readymade restaurant app

User Mobile App Features

  • Browse categories and their Menu Items
  • Add to cart MenuItems
  • Table booking available
  • Live chat with Restaurant Admin
  • News list related to food & restaurant
  • Save favorite item to buy again just in a click
  • Manage Address and Checkout features
  • Payment integration with COD and Stripe
  • Easy to integrate any local payment gateway
  • Track your order status
  • Offers, Coupons, Taxes applied
  • Developed on Flutter
  • Clean UI and Easy to Customize

readymade restaurant app

Delivery App Features

  • Individual credential for delivery boy.
  • Real time order notification
  • Accept / Reject orders.
  • Order delivery with map location
  • Update delivery status
  • View all delivered items.
  • Offers, Coupons, Taxes applied
  • Developed on Flutter
  • Clean UI and Easy to Customize

readymade restaurant app

CMS Dashboard Features

  • Manage menu Item categories
  • Add, Edit, Delete Menu Items
  • Apply offers, taxes, coupons, Loyalty points
  • Receive Order and Manage them
  • Notification on New order
  • Update current status of the orders
  • Add news related to food & restaurant
  • Send push notifications to customer
  • Manage all the users from CMS
  • Chat with users in real time
  • Clean and Responsive UI/UX

readymade restaurant app

Readymade Single Restaurant Food Ordering App

Do you have a restaurant or hotel and looking for an online solution then here we are, we came up with a complete solution for an online food ordering system for a single restaurant or hotel. In the Readymade Single Restaurant Food Ordering systems, we have been providing the solution for your contactless food delivery for your customers.

Our Restaurant Mobile App works across iOS and Android platforms because it is developed with Google Flutter Framework and written with Dart Language. Flutter Mobile App performs best compared to any other due to its fast development and cross-platform nature. This restaurant app is ready to use and comes with API integration. You can integrate very quickly with our NodeJS backend dashboard. The readymade restaurant is easy to manage and has features like category search, menu, orders, table booking, push notifications, and much more.  

 The app is fully customizable. Grab the deal and open new opportunities for your business! 

Restaurant Mobile App 

Restaurant Mobile App has all the features making the admin, delivery boy, and end-user giving all three of them easy access. The Restaurant Mobile App is a perfect package deal you can't miss out on if you are looking to launch onto a new platform. The reason being every business owner today is making use of the internet the generating leads and much more profit than before! 

The Readymade Restaurant App contains the following apps, 

  • User Mobile App 
  • Delivery App 
  • CMS Dashboard App 

Note: The features are fully customizable. You can fix the app accordingly or contact us for the same. The customization that we do before the delivery is free. And, further, any changes are chargeable depending on the work involved. 

Why Readymade Restaurant App or Food ordering app? 

The very reason is the immense profit coming along and the need of the hour! The reason that the customer today is looking for better service and the best source of supply. And, this Readymade Restaurant App does the work for the same. The app feature is so transparent that anyone with no experience with online shopping will easily navigate through it. Placing an order online is nothing new today, grocery, clothes, medicines and even tickets for transportation is done online. Placing an order for food is not new but a mega trend and the most engaging and profitable business. The examples of many restaurant start-ups are many that have emerged today as a mega-industry. It has given employment, improved service, and opened a path for more such businesses. The reason that it is profitable gives a high number of leads, and a trust value because the great service provided is enough to grow your business and get online with this Readymade Restaurant App. 

 The Readymade Restaurant App is about better service. It has features like table booking, saving favourite products, clean UI and customization, order tracking, Individual credential for the delivery boy, and much more! The app is updated and modified every 2-3 weeks from our end so, no hassle about any service. 

Online shopping is what everyone prefers. In case you have not joined in! Then, do it soon because you are missing out on a lot of leads, revenue, and profit, to be honest! The small business has started enjoying the quality business it brings. 

Readymade Restaurant App 

This Readymade Restaurant App is built on flutter serving, cross-platform functionality working both on Android and iOS. The Google Flutter framework and Dart language fuel it to run fast, and the output is fast performance compared to any other system available. The app is ready to use and comes with API integration allowing you to integrate quickly with our NodeJS backend dashboard.  

Talking about the features of User Apps, Contactless Restaurant App, or CMS Dashboard is built and looked upon with great detail. Here is a brief about the readymade restaurant app features.   


Account Creation: The users need to create their account with minimal details like an Email Id, and Phone number. These two details will help users to track their order status. An email reminding the progress report and phone number connecting them to the customer service as easy as it sounds, no further hassle!         

Easy Sign-in: Once the user has created their account, the process of logging in becomes very easy with just a click.  

OTP Verification: The best and easiest way to confirm the sign-in and the payment is OTP that the user gets on their registered number.  

Browse categories and their Menu Items: -  The category search option allows users to get specific results and gives them a good experience while ordering. The category search helps to choose from a specific cuisine and be specific with the rates as well. 

Add to cart Menu Items: - Users get to select hours to select the food they want and not worry about any hassle of making payment initially. Keep adding the product with no difficulty.   

Table booking available: - One of the best features to have been built in this very Readymade Restaurant App is the tale booking. One can book the table just from wherever they are within a minute. They get to choose the number or table, date, and time. These very features add to better service availability. 

Live chat with Restaurant Admin: - With any problem or difficulty faced like the browsing issue, the payment issue or any delivery issue, or any other, the user gets to talk directly to the admin and get status to update regarding the same.  

News list related to food & restaurant: - Everyone is in the search of something new, and this app helps you grab the attention as every new offer, product or restaurant added to your app will automatically send a notification to the user for the same. 

Save favorite item to buy again just with a click: - Users get to buy from not just going back to the order history but to the food, they saved as their favorite and add to the cart very often. This saves their time of browsing and going back to the order history. 

Manage Address: - The best and the most convenient feature that any user would love. The user gets to choose, the delivery location and time and can even change the delivery address as per their convenience, making online shopping much better!  

Checkout features: - Online shopping brings in a great variety of online payment options. Users can keep selecting make the payment at the end and even delete items they don't wish to buy at the end hour. The users can pay via COD or any online platform.  

Payment integration with COD and Stripe: - User's facing the online food order initially, prefer COD, and we have it along with other online payment options. By default, the stripe has been integrated, so you can change keys and start using it. If you want to integrate any third party, then you have to check payment gateway docs. In case you want deployment done by our team, there is an additional cost for that.  

Easy to integrate any local payment gateway: - Flutter and API integration has made the app flexible enough to integrate smoothly with any local gateway. 

Track your order status: - Right after placing an order the user can see not just the order status but track order status. It has a live location tracking option making it reliable and transparent. 

Offers, Coupons, Taxes applied: - This feature allows your user to keep track of your running deals and offers on your website. The push notification, messages, and note while checking out keeps reminding them of the offer to be used. 

Developed on Flutter ( - Flutter helping your app to work on cross-platforms be it Android, iOS, or Websites. Also, providing high and fast performance giving the best user experience.  

Clean UI and Easy to Customize: - The app is built with flutter and API integration allowing you to integrate and customize quickly with the NodeJS backend dashboard.   


Just like the User App, the contactless delivery app is built, on flutter providing better performance and cross-functionality to work on any platform. 

Individual credential for delivery guys: - This feature allows your delivery guy to manage their profile and track their details like a number of order delivery, how much commission he earns, what order he/she has to deliver, what the delivery address, customer details, and others. 

Real-time order notification: - The real-time notification helps the delivery boy to provide better and fast delivery. It provides one to save time from even opening the app and just logging in if needed or the notification is enough to provide information regarding each order. 

Accept / Reject orders: - Considering the convenience of Delivery Boy, who would be working all day for a better facility, that comes with your app. The delivery boy gets the option to choose if they wish to accept the order or not, depending on the location, order load, etc.  

Order delivery with map location: - This feature helps delivery guys to navigate the exact location that has been provided by customers. The map can be tracked live by both customer and the delivery boy.   

Update delivery status: - The status update to the delivery boy helps him reach on time and deliver to the earliest.  

View all delivered items: -The delivery boy gets to see details of the order and the customer they delivered with details like amount, name of the customer, and address. 

Offers, Coupons, Taxes: - All orders, coupons, and taxes are not just visible to the end-user but the delivery boy as well. It helps in better and best contactless and uninterrupted service. 

Developed on Flutter: - Flutter helping your app to work on cross-platforms be it Android, iOS, or Websites. Also, providing high and fast performance giving the best user experience.   

Clean UI and Easy to Customize: - The app are built with flutter and API integration allowing you to integrate and customize quickly with the NodeJS backend dashboard.     


Similarly, like the User App and Contactless Delivery App, the CMS Dashboard is developed on Flutter. It gives the flexibility to shop even on any system one is on. This is to help you track, solve, and understand every minute detail. It helps you manage the complex web of the sales process most efficiently. 

Manage menu Item categories: - As the host and owner, you get to manage all the images, prices, order status, and deals upload on the system keeping everything very specific.  

Add, Edit, Delete Menu Items: - You being the host has the credential to manage items, coupons, or  

Apply offers, taxes, coupons, Loyalty points: - You are also responsible for all the coupons, offers, and deals running. You get to decide the time and specific region you want the deals to pop-up. You get to create an algorithm of deals and coupons to lure customers for better conversion rates.  You also manage how loyalty points will work. 

Order Management: - The important aspect of this app is to manage an order that is being placed. And, this app is about the same, providing better order management or cancellation. 

Notification of New order: - Not just the delivery boy or the end-user but you also get notified on every new order and about their status. 

Update the current status of the orders: - Order status is important in the online platform, it helps both the end-user, delivery boy, and the seller. You get to manage this complex web in one go. 

Add news related to food & restaurant: - Being the host, you have the full authority to create news related to the new products and restaurants being added to your platform. The CMS system allows you to create engaging content about every new feature that is being added in the most attractive way possible.   

Send push notifications to the customer: - The primary work of your management is to make the customer aware of the coupons, offers, loyalty points, and the new products being added. You get to add banners, push notifications with easy customization and responsive UI/UX. 

Manage all the users from CMS: - CMS helps you manage the user app, delivery boy app, and the marketing system smoothly. It helps you, create better content, and add a customized feature to any app you want. 

Chat with users in real-time: - The users and delivery boy get to drop your message with any difficulty coming their way, and you get to analyze the user and employee's want, problem, need, and what is working best for them and your business. 

Clean and Responsive UI/UX: - We have kept in mind the easy and better performance the reason, we provide you with clean, and quick responsive UI/UX that helps you manage and customize and change it anytime you want.   

Pricing & Plans Overview:  

Single License (Developer Edition):  

Cost: $299  

It Includes:  

  • Source code for Android and iOS  
  • Source code for Webapp  
  • Source code for Admin Dashboard  
  • 3 Month Free support in any bugs or errors that come to our existing app features as well as 3-month free updates.  

Single License (Business Edition):  

Cost: $498  

It includes:  

  • Source code for Android and iOS  
  • Source code for Webapp  
  • Source code for Admin Dashboard  
  • 3 Month Free support in any bugs or errors that come to our existing app  
  • Production Setup on Server  
  • Publish on Your AppStore  
  • Publish on Your Google Play Store  
  • API setup on your domain and cloud server  
  • Domain/website setup and deployment on your domain and cloud server. 

Note: The above cost is only for the source code of all the apps mention in this package. Not for installation, setup, and deployment. We don’t provide hosting, play store account, app store account, Google APIs, and other 3rd party we use. Please do check out our Prerequisites details at Readymade Restaurant app Prerequisites.  

Requirements to get live with this Grocery Apps and System:  

  • Your Play Store Account (Google Play Store Account and iOS App Store Account)  
  • Cloud Server with Min 2 GB Ram (we suggest AWS or DigitalOcean 
  • Your payment gateway account  
  • MongoDB Account  

In case you are looking for a full setup and deployment then, check out extra services.

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