Journey to become A Flutter Development Company

Journey to become A Flutter Development Company

My Intro and our Journey time:

Hey everyone, Here we are going to talk about our journey to begin a Flutter development company and be recognized as a Flutter development company over the internet and development business era. As per Google Analytics Right now we have visitors from over 200 countries + Counting.

And our Alexa ranking Global Ranking based on Jan 2012 is 97634

Starting Phase with Flutter development:

Now how we started as Flutter development. Once Google released Flutter SDK in 2017 we got to know about Flutter with its features. Before that, we are already building hybrid and cross-platform apps with Ionic, React, and other technologies. But we saw the release by Google and checked their feature that is really driving us to start learning Flutter development.

So we put our app developer to start learning Flutter and play around and even we hired 3 new developer guys and put on learn Flutter development and they put hours and hours into learning and experimenting with Flutter development. I really thank our team. They do a really great job and we came up with the first Flutter app name as the Flutter TODO app. We found great results with their features like Cross-platform, Single codebase, hard reload, and native behavior over iOS and Android. And it saves our development time as well as development engagement during the app development.

You can check the Flutter TODO app demo below that we built first:

Note: We kept our app as open-source because till then Flutter was in the beta phase so we can’t use it as a production app.

Time to build a Production App with Flutter:

Once Google releases a stable version for Mobile app development with more features then we start building flutter apps for real business that will go on product and/or real marketplace. Since we build our own App marketplace we are starting to build a Flutter app for our own marketplace we build the first app for the product is known as the Flutter Restaurant app and it surprises all of us. It reduces our development time by 50%. We got a flawless UI that will work flawlessly on iOS and Android both.

Now that was our first product app for real business after we never look back and start building apps on real business apps and start uploading on our App Marketplace you can check our all Flutter app demos here:

Here we built apps for the Food industries, Grocery and Retail business, Mobile Technologies, and Delivery systems. Once we start getting a good response from the market and our users we think we should go a long way with Flutter development. Then we start planning to build some big projects for a full saas solution. Then we first planned our Saas application for the Food ordering system just like Ubereats, Swiggy.

Time to Build a Big Project/Saas app with Flutter:

Once after planning we keep getting updates from Flutter and it becomes easier to build nice apps that really help users to build an online business with less cost. So we started building a complete SAAS solution for food delivery industries and we built the first readymade Saas solution for the Food delivery system and released it on our marketplace. And we got a good response from users as well as the market which gave us a boost to now we can build any kind of mobile app with Flutter. If you would like to check our First Flutter saas solution demos then please check our Flutter Food Ordering System. And we keep going to build real-time apps for real businesses.

Time to build an enterprise app with Flutter SDK:

Now, After successfully building our Saas application and launching it in the market we are more confident to go with enterprise app development with Flutter. After that, we got a huge opportunity to work with Airteltigo for their mobile app development from scratch. Now we are approaching the build with Flutter and they agreed on that. Then we start planning to build the app. And after 6 months of continuous work we came up with a complete Enterprise solution app that is built with Futter users who loved the app interface and they are happy with the result. Still, we are working on maintaining and updating apps based on requirements. After that, we start building max apps on Flutter and our clients are very happy. Because it saves almost 40% time as well as cost too.

After successfully building our enterprise solution we started building other enterprise apps and almost delivered more than 10 apps for enterprise, we started thinking of giving something back to our Flutter community.

Time to build the open-source Flutter Dev Community:

Now this time we start building an Open-Source UI Library for Flutter to help Flutter developers to build awesome UI and decrease their development team. So I planned and started developing the Flutter UI Library. And after continuous work for 2 Months, we release our first version of the open-source UI Library called GetFlutter and we keep updating our features. And we are very thankful to all Flutter dev communities who give a very good response to us. It was the first Open-Source UI library of Flutter and one of the biggest UI libraries on Flutter.

But here the challenges came, when we are building open-source we never think about the Trademark and name things after we start getting engagement we got a legal notice with Flutter and Google team regarding our name and we can’t use Flutter name anymore on our open-source even they reported everywhere and we lose every social platform account and our domain. And we lost our social media channels as well as our root domain

Time to change the open-source name due to legal issues:

Once we got a number of pages regarding legal notice to takedown our open-source we start migrating our open-source GetFlutter with the name of GetWidget, Now our GetFlutter open-source becomes a GetWidget and thank again to all Flutter dev community to keep providing the same support and let us encourage to keep building something awesome things.

Time to keep going with Flutter Development:

Now, keep going with Flutter development and build real-time apps using Flutter to provide a better experience to our users. Our Recently launched app is Readymade Grocery Shopping and Delivery app - an All-in-one solution coming with a SaaS solution on Flutter and our project name is Grocery Shopping and Delivery SaaS Solution. It is already in the testing phase and we are going to release it ASAP.

Recent Flutter App for Grocery Delivery System Design and Flow:

Feature Project on Flutter. A Complete Saas Solution for Grocery Shopping and Delivery system. You can check the Design and Flow of our app in the infographics below.


I hope our Story as a Flutter development Company lets you drive to become a Flutter Developer or company. And let us know what your journey is?

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Ujjwal Bhardwaj

Ujjwal Bhardwaj is a skilled software developer and the creator of #getwidget, a popular open-source UI library for Flutter. He also contributes to the @ionicfirebaseapp Marketplace, providing developers with valuable resources for Ionic and Firebase projects. Follow him for the latest updates and insights into his groundbreaking projects.

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