Marketing Ideas for Restaurant and Hotel Business

Marketing Ideas for Restaurant and Hotel Business

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Some short Marketing Ideas to take your Restaurant and Hotel Business to the peak level

After online food ordering and delivery, apps have been introduced in the market, there are still some points that we must keep in our mind so that you can get the optimum result from your inputs in terms of time and investment. So either you are an owner of a hotel or restaurant and have no idea how to take your business to the next level of worrying about how to do marketing to take your food business to another level and make it successful? So this blog is for you as here we are going to share some basic points that will help your restaurant or hotel business to expand their area. So let us start with the most common but important marketing idea that you must follow in your food business. Here you go…

Storefront: This is one of the most vital things for your food store, hotel, or restaurant business because the first impressions are made by your storefront only, individuals just see your storefront and decide whether they want to check inside or not. So ensure your hotel or food store or restaurant is attracting your potential audience to get inside your hotels.

Interior: Now once your potential audience gets inside your hotel or food store or restaurant then your 2nd impression is your internal interior. If your interior makes people peaceful, happy, and relaxed then they will sit for a long time and spend their time in your place else they simply leave. Make sure your premises are clean and nice, not too difficult to go around and find what your customers are looking for? Make it very simple and you can even put an arrow symbol with a nice guide to go to each and individual section that is available at your place.

Menu: Menu is one vital thing that attracts users when they get settled at your place. Make a clean and detailed menu so they can find the details about your menu and that food item. Even if it is possible then make a digital menu at your place and keep it with all details. So even though they aren't familiar with recipe names, they can check your recipe details such as ingredients and taste of food. One more thing that is most important these days is, People are so conscious about their health, So if you can put calories, protein and all the ingredients of your food that really boosts your orders.

Note: And don’t put any hidden privacy and policy on the billing system, just mention what taxes or other service charges will be applicable on your billing system.

Mobile App - Build Your Own App:

Restaurant mobile app

Make benefits of Mobile applications and/or web application to book advance orders so they don’t have to wait more time for what they were looking for. They can book their slot and food order with a time slot so once they visit they don’t have to rush to make an order, they have to relax and you can serve what they have ordered. To make your own online Mobile App and/or Web App you can check this out Restaurant | Hotel App. You merely have to get your hosting & backend and your food business get started online within a couple of hours. So let your customers enjoy all the freedom to book orders or reserve their slot from anywhere through your very own Restaurant Mobile App.

Social Media: Make use of social media. In Today's world social media is the most popular and if you don’t have social media then you are losing a huge amount of business or customers. So start posting your menu item image on Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Google Business Listing, Twitter, and more. Make a pdf or documentation of your menu and share on the documentation side like Slideshare and share on your social channel. Run offers and events on your social media so that you can keep the buzz around your users.

Jot Down: Make your food business listing with your name and keywords such as Restaurant. Even if you keep adding your food item posts on social media with keywords like How to Make White Sauce Pasta or Best White Sauce Pasta it will help you in Organic search too.

Videos/Media - Benefits of Videos and Graphics Media: In Today’s world video is the most important thing to convey or get the attention of any user or consumer. Individuals might don’t willing to read much but if you have nice content on your video about your products, services, food items, interior, and hospitality that you have been served till now that makes a huge impact on your business. To dig into that, you have just made a video through your mobile and uploaded it on free platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Instagram, and so many others. So individuals will give more attention to your food services and they love to come to your place and spend time. For instance, initiate making Cooking videos and start posting on all your channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

Kitchen Tour & Self Cooking: You can arrange your cooking tour for your customers, so many people love to cook themselves, so you can make your kitchen tour to allow them to prepare your favorite food with your trusted cook and make a small video and sticker out of them and share on your social media as well give one print to them. If possible, then keep them on the dashboard so they can keep their sign as a memory. This way you can engage more and more with the audience. If you do this properly then you’ll find a huge growth in your business.

Sell Unique Foods: Try to sell some unique foods that are health conscious and have a unique test and are only available at your place. So customers will remember you. Even if it is possible then try to give some memories with pictures or pack a small packet of your unique food so they can share it with their loved ones.

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