Fully customizable, ready-to-use CMS for App and website with easily configurable with our mobile restaurant apps.

Different Categories

Sub Categories Menu

Full Order Lists

Advance Table Bookings


Push Notifications

Delivery Options

Loyalty Points

Chat with Customers



Many More...

firebase restaurant CMS dashboard

Restaurant Admin Features

  • Manage single restaurant
  • Admin can access sales report for own restaurant
  • Manage Categories and MenuItems
  • Access new order and update there delivery status
  • Table Booking Approve / Reject from Admin CMS
  • Manage Coupon , Tag , Users List
  • Send Push notifications to app users
  • Loyalty points and Manage Delivery pincode Area
  • Chat with customer
  • Setting and Manage Blog/Articles
  • Many more...

Restaurant Web App

  • Table booking and special offers
  • List of Categories and MenuItem
  • Add to cart and checkout ( Manage Delivery address)
  • Delivery zip check
  • Apply promo coupon and use loyalty points
  • Checkout and Payment ( PayPal , Stripe , COD )
  • Track order in real-time
  • Testimonial and Subscription
  • Blog , Recent Post and Instagram integration
  • Clean Responsive UI design
  • Develop with Angular 7 and Firebase
  • Many more...

firebase restaurant CMS dashboard

Firbase CMS Template for Flexible Backend

Firebase Restaurant CMS Dashboard very easy to get started and it has lower maintenance and hosting cost, but it has some limitations with the query.


We at Ionicfirebaseapp offer you the best firebase template – Restaurant Admin Dashboard and/or CMS.   

A readymade firebase template for restaurant mobile as well as the webapp helps you customize easily and get live within a week with your app.     

 Firebase Restaurant Backend Dashboard is developed with firebase and angular 7 to manage any web or mobile apps. This admin Dashboard is straightforward to integrate with our restaurant app.   

It is built with leading technology in the market like Angular and Google's Firebase, the real-time database for the backend. It perfectly suits you if you are looking to launch a restaurant/e-commerce online business.  

Restaurant Firebase Admin Template 

You being the admin of the firebase restaurant template you get to manage and calculate the work progress easily. The restaurant admin panel enables you to monetize the app according to your comfort and update content/product according to your customer’s demand and interest.  


  • Manage single restaurant  
  • Admin can access sales report for own restaurant  
  • Manage Categories and Menu Items  
  • Access new order and update their delivery status  
  • Table Booking Approve / Reject from Admin CMS  
  • Manage Coupon, Tag, Users List  
  • Send Push notifications to app users  
  • Loyalty points and Manage Delivery Pin code  
  • Chat with customer  
  • Setting and Management of Blog/Articles  
  • Many more...   


  • Table booking and special offers  
  • List of Categories and Menu Item  
  • Add to cart and checkout (Manage Delivery address)  
  • Delivery zip check  
  • Apply promo coupon and use loyalty points  
  • Checkout and Payment (PayPal, Stripe, COD)  
  • Track order in real-time  
  • Testimonial and Subscription  
  • Blog, Recent Post, and Instagram integration  
  • Clean Responsive UI design  
  • Develop with Angular 7 and Firebase 

If you want to get more details about the Firebase Restaurant web app features and live demo then please check out our Firebase Restaurant Webapp.

If you wondering about How Google Firebase works and does it worth it for you or not then you check out the details about the Firebase, its features, benefits, and cost details here:


You ask for it, Google has it simple an app for everything you do!  

App building isn’t easy if you have no backend service that provides robust space for data storage. Fortunately, Google developed a platform for creating mobile and web applications, from developing applications to monetizing Firebase covers it all.   

Firebase is a Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS), also known as the frontend focused data store, that now is the most preferred next-gen app-development platform on Google Cloud Platform. Easily explained Firebase helps you build, improve, grow and earn money.   

Firebase saves developers time from writing long APIs, analytics, authentications, databases, configuration, push notification and the list goes endless. It is maintained and operated by Google.


Firebase app has a wide spectrum of benefits that makes it the most preferred tool by developers looking for mobile and firebase web app template.  

Real-time Database

A cloud-hosted NoSQL database is offered by Firebase real-time database that helps you store as JSON and synchronize data consistently to each client that is associated.   

There is no need to create your database or API, firebase controls all the components that are needed for backend applications. The greatest benefit is the real-time database that gets updated with the latest tools and thus your customers don’t need to perform any task.  

It helps with developing collaborative features making it easier for the developers to access the data using any of the devices. It is adaptable, expression-based rules language organized and can be reused when needed.   

An additional advantage offered is that it can be optimized for offline use too.  


With quality getting better the storage is majorly filled with images and photos. It becomes easier to save use-dedicated content. It offers secure transfer of documents and download despite the network quality.   

You with firebase develop the final phase of your app from prototyping quickly using advanced technology. Firebase storage is upheld by Google Cloud Storage that fulfills your objective of cost-effectiveness and basic capable tools serving essential tasks.  


It integrates a just one-click log-in process. Firebase authentication provides backend development services that are easy-to-use SDKs and offers instant UI libraries to confirm clients on your application. The log-in supports identity authentication with email, password, and username with other apps like Facebook, Instagram, and much more.   

You can opt for both either by using Firebase UI as a drop-in authentication solution or Firebase Authentication SDK to manually integrate one or a few sign-in techniques. It is completely safe and secure.  

Cloud Messaging

Firebase is a one-stop solution that offers you benefit at a wide spectrum and at the top remains the messaging. It lets you message and notifications to multiple platforms for free.  

You can inform your customer about the new mail, other information to drive user engagement and maintenance. You can even select your time for sending a message or notification to a particular targeted audience.   

The developers don’t need to build any other code for this particular task. Instead, you can try the A/B testing to check what suits you best.  

Firebase Hosting

The Firebase Hosting allows you to set-up a single-page, a mobile landing page, web page, or progressive web page with single commands. It is popular for delivering static content through all servers (HTML, CSS, JS).  

Developers can deploy web apps and static content rapidly to a Content Delivery Network (CDN). It is easier to process because it contains custom domain support, Global CDN, and Auto Provisioned SSL certificates. It works for both simple and landing applications or a progressive page.  

Everything at a single command. The firebase hosting provides you with an organized structure, advanced tools, and features tailored to work for website development.  

Dynamic Links

Customized user experience is offered through the launch of the dynamic link of your app. It is different from that ‘Deep-Link’, it provides experience on cross-platforms whether the app is installed or not.   

It enables one to recommend it to other people after it is life. You can share it by sharing a small URL of the app. If it is confused with the Operating System, the app related to Dynamic Links will come to their rescue as it is having a browser-based property.  

The dynamic links help developers convert the web users to native app users.  

Smart Google Analytics

Before selecting any app, template, or investing you surely wish to have a specific idea of who your potential audience would be. And, Google Analytics helps you grow your business ensuring you know your potential customer and users.  

You get to track your user journey on different platforms, study behavioral data in-depth and export your mobile app data to Big Query with the help of Google Analytics. It supports engaging more users once you match the UX based on user Id.   

These features add to build a sustainable growing channel for your business that is powered by user's feedback, interest, and suggestions.


With the rapid and robust facility that is offered by the Google family, the services surely compel developers to try once, and then, there is no going back.   

You can easily log in to the firebase services with your Google account. It has three package deals and affordable that fit your budget and benefits more.  

  1. Spark – A completely free plan letting you enjoy and explore its service within a certain limit. The advantage you get is 1 GB data storage and transfer 10GB data in Firebase and much more. The log-in is easy and tutorials are provided on its website. Good to begin and explore the services.  
  2. Flame – The plan costs $25 per month and is suggested for apps that receive traction from the audience.  
  3. Blaze – A package that allows you to calculate the average cost of using firebase services as you upscale your apps.  

The lower costing provides small businesses a boost to compete with big enterprises and jump into the pool of opportunity and growth without the fear of costing. One can monetize their mobile or web channels and stay at low-cost integration lifelong.   

Time Saver

Firebase being a BaaS reduces developer's time from hosting, database, and numerous other supporting backend requirement and services as firebase offers everything.  

Building code over every other feature is troublesome and has been eradicated with firebase. App development includes a lot of processes and thus you require a lot of different teams who work depending on each other but not with firebase.   

Firebase is also known as a front-end focused data store and saves a large amount of time for developers and that too for both mobile and web both.  

Google Cloud services is an open platform and thus, you can use it for backend integration for any device or platform within no time and low cost.  

Firebase Automatic Scaling

The best service is automatic syncing with every single update that comes. It systematically calculates the minimum set of updates required and updates effortlessly every time. It does it without disturbing the data or the user log in making it scalable and effective.


What is the Firebase web app?  

Firebase is fully controlled and managed with backend services that provide the best infrastructure and growth to your web and mobile apps. The web app uses Cloud Storage for Firebase to store, upload and share pictures, videos and texts.   

Which companies use Firebase?  

More than 20k companies use Firebase including Instacart, Twitch, Duolingo, Trivago, Stack, Accenture, Alibaba Travels, and much more.  

Is the firebase database free or too expensive?  

Fortunately, Firebase has three subscription policies. Spark offers 1 GB of data and 10GB data transfer for free. Spark is a free plan and it offers several services that provide the exploration within a limit but enough to grow or develop an app.   

The other two subscriptions are Blaze and Flame advisable for those who have audience traction in their app.  

What are the limitations of a Firebase?  

The major limitation for using the Firebase database are as follows,  

  • Your data is not yours  
  • Data immigration is not as simple as that with SQL database  
  • Limited querying due to firebase data stream model  
  • Security is designed for faster integration and is limited  

Is Firebase Better or AWS?  

Firebase offers robust integration of images, videos, texts, other documents, voice APIs, and much more. It is compatible with both iOS and Android and comes with several frameworks like Angular for cross-platform functioning. Firebase utilizes more advanced technology being a Google family member. 

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