How much do you need to invest to develop a social media app in 2022?

How much do you need to invest to develop a social media app in 2022?

How much does it cost and how much time will it take to create your own social media app?

Social Media App

Social media is one of the leading ways to grab internet users. These all Social Media Mobile App Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and many more are taking the lead on the internet and people love to spend their valuable time on social media & communicate with individuals and share their opinion with each other.

Social Media is a platform where individuals can join with their personal details as well as interact with users around the world especially, who are currently using the app without any cost. Here, individuals love to share their ideas, and personal emotions, and also share what they feel about their business, and many more. (But they have to follow social media privacy & policy while posting their content.)

Here we are talking about how much does it cost to build social media? By business/business owners, it is a usually asked & queried question. Generally, these types of applications such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr, may vary between $40000 to $60000+.

Note: The above-mentioned cost will vary based on the Application features, design, wireframe, complexity, security management, & others.

In case you are also looking for a basic social media app then check out this image, for sure it will help you out.

What kind of Social Application are we going to talk about?

Here we are going to have a discussion about a basic social media mobile app like Twitter. It has the fundamental functionality that Twitter has. This application is Inspired by Twitter. So on ionicfirebaseapp, you are free to check the live demo of our Ionic Social Media application.

Account creation and User authentication:

Here users can sign up with their details. Such as username, email, name, and phone number. Then they have to authenticate or verify their account so we can stop spam users' accounts. By doing so you will get a verification link on your personal email id and after getting the verification link you just have to verify that.

Account Updation:

Here users can upload their personal details like their name, profile images, & short bio description.

Privacy: Here users can set up their privacy, which implies that they want to share profile personal details and who is going to see their post feed and send them a request, and many more.

Follower & Following: With the help of this, users can follow you if they like your post and even you can follow others to get notified of their post feed.

Post Feed: Here the post feed will show as per your interest and whom you followed as well as you will get a notification if anything is posted by your followers.

Notification: Here you will get notified if anyone follows you, if any update has been done by your follower or if anyone comments on your post.

How much does it cost?

It completely depends on your needs and what features you like to develop. There is no fixed budget to build any kind of social media app or app developer cost. Because it is required to keep updating their features, database, privacy, server cost, and many more.

But if you are willing to start just as Twitter and with their basic functionality then the cost will be min $49 for mobile app UI (If you would like to check the live demo then you can check the live demo or Ionic Social Media app here and $99 for backend (you can check live demo of Social media backend here for one time with our Social Media app. Apart from Hosting costs and more feature updates and customization. you can start in just a few hours of setup and installation, especially if you are going to start with us. But if you are going with others then you may require min 60 days to build an app like Twitter and it will cost you around min $4000 for those basic features.

Note: Cost is not fixed. It will keep varying on technologies, companies, your requirements, hosting, infrastructure, and many more factors.

After doing all this, if you calculate the total cost with these features and with our app then it will cost you $148 one-time no customization. You will get all the source code that you can host on your server. Server costs will vary from $30- $50 initially. It will keep growing as your users and storage grow. If you have no idea about the technologies then you might have to make setup and installation services that might cost an additional cost of around $100. So, to start your own social media app like Twitter, the final total cost will come to around $300.

Note: This expense is one time in particular and with our Social application with the fundamental functionality those we add above and as you have seen a demo on a given source. It may cost more in case you want any customization.

Benefits of Social Media App:

If you have your own social media app and your own user base then later on you can optimize with paid ads even you can start your own business and share with all communities. You can take little charge of your clients to advance their business or individual branding on your social media application. There are plenty of examples in front of us. The main Social Media organizations are Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and a lot more and there are numerous to come later on.

Some result oriented Marketing Ideas for Your Social Media App

I know you are not going to make such a huge social media app and as I mentioned above. But you can start from local areas. Just build your app and start sharing with local people for free then ask for their feedback and keep updating as per their feedback.

Second, Go to the local store and say this is our app. Also, you can simply try all this free of cost & list their brand free of cost and put your application link in their storefront, and keep adding users.

Create social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube, and start sharing your app details and features on that.

Now create content and start sharing it on all social media channels.

Now let's move to daily pocket money ads marketing strategies:

Whatever you have the pocket money on a daily basis, here is what we used to suggest to start with. For instance, if you have $10 daily pocket money split into two put $5 on Facebook Target only for your local audience, however, put left $5 on YouTube branding ads for your local audience. Make sure you have set the location correctly.

Now like that, I keep rolling on a daily basis. Keep switching paid accounts. First day of your pocket money on Facebook and YouTube and similarly second-day pocket money on Instagram and Twitter, Then third-day pocket money on LinkedIn and Facebook and keep running the cycle for one month and one month of the time period you will see the growth in the user's database.

Once you start getting local users then only try to get out and start expanding your user base.

This is a basic step that helps you build your social media app and how to start marketing for them. But there are a million ways to share your app and reach out to your users.


Here we saw how much it costs to build a Social Mobile app and how much time it will take. And a small tip to start marketing and reach out to users for your own app.

I hope this will help you out. In case you have any queries and suggestions then mention them in the comment section and we’ll love to hear from you.

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