Free Tools for Digital Marketing

Free Tools for Digital Marketing

There is no digital marketing agency or digital marketer that can deny the fact these marketing tools are indeed must-haves. With the internet playing its role the emergence of digital marketers demands to be in multiple places at once. Additionally, perform tasks on time & as per the trend. A hearty thanks to the marketing tools that save time and provide more than expected results. From searching content to posting and analyzing the customer behavior and Strategizing the market demand these tools are a Saviour in the true sense. Keeping you sane and on time. Saving money remains the best part! With numerous free and paid tools out there, we listed down a few best free tools that are easy to use and top-rated for their performance. The list navigates from greeting to helping your strategies better. See how many you already use and which ones you need the most.

Hello Bar This had to be mentioned first, why? This tool helps you collect the email of the visitors to your website. Also popular, the top bar arrives not as your notification but as a greeting. It greets individuals arriving at your page with headlines like, ‘want a free pdf?’ or ‘join my mailing list’ and so on. It greets and serves the purpose of the call to action. You can select the headline with a little piece of information depending on what you and your firm offer. You can even schedule a timer for when and how the hello bar should appear. It helps you collect email IDs and see the traffic coming every day.

Subscribers: Collecting leads is one the best ways to keep engaging your one-time visited users/customers on your business online. So here is the tool called They provide us a fixability to allow users to get notified from you. Through this, you can share the push notification on desktop and mobile too. They have two plans, one for Free and one for pay. For the free version, you have limitations over the users and sending a push notification. You can check their plans and price below the image and you can sign up for a free account here.

Google keyword planner When it comes to SEO and SEM then we first think about Google only. So, no one can provide better data apart from Google. So, Google has introduced some free tools for users/business owners to do research on the search term that has been searched with users. That Google keyword planner is one tool that we have been using for Keyword research based on your location and business niche. Google keywords planner helps you build your target audiences based on the keywords and also helps you to make a plan to build the best business plan to drive your niche-related users to your businesses. Google tools have to be on the top. It helps you with two things- search for new keywords & get search volume and forecasts. This tool keeps you sane. It doesn’t limit you to a certain keyword but allows you phrases, avg. Month searches, volume, competition, and shows the top of page bid (low range & high range). You can see keyword ideas for more than ten terms at once.


A tool that sets you free from the struggle of posting every day on multiple social media platforms. Hootsuite allows you not only to share the content but schedule it in advance, say like a month? Yes! Like many months a month in advance. Moreover, you can share the content on plenty of platforms & enjoy the traffic coming your way. It also updates and reviews what others have to say. Hootsuite also informs you about your competitors.


Staying ahead of time in the profession of digital marketing is a boon. And, thus we present to you Buffer which has a free plan to be your forever savior. Just like Hootsuite, it saves your time of post scheduling on multiple platforms. Scheduling your post is regarded as the best marketing strategy and having an app makes you free from all the struggles. It allows you to schedule about 10 posts in advance. You can compose and schedule posts from the selected and exclusive content in the Buffer gallery.

Google Search Console To grow your business online, this is a must-have digital marketing tool. By Google, this is a magic tool that assists you, monitor, maintain & troubleshoot your site’s presence in Google searches. It does the work internally. You can search and look up each post and its engagement. You get to comprehend the keywords getting more likes, impressions, as well as click rates. You can integrate the keyword to get more traffic into the blog post or the landing page whichever source you wish to target. Google Search Console is also popular by the name Google Webmaster tools. If you like to appear on Google then tools will help you. Here you can find your website along with the subdomains (such as etc). Note: Make sure you can add both properties with the root domain ( and with an extension or full URL e.g. ( This Google webmaster tool helps you index your content in Google, Helps you to track your keywords ranking around all countries. Permit you to index your website URL in Google. These tools help you to get notified of issues and fixed for your website with details like server errors. 404, duplicate URL/content, spam URL, etc.

Things to do with Google Search Console:

Add Domain property with Domain ( and URL Prefix ( Verify your website ownership with your preferred method. (example Verified through HTML Tags and others.) Add the sitemap. Check the coverage to check the index URL and if any issues and fixes you do require for your website. Check the core web vitals for all tech aspects like website speed and enhancement.

Google Alerts

A tool that helps you collect the name of your brand. In addition, it lets you know about your competitor's progress as well. Even though it does inform you about the social media mentions, it is widely used for reviewing brand mentions and informing you about the latest developments in your industry.

Google Analytics The most preferred and loved tool for website analysis is Google Analytics. The top-notch feature of this tool works on gathering various information regarding your website. In addition, it also studies the behavior of visitors to your site and how they work through the sales funnel.


It helps you collect information about your brand mentioned on social media. From keyword mentions to mentions of your brand, hashtag and competitors can be easily reviewed here. This tool is or says the social search is totally free and monitors the mentions quickly giving the best results.

Moz (Open Site Explorer) In a time where content is king, what makes you not use this free tool? Moz Pro & Moz local are the two key products that provide work the best. The Moz Pro helps you with classic SEO practices and monitors and optimizes your content, traffic, and marketing campaigns. Whereas Moz local helps you with building your business rank better and improves your local SEO listing. This free tool two products remain at the top is telling you details of keyword ranking and crawl issues. This tool is also known as Open Site Explorer. On the free version of this social search tool, you will get the domain stats with the keywords. They have their own matrices to calculate the domain authority and other aspects/matrices.

Domain Authority:

It is mainly defining your website domain authority over the internet. It is calculated based on their matrices like inbound and outbound links, domain trust, domain ages, content, ranking, high authority linking, number of good links you're getting and how many links you are losing, social signals, and others.

On the free MOZ social search you will get the following details:

  • Domain Authority (Predicts a root domain's ranking potential relative to the domains in our index. Utilize this score to compare your likelihood to rank above that of your competitors.)
  • Linking Root Domains
  • Ranking Keywords
  • Spam Score
  • Top Pages by Links
  • Top Linking Domains
  • Discovered as well as Lost Linking Domains (Track when we found new linking domains over the past sixty days.)
  • Target Keywords by Estimated Clicks (Estimated clicks for top keywords, based on volume & CTR.).
  • Top Ranking Keywords (Your top keywords are sorted by ranking position.)
  • Top Featured Snippets (Target Keywords the site ranks for that trigger a featured snippet.)
  • Branded Keywords (The highest-volume keywords reflecting the site's brand.)
  • Keyword Ranking Distribution (The number of keywords ranking in the search results within given ranges.)
  • Top Search Competitors (The competitors that compete for the same keywords as this domain, ranked by visibility.)
  • Top Queries (Top questions mined from People Also Ask boxes for relevant keywords.)
  • Inbound Links (No. of unique pages linking to a target. 2 or more links from the same page on a website are counted as one link.)
  • Linking Domains (Number of unique external linking domains. Two or more links from the same website are counted as one linking domain.)


SEMrush is another popular SEO tool for digital marketers. It helps you improve and optimize your search rankings. It tracks the growth of your SEO keywords on both national and local keywords. It tracks your SERP positions DAILY! SEMrush is all about marketing strategy & thus offers you your competitor's ranking and how you can improvise for the same. It tracks your content tone, and originality and specifies the content that must be added.

HubSpot Email Marketing

Be it cold emails or your offer email to your clients, HubSpot gets you the best email templates. HubSpot email marketing tool is easy to use and brings along native integrated with HubSpot product that is their CRM. The tools give you access to 2000 emails per month, a drag and down email builder, and attractive email templates.

UserVoice Desk

The prime factor to stand out in the market is to stand for the customer and be there for the customer. Understanding customers’ needs, requirements, and problems are important. It helps you understand your performance in the market and what you should improvise on. UserVoice is a beautifully designed customer service tool. It helps you with a report to see where you are performing best and areas that need improvement. It works as a survey on your website without disturbing any visitors.

CJ Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is preferred by all it is in the market and serves a long-term relationship goal. CJ Affiliate is one the most popular tools when it comes to affiliate marketing. From bloggers to agencies and third-party applications, CJ makes it easy to integrate and drive sales. Networking is the concept it puts more emphasis on.


Ahref webmaster is a free tool. It helps you monitor your website SEO’s performance. You can also use its keyword tool that provides you with information regarding long-tail keywords, you can see the keyword metrics, and analyze the competition. It further gives you the benefit to go beyond Google search to other multiple platforms like YouTube, Amazon, and so on.

Google Studio

Google Data Studio turns your data into informative, customizable, and easy to share and report. In other words, it is a free tool that gives you access to build an interactive dashboard with customized reports. It speaks to you of your total revenue, visits, visits from specific multiple devices, conversions, transactions, and visits, and tracks of search organically for your brand from different regions. It has dynamic controlled reports with multiple filters. You should take this feature into account.

Google Tag manager

As the name suggests it helps you update your tag for conversion tracking, remarketing, and so on. Google has provided us with an enormous program and this is another best tool for free to lessen the burden of being present at several funnels of digital marketing. To use Google Tag, you should have the basic technical knowledge and then the benefits of tracking scroll tracks, shopping cart abandonment, and opening a new level of marketing with tag updates.


If you are looking to create a design for your social media, presentations, or any visual content, Canva has to be your go-to tool. It offers paid versions like Canva Pro and Canva for Enterprise. But the free tool offers enough features to help you conceptualize better without any photoshop. You can download the templates and even edit them accordingly. One of the best tools for graphic and logo designing.


This tool literally collects all the actions taken by users by each pixel click and scroll. A great behavior analytical platform that records your customer's behavior on site. By visually understanding your visitor's behavior collects the feedback and suggests changes that will be needed. It helps you with what changes you should do to A/B testing and improve your UX on different screen resolutions. This free app is the best when it comes to optimizing your website according to the end-customer experience. Hotjar has free plans to some extent but after some extent, they have charges for the tools as well with the free version they have the limitation of user's access and project creation. So we suggest you take a free plan and test your user behavior by you or your UX team to understand the exact user behaviors and based on data do the changes in your website landing pages and/or UX.

Seo is one the important and high getting attention digital marketing aspect. In search engine optimization the first steps are keyword research. But getting the best fit keywords for your business is not an easy thing. So here will come, It will give you the avg monthly search on your keywords based on location so you can easily target those particular keywords with their potential.


Often regarded as not so exact, Similar Web can show who are the best players in your business niche, who is getting more traffic, and the number of visits per day/past month. It speaks of the engagement metrics, page visit duration, bounce rate, and referral traffic. It helps you see where your visitors are coming from totally giving you the path to your potential visitor's other interests. You can even compare the traffic from the whole year and see the gain and losses made. It suggests your organic keywords, specifies the social media engagement individual, and much more. You are someone entering into digital marketing. Similar Web should be your prime tool. The Similar has features that must be applied to stay in business and work as per the feedback from online marketing.

Google Trends

Another best SEO tool for any advanced or new digital marketer. It provides data and tells you what is trending- topics & subtopics, specifies the trend with the local and national area. You can conduct a free keyword search for platforms like YouTube & Google. You can view the progress and view the graph of growth with its time frame filter. It helps you find trending topics for blogs and guides you with how great the keyword or certain topic performed in the past. It has web search, image search, social media search for topics, and keywords. In addition, the search can be targeted to specific locations.


We swear to use as many digital marketing tools as possible. There are numerous tools and frameworks available to help you stand out in the crowd and be the FACE! Digital marketing is not an easy task to be performed. So, before investing in the paid service why not explore the free versions and see if that works for you. Of course, it will understand the objective of your business and then strategies. Once you get to explore the marketing tools benefits you would be in search of more. And, we will update you soon with the best marketing tools according to your business.