How to Build an On-Demand Mobile App

How to Build an On-Demand Mobile App

How to Build an On-Demand Mobile App

It is safe to say that technologies have impacted our lives in more effective and result-oriented ways than we can imagine ever and to deliver the best services through apps and in this shift and impact all could be possible by smartphones, which play a crucial role in this scenario. There are a number of benefits of on-demand apps. Mobile applications are there to help out you in multiple cases such as money transferring, food ordering, online shopping, and lots more. With the help of a food delivery on-demand app, we can do all of these with a swipe of our fingers. All of this is to address the evolving customer requirements and meet customers' expectations to get instant on-demand services.

And that is the reason why the popularity of on-demand apps is growing day by day. On-demand apps, as the name suggests, work on the demand of business. An On-demand Grocery delivery app works to satisfy the demanding needs of the business and valuable customers instantly. In the current circumstances, where almost everyone is busy in their hectic lifestyle, everyone is looking for an On-demand Home Service app that can deliver their day-to-day needed product to the doorstep, so these situations are pushing entrepreneurs to add more potential to ordering food, online shopping, etc. by simply including them in the business mix and achieving new heights.

Being a fiercely competitive market you’ll surely require an on-demand delivery app development company to work with. Their dedicated and passionate on-demand service app development team can help brainstorm, validate as well as test the idea to assess the potential. Further, they can also consult on the tech framework – tools as well as features needed.

So, if you have an idea and you wish to first-hand validate your approach, and understand the next steps based on various parameters, then this blog is for you.

Let’s dive right into it!

Have a glance at our table of contents

  • What are on-demand applications?
  • How many different types of on-demand Business Models are there?
  • What are the benefits of On-Demand Apps?
  • List of Key Features of On-Demand Application
  • How to Build an On-Demand Application?
  • How much does it take to develop an On-Demand Delivery Application?
  • Why Choose ionicfirebase to build an On-Demand App?

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What are on-demand applications?

As the name suggests, an on-demand mobile application is a mobility solution. It works as a facilitator b/w consumers & different service providers. This comprises supporting services ranging from food delivery, education, grocery, healthcare, and more. The said custom apps are developed on both iOS and Android platforms.

How many different types of on-demand Business Models are there?

Person to Person:

This model is also well-known by the name P2P. In this business model, the mobile application serves as an interface between the service provider & the person who wants it.

Business to Consumer:

This B2C on-demand delivery application model directly connects the valuable end-users with the enterprise.

Business to Business:

In this B2B model, one enterprise sells products and services to other enterprises.

List of Key Features of On-Demand Applications

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  • OTP Signup and Login
  • Categories and sub-categories
  • Offers, Deals, Coupons, Tax
  • Product / Category Search
  • Manage Address and Checkout features
  • Order cancel & refund to the app wallet
  • Geo-Location enabled
  • Chat with the admin
  • Add to Favorites
  • Payment (COD, Stripe)
  • Product & Delivery boy ratings
  • Push notifications
  • Secure account verification via OTP
  • Subscription products
  • Multi-language

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  • Order modification.
  • Add and update the Banners
  • View and manage Orders
  • Send Push Notifications to all the users
  • View selling reports and graphs.
  • Manage payment methods (COD, Stripe)
  • Delivery fee management (Distance, Fixed, Flexible)
  • VAT tax Management
  • Add/Edit New local language.
  • Change your own Currency
  • Stock management
  • Manage your products categories & subcategories
  • Manage delivery boy
  • Manage order delivery status
  • Manage Coupons
  • Bulk Import/Export Products through Excel.
  • Manage Deals on category and product
  • Realtime notification on new orders
  • Chat with customers
  • POS management

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Delivery Boy

  • Accept / Reject orders
  • View store location on the map
  • View delivery location on the map
  • One tap calling to the customer
  • Order Notification
  • Changing order status
  • Change password
  • Access order history
  • GPS Enabled


How To Build An On-Demand App?

If you are not an engineer who knows how to code then choosing the on-demand app development company would be a great step you can ever take. A reliable company always has an experienced mobile app developer that can help you to get the best on-demand service app development. So hire an app developer from a trustworthy app development company so that you can be assured that you will get a feature-rich Restaurant On-demand food delivery app that can help you to grow your business online.

Here are some points that can help you to build a successful on-demand delivery application. Have a look…

Identify Business and business owners' requirements & Target Audience

The foremost step is to identify the needs of a business. On-demand services can be applied to a variety of domains & services, and every single service might have a separate set of rules, and requirements.

So, it is worth identifying for what domain and purpose you are building the solution. The immense research on the market helps-

  • Find the right target audience
  • Pains & problems of the valuable customers
  • Competitor’s strategies, weaknesses, strengths, and USPs

Ionicfirebase, being an experienced on-demand mobile app development company, can help you to overcome the gaps faced by competition. Our development team helps get things right the first time right by simply analyzing the innovative app development solution to overcome the challenges.

Asserting Business Need

If you hire on-demand app developers from a reliable company then they first know which industry and for what purpose they are building the solution. After that why list down the types of users & what platforms they will use? They always focus on identifying the needs based on if potential customers will use mobile applications and if vendors will use web panels and their staff to use mobile apps for location & service tracking.

Identify the Technology

In this step, developers identify the tech stack required to build the on-demand app. Hire mobile app developers that are proficient with leading languages and frameworks such as flutter, react native, kotlin, swift, and more. Draw the list of all the functionalities, features, and constraints to build an efficient solution.

Development & Execution

Once your developers have the list of requirements and technology in place they or their reliable on-demand grocery app development company can draft and implement a methodology that suits the project & the cost associated with the project to help deliver the optimum output.

Test and Launch the Application

Once the core set of features is developed, the on-demand app development company can carry out a pilot or beta run to test the performance and address issues. Based on the learning outcomes the clone app development solution is aligned without any errors to ensure the best user experience.

Why Choose ionicfirebase To Develop Your On-demand Applications?

After getting a decade of experience in on-demand mobile app development, ionicfirebase has built so many on-demand mobile applications that are backed by ionicfirebase's multi-domain expertise. Our development team leverages their technical prowess and business acumen to identify, evaluate and deploy building on-demand solutions that provide you with a competitive edge.

After delivering hundreds of apps we are dedicated and desperate to deliver the on-demand apps in a short time period too without compromising the quality of services. To get the services connect our development team now, and get the finest Flutter app development services.

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