Most effective Ways to Promote Your Business on Social Media

Most effective Ways to Promote Your Business on Social Media

What brings your product to the focal point? Any ideas? Not the ads but the personality you create through your unique marketing ideas to promote your business. Whether you are a start-up or a well-settled company, marketing is an essential part of your lead generation. But with so much competition and chaos around, how do you stand out? Well, the first thing to Being a top-rated web and mobile app development company in Bangalore, we have listed the most creative and entertaining ideas for ##websites to promote your business as being budget-friendly. Yes! Mentioned below are the 10 best-proven marketing ideas for your business big or small.

1. Throwbackday Pictures – A Weekly Throwback

The creative way to get a huge number of audiences to participate is by being where you are and following the trend. The easiest and quickest way is to post on social media. Increasing your social media followers and engagement is a free way to grow your business. You need to know the drill of the platform you are using. And, #throwbackfriday, #throwbackbackthursday pictures are some of them. A trending and broad hashtag can help you reinforce your identity. You can then extend it to more hashtags, add location, or any relevant information. Never forget to add the custom hashtag and hashtags that help you reach out to more people.

Engage with Your Social Media Competitor

This is another ##way to promote business on social media Well, a healthy wit didn’t harm anyone. And, you need that too! Apart from looking at your competitors of mobile app dev, move to engage in social media healthy communications. It helps one get in the news and speak of your alertness.

Push Your Handles

This is also the ##best way to promote your small business Be active and responsive! Be smart and a bit shameless in promoting yourself. Self-promotion is important. And, by this we mean start adding your social media handles on every other social media platform. You can even have your social media handles sliding in the webinars, pictures, videos, and business cards as well. It helps in building authority, and identity and spreading awareness about your business. Don't forget to add your handles on the Google My Business site as well.

Photo/Video Contests

Contests on social media are truly engaging and entertaining at the same time. It is relatively easy to enter, increases followers, and subscribers, and increases popularity. Not many people take part in all sorts of contests so here are a few ideas to get them all interested.

  • Ask them to submit a photo with a message, tagging your brand.
  • Submit videos showcasing the product, the day, view, or anything that promotes your business.
  • Submit captions.
  • Create memes.
  • Talent showcases, having fun, and so on. You can then provide them with an extra point for sharing the post and so on. Ensure the contest is superb, shareable, and engaging.


Well, who doesn’t love free stuff? It is the most classic, tried, and tested ##platform to promote your business. No doubt big brands still use it. You can include social media influencers to take part in promoting your contests as well. Giveaway is a purely entertaining and superb game to gain information to like email, their preference, or even increase subscription.

Notify Email Subscribers of Contests

This is also another result-oriented ##way to promote your business on social media Continue the bond with people who love receiving your emails. Have a personalized note for your audience. Just like social media, mail them about product launches, competitions, giveaways, or ask for feedback. Never leave a track to engage and be their priority when they search for the service that you provide.

Promote Your Content (either in the form of videos or photos) on all Social Media

If you have a product sale, contest running, or any awards that you won, share it on all social media platforms. Ensure you promote them at every site. Mobile application developers always say you need to ensure your followers on all the digital platforms know about the recent update you made. It is a unique and creative way to grab attention.

Create and Share Data-rich Infographics

With the ride and tide of information technology affecting our lives. Infographics turn out to be the most powerful tool that allows people to digest huge amounts of information through visual data, charts, and statistics. It turns out to be the most powerful tool as well. They are eye candy and people love to share them. You must use tools or hire designers to create products that provide the proper use of color, and negative spacing and that attract attention. If initially, you cannot create original infographics like the best mobile app development companies in Bangalore do, use the old ones with a bit of creativity. Use Canva, and Visme tools and look for source data that relates to your industry. Never miss a chance to engage and share an infographic.

Polls and Feedback

Well, the feedback from your current users and audience likable to be your customer is beneficial. Create polls on every social media platform, including LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and so on. Your questions should be basically to know your audience, their demands, and the poll. The feedback on the different platforms helps you segregate the content and approach for the same.


Learning about your product shouldn’t just be your game. You need to let your audience engage with good content that informs them. Webinars with experts build authority. It gives the audience the tour of all the conversion funnels that they want them to cross. It generally has a smaller number of participants until the last minute and shows your potential customers. That is your power. You can later use the webinar video as content for social media now and then to attract more customers. Be a host and build an empire. It is the best-proven way to engage with your customers. In the end, you can let the audience ask questions and be an active participants. It is a better way not just to engage but to know your audience's demands and problems.

Wrap up!

It is the creative marketing ideas that help you create an identity. It is quite a time taking but consistency builds its authority. If you are a small business or a start-up you cannot miss a chance not just to promote your business but to engage to know how to improve. The marketing ideas mentioned are fulfilling. Find a unique way to approach customers. Being on digital media and letting people know your presence is like a criminal offense. So, what approach are you going to follow?

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