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Ionic Firebase Restaurant Mobile App

Our Ionic Firebase Online Restaurant offers amazing features to build powerful online ordering App.

Ionic Clothing Mobile Product Detail

A complete Solution of Clothing Store or E-Commerce Mobile application for stores.

Ionic UI/UX Starter Mobile App

Ionic UI/UX Multipurpose Theme/Template develop for developer to start quickly on any type of application development quickly. It has more than 50 Different screen UI Layout that can use in any apps easily. It's Multipurpose app with E-Commerce , Social , News , Event , Article , Layout , Notification app UI.

ionic restaurant mobile app

Are you looking to launch your online shops like a restaurant or any eCommerce mobile app then this ionic app will help you to build the app in just days?

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Ionic Apps, Themes and Template Marketplace by Ionicfirebaseapp

We launch Ionic Apps/Themes Marketplace to help you to speed up your app development and/or build your business mobile app with our ready to us Ionic Apps. Here you will get the fully customizable Ionic UIs, Apps, Themes & Templates with download source code files as well as GitHub repository. Every Ionic app have own documentation so that it will help you out to setup and deploy once you purchase our products.

Benefits of Our Ionic App Marketplace

For Developers: If you are a developer or company and looking for speed up your hybrid application development then you can purchase our ready to use Ionic app customize as per your requirement. Our code structure as per enterprise standard so it is quite easy to understand by any Ionic Developer.

For Non Developer/Customer/Real Business: If you are a business owner or startup and looking to start online business with your own mobile app then you can browse your products and made purchase and our professional Service help you out to setup and development. Since all product developed and maintain bu our teams and there is no 3rd party products so you need to go anywhere if you would like to any customization or further updates or any kind of support just like you have to do others marketplace. You have to click on live chat and our support team will help you out. Apart form that you have an idea or you made any wire-frame then our custom Mobile App Development Service will help you out to build your app with other technologies on which you are comfortable.

Developed and Maintain by us: All apps on our Ionic Marketplace has been developed and maintain by our teams. So if you have any queries regarding our app customization then our team will help without having much delay, You just have to click on live chat and connect with our team member and they will assign your error to one our Ionic Developer to resolve your issue.

Our Own App Backend: If you like any Ionic theme or app then you don't have to worried about it's backed or you have to anywhere else to develop your app backend to manage your app. Just go to our own Backend Marketplace where you will find all app corresponding backend dashboard with all documentation and videos. Our backend developed with Google Firebase and NodeJS.

Beautiful UIs: We have been updating our UIs based on our user base case study. Since our Ionic App/Themes have been using by more than 1000+ customer around 119+ countries, so we have been getting the best feedback by our customers that helps us to build a case study and provide you the best UIs.

Short Introduction about Ionic Mobile App Framework:

Ionic 3/4 is a Hybrid Mobile app framework and written with TypeScript. Ionic work across the platform like Android and IOS. Ionic lets web developers build, test, deploy, and monitor cross-platform apps more accessible than ever.

We develop several mobile apps, Ionic Theme and Template, and UI/UX kit on the ionic framework that you can use in any of your product launches. All of our Ionic theme/template integrated with google firebase/fireStore or NodeJS database. 

Ionic Firebase App has been providing excellent and user-friendly UI/UX for your application. There is no limitation on any of our app, and you can customize your app code and deploy it as per your requirement. You can check our open source Ionic Restaurant App.

 If you are looking for a professional Ionic Firebase app development company, then feel free to contact us with your requirements, and we'll deliver the best enterprise solutions with 24/7 support.

Ionic provides cross-platform support, so It gives you the flexibility to develop an OS-independent app. The ionic cross-platform mobile app is computer software implemented on multiple computing platforms, generally divided into two parts. For more details of Cross-Platform computing, you can check out on the wiki.

What is Ionic 4?

Ionic 4 is an updated version of ionic 3. Ionic 4 performance is a bit better than their previous version 3. Ionic 4 can write in any language like Angular, React, Vue instead earlier, we only develop the ionic app with Angular Typescript.

It is a mobile app framework, and it is an open-source SDK, so it's free to build your mobile app. It allows you to do hybrid mobile development, Cross-Platform Mobile, Web, and Desktop, all with one shared code and open source. In other words, Ionic is an HTML5 mobile app development framework that targeted at building hybrid mobile apps. So it is perfect for creating a hybrid app. 

History about Ionic: As per wiki, "Ionic is a complete open-source SDK for hybrid mobile app development created by Max Lynch, Ben Sperry, and Adam Bradley of Drifty Co. in 2013. The original version was released in 2013 and built on top of AngularJS and Apache Cordova." for more details, you can visit the wiki page of the Ionic framework.

The benefits of building a hybrid app over the pure native apps are, it gives platform independence & support, Speed up your development process, and easy to integrate 3rd party tools and API codes. Ionic Hybrid performance is a lack of bit if we compare to the native app or flutter app as ionic runs on Web view internally so a bit slow in response.

What is the Ionic App Template?  

Ionic app template is the latest UI template similar to that of platforms like WordPress with front-end. Readymade Ionic app template is an app template built with open-source hybrid mobile creation with the latest web technologies such as Angular, React, and VueJS.   

What is Ionic? And What Are the Benefits of Readymade Ionic Template?  

Ionic is a complete open-source SDK for hybrid mobile app creation. The original version was launched in 2013 and today has several versions available. The latest version built with web components (Angular, React, Vuejs) that is not similar to AngularJS and Apache Cordova offers an enormous number of frameworks to choose from.   

It provides tools and services for developing hybrid mobile and web apps. It doesn’t allow a user interface framework but tools to develop. Mobile app templates can be built with its practice of services including HTML5, CSS, and Saas. After which, one can distribute it as a native app template in cross-platform utilizing Cordova or Capacitor.  

The benefit of Ionic App Template is,  

  • Virtual Scroll is much fast and quick  
  • Easy Management of Large Projects  
  • Reduction in Developing Cost  
  • Provides existing structure to build the remainder of Projects  
  • Structure and Professional Codes  
  • Enormous UI/UX layouts  

The features are few listed above as the benefit is endless with the open-source framework. The addition of these benefits adds to be the rich-functioning app and boosts the development speed of developers, reducing your cost.

What We are Offering in Readymade Ionic Mobile App Template?

We as the leading team of mobile app templates provide you all in one solution. Ionic mobile app templates is the latest and most demand template today. We have a team of experts who are passionate and dedicated about codes and up to date with the latest technology.   

Our dedicated tech team has developed Ionic app templates that offer you robust functionality.  

  • Dynamic Design Layouts  
  • Social Media Login  
  • Unique Vendor and Admin Features  
  • Unique Native and Authentication Features  
  • Up to date Design on Live App  
  • Easy Customization  
  • Demographic Analyze  
  • Easy and Quick International/ National Payment Methods  
  • 50+UI/UX layouts  
  • 24*7 service  
  • Developed with Ionic 4 and Angular 5   
  • Easy to Reusable Components  
  • Geolocation and Integration  
  • Video Capture and Play  
  • Free templates and much more.  

In addition, we update our app 2-3 weeks. Our projects (App templates) are free to use. And, we offer app templates for Clothing, Restaurant, Food Ordering to Grocery, and as you require.

Why should we build on Ionic?

As per Ionic Framework, the developer said that they have a firm belief that HTML5 might rule on mobile in the coming days just like that it has ruled on desktop. After browser technology become powerful enough on desktop/computer, almost everyone has been spending their computing time on their web browser, and the developer keeps building web applications regularly. Now in today's world, smartphones taking ahead over any other devices, and their features are enhancing day-by-day. So far, our smartphones and tablet are capable enough to run the same web application that is running on our system.

As Ionic Framework community developer told they mainly focus on HTML5 to build their framework so they can focus on building a great native or hybrid mobile apps instead of a mobile website. The ionic app doesn't mean to run like our universal mobile browser app (ex: chrome, opera, etc.), but it also runs on low-level browser shell Android's WebView and others that have been wrapped by PhoneGap/Cordova alike tools. 

Now ionic can be used to develop PWA (Progressive mobile app) that gives you the capability of a mobile app without installation on your phone. Ionic can be used to Develop a Mobile/Web app with a single source.

Learning Curve is easy as any developer can switch to an ionic straightway with their existing web knowledge. They can use Angular, React, Vue, and HTML to develop any of the mobile apps.

Do we use Ionic For E-Commerce UI/UX?

Yes, you can use it for an E-Commerce app. It will provide you the best UI/UX because Ionic using HTML 5 has been supporting cross-platform development with your native or hybrid app instead of the mobile website.

What will I get with Ionic Theme?

With our Ionic Theme or Template, you will get the best User Interface and Experience along with full customization facilities that allow you to build your app in case you want some changes according to your requirement.

Do we use to Build Ionic CMS?

Yes, You can build CMS using the Ionic framework. It will provide you fast development in UI and give you a better user experience since it supports multiple platforms & provide easy access of 3rd party tools and API code implementation, so you will be going to love to build CMS UI with Ionic.

 What is an Ionic & Firebase? 

Ionic firebase is a frontend framework to develop robust mobile and web apps. Ionic is a UI framework written in Angular, and Firebase is Realtime Database Develop by Google and used to build a mobile app in a quick time.


 How do you change the ionic theme? 

You can develop a theme from scratch and write all the SCSS file and changes the entire theme color quickly. You can also download some free ionic themes/templates from ionicfirebaseapp. It will help you to immediately start any of your projects as this ionic theme/template comes with many prebuild components that can be used in the project straightway.


 How do you integrate the firebase in ionic?

Ionic is one of the best hybrid app development frameworks, and we can use angular, react, or VueJS to develop the ionic app. We can create a firebase project and place a firebase credential in our ionic app. You can download this ionic firebase mobile app to get started for free.


 How can I learn ionic?  

Learning ionic is quite easy for any developer who knows the basics of HTML and CSS with JavaScript. You can follow ionic framework docs or ionicfirebaseapp Docs. You can also follow the video tutorial on youtube to get started on the installation. Ionic firebase app has lots of themes and templates to get started with the ionic app.


Is ionic free to use? 

Yes, the ionic framework is opensource and can use free for any commercial project as well. You can find out many Free themes and templates on ionicfirebaseapp to get started.


Is ionic a good framework? 

Yes, ionic one of the leading frameworks in the market and build with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and very easy to develop any mobile app. It's run on the web view, so performance is not quite good as a native app, but still, it has a very good development community that used the ionic app. 


 Which is better ionic or react native? 

Ionic app easy and quick development compare to react-native but React native performance is quite good, and they create a native bridge in-app, but ionic run on web view so ionic lack in performance.


 Which is better ionic or Flutter? 

ionic-framework available in the market for a very long time compare to flutter, so they have more prominent communities, but now Flutter taking over all the Hybrid framework. Flutter performance is best from all other frameworks like React Native or Ionic. So Flutter looks like a winner in the coming years. You can check the Flutter Free theme and template to get started.


 Can we use ionic for Web applications? 

Yes, ionic will work for a web application, as well. The ionic app can develop with any framework like Angular, React, or VueJS. Ionic also supports PWA by default so we can use ionic to develop our PWA web app. You can check some of the PWA web apps on the ionic firebase app. 


 How to download the free ionic app theme/template?

Their many open source themes and template available that you can download and start development. You can download a free item from the ionic firebase app and get started with your project now. We have many Free themes with 100 components that can use straightway in your project. 


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