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readymade grocery store

This app comes with a complete package of service that includes FLUTTER USER APP, FLUTTER DELIVERY APP, WEB APP, CMS DASHBOARD.

readymade restaurant app

This app Ready to use and comes with API integrated. You can integrate very quickly with our NodeJS backend dashboard.

Multi Restaurant sass Application

Multi-restaurant saas app comes with all the app UI/UX and backend integration to build IOS / ANDROID mobile apps.

multi store grocery app

Are you looking to launch your online grocery shopping and delivery system for your supermarket business with multiple store support? Then this Multi store grocery system will help you to build your grocery business with your own mobile and web app in just a few days.

Online food delivery App

Multi-restaurant Online Food Ordering saas app comes with all the app UI/UX and backend integration to build IOS / ANDROID mobile apps.

flutter restaurant app product image

Ready to use restaurant native mobile app work with IOS/Android Platform.

node JS restaurant app dashboard

NodeJs Restaurant Backend Dashboard is developed with NodeJs and angular 5 to manage any web or mobile apps. This package has admin dashboard integrated with our restaurant app.

restaurant web app with node JS

It aids in creating a Restaurant menu and placing the order from web app. This Restaurant application offers amazing features to build a powerful web app for restaurant.

online grocery shopping and delivery

The app is built to deliver a fully functional online grocery shopping and delivery system app that is a collection of 5 apps as a whole system.

What is the app marketplace and what it stands for?

The app marketplace is an online platform where we all get the readymade apps for our businesses. On the app marketplace, we used to get them ready to use App template, Mobile app templates, web app, Dashboard, and other apps themes that help you build online business faster with your own web and mobile app. Just make a list of your business requirements and choose your app template and/or themes for the marketplace. And do setup and deploy on your live server, domain, and play store account and your business app is live for your end consumer.

What Ionicfirebaseapp App Marketplace do and how we are different from another marketplace?

We are the team of developers that have been providing the best industry app solutions. We have been server more than 1000+ businesses to date through the marketplace. All businesses have been used our app themes and/or template to build their own app to provide an easy way to do shopping with their own apps.

Ionicfirebaseapp has been selling only its own developed products. On our App Template marketplace, All apps developed and maintained by our in-house developers.

We have been recognized for these:

App Template: We have been recognized for one of the best App template selling online platform where the user will get end-to0end solutions. Our App templates and/or themes are fully customizable, So you can customize as per your business requirement or enhance any further feature as you would like too.

What does mean for App Template?

App template is basically a readymade or pre-written code for Applications like Mobile and Web-based on the common requirement of business niches like Grocery, Food, eCommerce, and others.

Mobile app template: On this template or themes you will get the mobile app template that helps you to build a mobile app based on your business. Here you will get pre-written programming code for your mobile application that helps you to speed up to launch your own business mobile app with pre-defined features.

There are two kinds of Mobile app themes and templates one is native app themes or templates and another is cross-platform mobile app templates or themes.

Native app themes and/or template:

This template was written on native app development programming languages and it has been developed and maintained by separate native app development languages like for Andriod Android SDK and for iOS, we used Xcode and swift, etc.

Here are mainly two types of the template you will get separately:

Android App Template: This application theme or template only works on Andriod devices and build with Andriod SDK. That will not work for iOS or Android devices. You need a separate Andriod developer to keep maintaining this Andriod app template.

iOS App Template: These app themes will work only on iOS devices. These app templates will not work apart from iOS devices and you do require an iOS developer to keep maintaining these apps in the future.

Cross-Platform app themes and/or templates:

These templates will work on both platforms iOS and Android with a single codebase. These apps develop with a cross-platform app development kit like Flutter(flutter.dev). Flutter App development provides the flexibility to develop a cross-platform application that will both iOS and Andriod with a single codebase and it will easy to maintain and future development.

Web app template: On web templates, you will get the pre-written programming code for web applications that will work with different browsers. So if you are looking for a website/web app for your business then you will take the web app template based on your business niche and boost up your development process and/or go live with pre-existing features and keep updating features on a regular basis.

Mobile and Web App Backend:

On the App backend template, you will get the readymade Admin Dashboard or CMS for Web and Mobile apps. This Backend template built according to our readymade app template/themes. These are fully customizable code so you can customize as per your requirements. Here you will get these technologies base admin dashboard Nodejs CMS and Firebase CMS.


Q. Are there app templates?

Ans: Yes we have app templates for Mobile, web, and, backend. These templates built based on common user requirements. These templates are fully customizable, so you can customize them as per your requirements.

Q. What is a template app?

Ans: Template for an app is readymade and/or pre-written programming that will work for those particular features. The template helps you to build your own mobile apps with a short turnaround time.

Q. How do I make an app template?

Ans: To make an app template you do require coding or programming languages. There is a number of programming languages to build app templates. But there are mainly two kinds of an app template development. One is Native template development and another is cross-platform development.

Q. How do I use app templates?

Ans: To make use of any app templates you do require some technical knowledge on which technologies the template has built. Once you choose a template then you have to follow their docs to do setup and do the installation. And in case you want to customize you will open crossponding coding/programming file and make changes according to add and update to your code repository and make a new built.

Q. What are Android templates?

Ans: Android Templates will work only for Andriod devices. This is also known as a Native app template built with Andriod SDK. This template will not work on other devices apart from Andriod. If you going with Andriod Template then you do require native android app development knowledge to keep maintaining and updating your app in the future.

Q. How do I edit an android app template?

Ans: In order to edit or do any feature changes in the Andriod app template you do require the knowledge of Andriod Development as well as their language like Java Programming language etc. Even you should have the knowledge about Andriod SDK and their development programming language as well as a basic designing knowledge to make Andriod app design.

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