of Grocery Shopping Delivery App:

Signup/Sign in: This feature allows users to sign up with their personal details to keep their details information for future help and keep your application secure. After signing up users can sign in with their credential and start doing online grocery shopping with secure data. And their personal information will be secure with your Grocery Store Shopping application.


Geo Location: This feature helps users to provide the best experience with your grocery shopping app. Once users are allowed to access the location then based on location it will show the products and enhance user shopping experience.


Home Screen with Categories and Product List: Once users logged in with their credential then Grocery Store Delivery app will show a home screen where they will see a categories at top and a list of products based Deals and your features.


A User Friendly UI for Products: Our Grocery Application has a pixel clear image so that users can select their categories and start Grocery shopping as they need. Even they can check a nice picture of products and it's details. Once they check out the details then they add that product on cart and go for online order proceeding.


Add to Cart: Users can keep adding their product while browsing their products and keep adding that product to cart and at once they can summarize their order and do make payment or order.


Online Payment: This Flutter Grocery application has online payment gateway integration (by default we have Stripe as a payment gateway, but you can integrate any payment based on your requirements) so users can do online payment while placing their order.


Multi Address Management: This feature allows users to manage multiple addresses so they can choose their address based on their availability. For example: If they order some product but at that time they were not at their home then they can set their address where they will be available or they can order on behalf of others at their place.


Order History: This feature allows users to track their all order so they can analyse their expenses as well as based on their order history they can repeat their previous order and save their time and energy.


Store Location: This feature allows the user to choose the Grocery store location based on their current location. Here you will get two options. 1) All and 2) Nearby. So you can choose your option based on your conviction.


Terms & Conditions: Here users can read about your Grocery Store Shopping App terms and conditions. So get aware about all your Grocery delivery app business so they can make their decision and do happy shopping with your grocery app.


Help: Here users will get guides or help articles. Like How to change address, how to shop, how to change information etc. It is a fully customization feature so you can add questions based on users or customer requirements.


FAQ: Here users will see all information like, does your charge extra for delivery, How secure is your app for online payment and more. This section is fully customized, So you can add questions based on your business and Grocery shopper requirements.

The above is the main feature in this Grocery Store Shopping/Delivery app. If you have any custom requirements then let us know or if you would like to develop for Sketch then check out our Grocery App Development Services.


This app has a dashboard that will help you to manage your Grocery app backend at one point and you can upload your products, manage your stock run offer and track your all sales through that dashboard. Check out a live demo of Grocery Delivery App backend. Grocery app backend developed with Angular and Nodejs and we used MongoDB as a database.

If you are looking for a complete solution then you may check out our Readymade Grocery app - All in one solution. This package contains the following apps:

  • User app Compatible with iOS and Android.
  • Delivery Boy app Compatible with iOS and Android.
  • eCommerce webapp
  • Admin Dashboard

Comparison representation between Readymade Grocery App - All in One Solution VS Grocery App Pro.

If you still looking for any customization or want to develop custom grocery app system then check out our Grocery App Development Services.

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