How much does it cost to build a restaurant or Hotel App?

How much does it cost to build a restaurant or Hotel App?

Build your restaurant and/or hotel or Food ordering business online with a flutter mobile application and conquer the online world and reach more customers.

Do you have your own hotel and restaurant with a food ordering app and want to grow your business and get more sales and engagement with your customers online as well as offline then here we are going to talk about a few facts and ideas that will expand your business online as well as offline?

In today's world, people are looking for reliable services and products at their flexible time due to their busy life. And as per the survey, online market business is growing because people can get their work done or whatever they are looking for getting it done just in a few tabs online. So why don't you take your business online with your own mobile app so don’t miss out on your users?

Now here is a big question that has arrived in our mind, How we build your own restaurant app or hotel or food ordering business online with mobile apps, how much will restaurant app development cost and how much time it will take?

So let me confirm that it will not take more than one day to get your mobile app online on Android play as well as on IOS Store. Being a leading industry we are here to provide Flutter Restaurant Mobile apps that allows you to build your online business with your very own mobile in just one day and go live on both platforms. If you would like to check the live demo to experience yourself then you can check it out at

Flutter Restaurant Mobile App Theme For Android & iOS

Now, Let’s go with some facts and calculations that will help you to make the easy decision and allow you to think about why you need a mobile app or online business for your online Restaurant system or Hotel business.

As per the survey of the top three countries that are using most of the internet in China, India, and the United State. But you can see below in the image the top 20 countries that are using maximum internet.

Internet users statistics

As we can see the growth of internet users around the world and as per survey max users approx more than 60% of users are using mobile to use the internet.

So do you think this is not really awesome? Just think, If we have our own mobile app and online business where people get in touch with us then how fast we can reach millions of people through our very own mobile app and capture all that market.

Now we talk about the cost of this:

Now here are a few facts about the cost, how much it will take to start your online food or online restaurant system or hotel business, and is it worth it or not?

Let's see, If you are building an app with us then here we are providing a **Flutter Restaurant Mobile app** that has all features to start an online food ordering system as well as with the facilities of hotel booking and/or table booking at your restaurant with a food ordering app.

Now how much does it cost?

It cost us just $89 in INR it will come around RS 6339.53, Chinese Yuan it will come 630.68, and Brazilian Real it will come around 370.47 (it depends on currency conversion) and to fully functional and manage your products, revenue orders and more we need one backend and we are offering that backend in just $149 in INR it will take around RS 10613.37, in Chinese Yuan it will cost 1055.86, & Brazilian Real it will come approximate 620.23 (it depends on currency conversion). So the total cost will come around is $238 and INR 16,952.9, Chinese Yuan 1055.86, and Brazilian Real it will come around 990.70. Like that anyone can calculate based on their currency (default currency is USD).

Now compare your hotel or restaurant expenses. If you have staff it will cost more than this monthly. So you compare then you can within the cost of your staff you will get your own online mobile app for a lifetime and it will live and ready to reach your potential customers in just one share and/or one shoot.

Now we break down this our total cost will come around $238 (INR RS 10613.37, Brazilian Real 990.70, and Chinese Yuan 1055.86), and if we divided into one year of cost merely $238/12 (but it will for a lifetime, if we calculate with lifetime then it will cost us nothing) then it will take merely $19.83 per month (INR RS 1410.35, Brazilian Real 82.54, and Chinese Yuan 140.53).

Note: Currency value may vary a bit as per the current market price of USD and its conversion. Our default currency value is USD so you can calculate as per your currency and find out how much it will take for you.

Now you spend a momentary time to think where you got a store where you have to pay just $19.83 and store all your items and get an order from them without taking a hassle to take care of their sitting & facilities or with the finest hospitality system.

Now, what are the advantages of the Flutter Restaurant App?

Flutter restaurant app

Flutter allows us to build a cross-platform native app means once you buy this app the same app code will work on both Android and IOS both and you don't need to build separate apps for both platforms. So in just one app cost, you have an Android app as well as an IOS app.

  • It is completely customizable so you can customize it as per your choice.
  • You can set up your order delivery system as per your area pin code.
  • Live chat facilities will assist you to connect with users and get resolved if anyone has any kind of issue or difficulties.
  • There is a push notification that allows us to notify our users if any offers or any new things were added.
  • We’ll help you launch on the play store (Android as well as IOS).

So, if we do this manually/offline how much does it cost to build a restaurant app and how tedious is that. So what do you think if you have your own app then you can reach in one click to all your customers/users. Is it not an awesome thing?

So what are you waiting for, for now, it is very simple to start your own online business now and if we are looking for a long-run business then we require an online presence in today's world.

If you have any kind of issue, any future updates or you need any kind of technical help then our team is here to support you 24/7 online. So you never feel any hustle or difficulties to do that.

So, start now because Mobile is the future and if your business is not on mobile and online then you'll lose and/or still have been losing a huge customer interaction or business in today’s internet and mobile app.

Some Important points after you make your own restaurant app:

Once you got our mobile app then how do we let our customers get to know about that?

First: We can generate a QR code on our mobile app on our storefront so customers can easily find and download it.

Second: We can share our mobile app link on all our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Business WhatsApp, Snapchat, TitTak, and whatever we have.

Third: We can message all existing customers on our hotel mobile app so they can download and make an order or do the online table booking. Even if they love they can share with their loved ones.

Fourth: Last but not least we can run a Google ads campaign to reach out to more new customers who are looking for online food or restaurant booking facilities and get on board with our business.

If still you have any query or doubt then feel free to contact us and make a comment below what you have thought about this and what is your suggestion. And we’ll get in touch ASAP with your questions and provide the best suitable suggestion.

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