Clothing App comes with complete package of all well featured templates that enables you create hassle-free Web Clothing App.

E-commerce Home Page

Product Grid Page

Product List Page

Product Details Page

Product Categories


Order Details



Coupons $ Offers

User Details

Many More...

E-Commerce Backend Dashboard Page
E-Commerce Backend Product Page
E-Commerce Backend Order Page
E-Commerce Backend Payment Page


  • Manage categories and sub categories.
  • Create/edit/Delete Product Item
  • Manage attribute of product(Color,Size)
  • Admin can access sales report.
  • Manage Article and Blog
  • Ticket and there status management
  • Manage order status
  • Set payment method from admin dashboard
  • Tax Setting
  • Coupon offers and Loyalty points
  • Many more...
E-Commerce Admin CMS Dashboard Feature
E-Commerce Web App With Angular Features


  • Different Categories
  • Sub-categories with price
  • Product details with colors & size
  • Refine/Filter
  • Add to cart and checkout ( Manage Delivery address)
  • Apply promo coupon and use loyalty points
  • Checkout and Payment ( PayPal , Stripe , COD )
  • Track order status
  • Order status for each order
  • Blog and Article
  • Submit ticket and send message to Admin
  • User profile , Setting
  • Many more...

Need Ionic Mobile App ? OR Need More Features.

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  Clothing Mobile App


This Clothing app comes with complete package for app does include all back-end code, it is wired up with Node.

Installation on your system can be carried out at an additional cost of $50. Incase you need this setup service for both local as well as production the charge will be applicable twice. The turn around time is usually less than 2-3 working days.

  • $50 Installation process for local machine App and Dashboard
  • $50 Installation process for production App and Dashboard
  • $120 Deploy app on play store & App Store
  • $150 CI & CD using Jenkins, Bitbucket Pipeline, CircleCI , Kubernetes with Production server.
  • $100 Docker and Kubernetes installation on production server.
Contact For Installation

We provide deployment on the following cloud machine


  • Must have an account on one of the mentioned platforms.
  • You need to have your root SSH or other server details available with you before contacting us.
  • Recommended OS: macOS and Linux (Redhat, CentOS & Ubuntu) only.

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