How to Improve Your Ecommerce Conversion in 2022

How to Improve Your Ecommerce Conversion in 2022

‘For you to achieve your goals, visitors must achieve theirs’.

Before getting into any detailed strategy let’s get this straight – we have more than zillions of sites that offer the same service as yours. But the main question that arises is what makes your website the best?

The number of companies could be numerous not in the whole world but just in a country or town, you are in. So, how do you get visitors? How do we engage with visitors, and get them to opt-in or buy the product?

Well, in the world of technological advancement one needs to grow and serve the right purpose. Our experts will serve you with a few proven hacks that not merely make your eCommerce stand out but get more conversion.

The eCommerce conversion Rate


To boost the conversion rate, you need to step down & think in terms of the purchaser. You require to comprehend that customers today shopping online are looking for information first. They want to be informed about the product before making any sale.

You will have to go through the eCommerce funnel. And then, strategies the action plan. Here, in this blog, we are going to talk about each of them.

First, let’s talk about the eCommerce funnel. And, get the fact clear that not everyone visiting your site will buy your services. Keep in mind that purchasers today search for proper information before making any buy. So, think like them.

You will need to know and design your site for users to click on things – Purchase now and add to the cart. However even if not that at least,

  • Share your product on social media
  • Sign up for newsletters or emails
  • Subscribe for a new product on different social media platforms
  • Add to cart
  • Buy now
  • Spend time exploring products.

To get this we require visitors to have a very easy time exploring the website and opting for checkout. In another word, we don’t have to work on the product with full focus but on the user and their experience.

You need to decide your benchmark of the site and go with it.

1. Awareness – Introduction of product. You do this with an advertisement. You need to strategize the possible ways that speak of your product that –solves the problem, increases its desire to have it, impacts or adds value to their life. You need to know what exactly is your focus.

2. Interest and Evaluation – This calls for continuous engagement with your customers. You don’t just want to introduce yourself but create an impact.; an impact that if they are looking for services, they must think of you.

You need to continue to engage them with your emails, posts, SMS, and newsletters. Content is the king here that requires consistency.

3. Desire- Creating tension to bring desire must be your main motto. E.g., if you or your team members are selling products or apps that scan viruses; your post must speak about the concerns it might create in the system if there is no anti-virus installed.

The content you generate should speak on why they need the product. This is a stage to convince people about the need for the product and not its features.

4. Action – If you have successfully followed the engagement process. After doing all that, the time has come to get them in action. It's time for CTA. After a long follow-up about the product, its need, and its benefit, it is now time to show the product and urge them to buy.

Remember, if people come back to purchase from you, you have successfully created a potential and loyal customer. The eCommerce funnel must be followed to be the priority in the purchaser’s list. You require to be their priority for the products you sell.

You know that luring customers has to be the 1st thing. Your customers are in the same space as you. So, you need to be a step ahead and provide information that is useful, easy to understand, and impacts them.

To enhance your economic eCommerce conversion, you need to concentrate on your customers. Yes, as stated above and now we will explore in what ways you can optimize the conversion.

User Experience Customer Support Trustworthiness Functionality Social Media

User Experience:

1. Making the website faster:

Honestly, you have 3 seconds to attract the buyer's attention. Even you won’t appreciate a website that takes time to load. So, if your web page/app is slow you lose more than 50% of the buyers. Don't let your competitors benefit from something that can be fixed.

You also need to focus on,

Image optimization Changing the hosting plan Clear the clutter at the backend

2. A/ B Testing

It is advisable to have a proper check of what works better for your website conversion rate. [A/B testing]( It is a popular method used in marketing. You can measure the changes depending on what changes impact more visitors and your sales.

CTA buttons Emails and Ad campaigns Navigation of the website Web design and so on.

For example, you can have buttons that say, 'Buy Now’ ‘Search for items’, ‘Free trial’, and so on. It encourages the CTA.

It might look unnoticeable but is an important part of the conversion funnel and user experience.

3. Know your audience

How are you going to put content for your audience? How will you strategize and target them? If you don’t know your audience?

For any business the behavior of the visitor is important. It puts information and direction in your strategies of content, social media, functionality, and everything as luring customers is your goal.

To know your valuable customer, you can indulge in a few easy practices like,

Run surveys that help you understand their feedback on products, problems still faced, improvisation that might help, and so on.

Providing personalized recommendations and content.

Run surveys or use tools to Analyze the buying pattern and behavior.

Review your competitors' websites and see what is missing and what might work better for you.

You need to stay ahead with technology and your customers.

4. Refine your UX/UI design - Easy navigation

Create a very smooth and attractive website. Essentially, focusing on how it will be easy to navigate for users. One should be able to navigate easily. Place the call to action from various websites, with the CTA buttons on the first page and in the most lucid manner.

Make the shopping experience for first-time buyers easy.

Provide rightful and informative content. Content is the prime part of any website; ensure you hire a good content writer that understands your goal and objective. Also, you can step into the shoes of the buyer to create content that generates. Informative content.

You are dealing with an informative audience today. They look for information regarding the product and look for reviews, and blogs that help them make a decision.

Provide content that generates content that is,

Easy to skim Has bullets Examples for the audience to understand the information properly Includes images and videos to attract an audience Has attractive CTA Chatbot and so on.

An easy-to-navigate website that loads faster is the first step toward attracting your customers. And, this is followed by creating helpful and informative blogs, articles, product descriptions.

5. Easy and Secure Checkout Process

To be able to easily checkout is a relief. Imagine a customer who spent his/her time finding a product but the payment process took a long time, what would you do? Leave, right?

The payment process has to be secure, easy, and have options. The best way to do this is by letting your friends or yourself check the process. Ask feedback from people who bought your product. Put questions that occurred to you while going through your website check-out process.

Which stage of payment takes a lot of time? If there is any unnecessary step during the payment? If the offers and discount options not available as shown in the home banner? End the questionnaire with feedback/suggestions.

Your payment must show the history of products, discounts given and any other charge included (Ensure it's with an individual product image). Let the customer have every minute detail in the payment options – size, colors, quantity, discounts are given. It creates transparency in the buyer.

You can analyze your customer behavior. You can then create personalized notifications considering the products bought.

Customer Support

1. FAQs

Might sound out of the box but don’t you enquire about the return policy? Or say product expiry, product delivery status, guarantee policy? Well, as said above the buyers are well-informed and have options. Don't let them move away.

This is your funnel that provides information not just regarding your services but the product, its benefit, help the customer with decision making, and much more. Your website should have huge queries answered. Let it be about the product, your services, its impact, review, product verification, and anything that is needed to build trust.

2. Chatbot

For every problem, we have an app today. The buyers can shop or look for services 24*7 but your team has a definite working slot, that is when Chatbot helps.

You can have it automated. A chatbot can have your easy questions answered. It is stated that about 63% of the buyers return to the site and are persuaded to buy the service. List down the common query and generate an automated answer for it. The complex question can be tackled later. Also, never forget to ask for an email Id it helps with following up later.

Chatbots help in connecting directly with your buyer and knowing the issue. If the problem is sorted, buyers tend to like the service and return.

3. Policies

Let your buying, return, and subscription policy be easy to navigate and initiate. Don't let your customer go from one tab to another looking for answers, complaints, and product descriptions.

Have your policies and service details on a button and ensure the one answering is active.


1. Content:

Yes! Content is not just the king but your weapon to lure customers. It is where you can improve your conversion rate. Create education blogs on your website or get guest posts on the same.

You need to have the eCommerce first three funnels covered with your content. Create awareness about the problem and solution, introduce your product, its needs, and how it can positively impact the buyer.

You need to have a thorough research of the services people avail of before knowing your product. Knowing that you can create content about solutions, how your product is better, and its benefits.

Create compelling stories, have a character, problem solution to it and conclude on a positive note- CTA. You can publish guest posts, case studies, blogs, and much more.

2. Optimize your content:

Imagine you did thorough research on the content. But has not reached the audience, forget about the potential buyers. In an ever-changing world, you can’t just create content once and forget it.

You need to put more focus on content optimization so it reaches your customer. After that, you need to keep optimizing it- republish it, add more facts and update your content. You need to post daily.

Content has to be for the loyal customer and the new ones. Attract them with education about the problem’s causes and how it can be solved. Be their support and get them to the Buy now section.

Add high graphic images Reach them through emails Push notifications Regular posts Creative web content Videos of testimonials Showcases Security


1. Search Engine Optimization

Apart from implying skills in the right place what benefits businesses today is the SEO marketing strategy. SEO benefits you in multiple ways starting from cost-effective marketing techniques to targeting your potential audience and increasing your visibility. It has been surveyed that about 60% of the leads are generated through SEO marketing techniques.

Not denying but even if your business has the best idea, content posted regularly, gives the best possible service but how are you reaching your clients? Cold email or social media posts are not enough. You need to use the SEO strategy. Yes, search engine optimization, there are various tools present online helping you reach goals like, visibility and suggesting SEO keywords for specific platforms. You can filter the SEO keywords according to the region and time for a better conversion rate.

It targets people who are actively looking for your services, increases your authority, and improves customer service. Honestly, running a business means you are thinking big but how do you tell people about it? That is why one suggests availing of the SEO benefits in your action plan. It helps get traffic that lasts with authority building strong every day.

2. Mobile Apps It is so essential to be present online. Yes! And, with mobile access to a wider level, your buyer also targets an app to scroll whenever and however they want – Desktop or mobile apps. Mobile shopping is on the rise presently.

Social Media:

With so many platforms available other than your website providing services similar to yours. Your motive has to stand out. And, that involves a strong presence online from Google My Business to Twitter.

You need to build authority that requires your presence and activeness online on various social media. You must share content on these platforms in the way the platform demands. To keep your new customers attracted and old customers surprised and happy.

1. Social Media Presence:

Social Media presence is essential. It calls for immediate interaction, generates leads, builds customer loyalty, and directs referral traffic to your site or blog for that matter. It assists customers with new products, blogs, testimonials, referrals, and link building. You can post every detail, respond to customer problems, and queries and communicate in so many ways.

2. Establishes authority:

Customers follow and interact with brands they enjoy. About 53% of the followers are your loyal customers. You can have your website link on the social media handle for direct engagement. It assists with link building.

You can promote your product and services, through sponsored products, and social media influencers collaborations.

Finally, it is advisable to have to include a few tools that help you improve the eCommerce conversion rate.


Free trials – an effective way to convert and retain your customers. Most of the customers aren’t going to buy or refer to your product. But you can sign up for a free trial for a week or 30 days.

Quizzes – yes, it's fun to engage customers with a few quizzes based on your business niche. Set quizzes to understand your buyer's customers and allow them to understand the easy way out with your site. E.g. if you are an ed-tech firm, post quizzes, and free tests for particular students.

Finally, add some tools that make your task easy. Your eCommerce conversion will be achieved only if you focus on your audience, content, and optimization.