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Grow your business reach, lead, and revenue with A "Mobile App": There was a time when people used to get information from TV, Radio, Newspapers, Billboard and other physical sources. And they have to go physically to a location nearby to find what they are looking for that and waste their time and energy on that. However, Since the internet and mobile came the scenario has been totally changed now. Now people don't have to go anywhere and waste their time & energy, Now from mobile itself they are getting the thing done whatever they are looking for. Like News Updates, Shopping, Services, and all other needs.
Mobile Application Development Services

Mobile Application Development Services

We are expertise to build mobile applications and we have been providing mobile app development service along with software and Backend development services.

Today mobile is a medium to get stable in the market. If we look around us and find the most successful business they are generating their revenue through the mobile app. For example Amazon, PayTm, Wallmart, Swiggy, Ubereats and much other business. Now, this is a different topic that we talk about at another time how they grow with their mobile apps. 

Now, are you looking to develop your mobile app for your business and meet today's world business where mobile applications are taking over another business module then here we are, We are providing the Mobile Application Development Services for all kind of business. We have been helping all size, type, and Scalable mobility solutions for business to get the match up with the digital transformation of business.

  • We have been developed more than 200 application.
  • Around 119+ countries customers served by us
  • Native Mobile App Development
  • Cross Platform Application Development
  • Client Centric Development Services
  • Pixel-Perfect Design
  • Expressive and User Friendly UI/UX
  • We develop our Mobile App Marketplace
  • More than 4000 users have been using our mobile app around the 119+ countries

Why IONICFIREBASEAPP As A Mobile App Development Services:

We are a Software and Mobile Application Development Company that has been providing the development solution for all kind of business. We have been serving more than 119 countries now and it keep growing as per our website reach keep growing. We deliver excellence mobile app development services that help you to meet with a digital transformation in today world business. We also have develop a mobile and web apps marketplace for startup those are looking to start online business with their minimal cost or don't have initial budget to build their own custom mobile app initial. You can check out our Ionic Firebase App Marketplace. Our application now has been using more than 5000 users around the world and its counting

We have been serve enterprise solution for all kind and size of business. like Startups, Small Scale, Medium Scale and Big Scale. Our aim is very clear and simple, we have been providing the best solutions for our valuable customers as per their requirement, time and budget. We have served some of most reputed company like Airtel (airteltigo), Amazon this is few name that we mention here and for startup and small scale you can check our market place there are 5000 app has been using by startup and small scale business.

Our Mobile App Development Strategies

First Collect Your Requirements: First we get your requirement and go through that to understand your business and make a plans that best fit for you.

Mobile App Architecture:

Now based on your requirement the first step we made it architecture that we called as Client Architecture. In that we consider your business first, users, technologies fit for you, what app should be you have like web app, Native Mobile app, Hybrid app or Cross-Platform app. We go with several aspect like user experience, Variable Bandwidth, Device Factor, and multi platform support then make a wire-frame and/or architecture for you.

Mobile App Consulting Services:

Since we are a mobile app development company and we have been working with different niche of business and developed a marketplace on mobile. We helps you with why your business desire mobile app based on your business and provide best solution that will correctly fit all your required functionality of your business and define ROI. That will stand out from all other mobile app development company with our working experience that we have currently based on interaction and working with 119+ countries.

Wire Frame and Plans: Now we will design the best mobile app wire frame and plans that suitable with your business model. Now once you understand and verified then we'll start with development process with our team.

Mobile App UI/UX Design:

Now after your validation we'll start with UI/UX. UI is one of most important for a great app, because customer/user experience is the first impression for your mobile app to be successful business. Since we have been developed our own mobile app marketplace and serve more than 5000 customer we have case data and research paper that help us to build a great UI/UX design for your app that will helps your user to use app in very easy manner.

Mobile App Testing:

We have been follow agile methodology that helps us to build a great app, And we have been went through the several phase of testing of mobile application so before go to product your mobile app has not a single issue/error and user love to use your app with their secure data. There are many factors involves like performance testing, functionality testing, security testing, validation testing and many others so that it will insure that your app will work fine with all kind of smart devices and network bandwith.

Mobile Application Backend Development:

Backend is the back bone of any app and it will help you to manage your app data and make it secure. So developed a secure and best architecture of your app database that helps your app run smooth and manage smoothly your users database with their n number of request without interpreting any time lacks. Our development backend development will make a 100% secure database along with best in architecture that will reduce the request time that has been generate by your mobile users and memory size on server.

Mobile App Integration:

Every app should have integration features so that you can connect with your eCommerce app, ERP, CRM, messaging services, push notification, Payment integration, Geo Graphic integration, API for affiliate program, tracking user actions and more. So develop all feature that helps you to perform all required 3rd party integration to mange your business smoothly.

Our Expertise Area of Mobile App Development:

Android App Development, iOS App Development, and Cross-Platform App Development.

Case Study

Grow your business and customer base with own Mobile App

Today world Mobile and Internet is taking off the business over all other model of business. Now mobile is key of success for your business. Now more than 60% internet user using internet through mobile and get what they are looking for just in one click. So why not you have build your own. There are more admire and best company like Amazon, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Uber, PayTm, Walmart, Alibaba and others has own mobile app they are generating more revenue through their mobile app.

So why not you. Want to take a look of our mobile app live demo then check out check our blog about details case study like how much cost and how much time it will take... Read More

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