Fully customizable, ready-to-use screens for users with easily configurable application design, and the right UX for a News App.

Advanced way to view list.

News by category.

Share news on social platforms.

Save bookmark.

Comment on news enabled.

Social integration.

Invite friends via social.

User Profile.

Side Menu Page.

Ionic Firebase News Mobile App Menu Page
Ionic Firebase News Mobile App Card Page
Ionic Firebase News Mobile App Details Page
Ionic Firebase News Mobile App Profile Page

User Mobile APP

  • Home page with list of latest news
  • Latest weather info on home page
  • Full new details with users comments enabled.
  • News filter based on categories
  • News Details pages
  • Comment and share features
  • User can Login / Registration
  • Push notification on new news publish
  • User profile update
  • Build with Ionic 3 and Firebase
  • Clean UI design
Ionic Firebase News Mobile App Features
Angular Firebase News Dashboard CMS


  • Manage all the News from Admin CMS Dashboard
  • Create Category for News
  • Manage all the News/Articles easily from CMS
  • Send push notifications
  • Send push notification for each News
  • Access all the register user account from CMS
  • Add banner or YouTube video with news
  • Clean and Responsive UI design
  • Develop with angular 5 framework
  • Easy to connect with our existing news mobile app

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This News App comes with complete package of all well featured templates that enables you create hassle-free News App.

Installation on your system can be carried out at an additional cost of $50. In case you need this setup service for both local as well as production the charge will be applicable twice. The turn around time is usually less than 2-3 working days.

  • $50 Installation process for local machine App and Dashboard
  • $50 Installation process for production App and Dashboard
  • $120 Deploy app on play store & App Store
  • $150 CI & CD using Jenkins, Bitbucket Pipeline, CircleCI , Kubernetes with Production server.
  • $100 Docker and Kubernetes installation on production server.
Contact For Installation

We provide deployment on the following cloud machine


  • Must have an account on one of the mentioned platforms.
  • You need to have your root SSH or other server details available with you before contacting us.
  • Recommended OS: macOS and Linux (Redhat, CentOS & Ubuntu) only.

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