Difference between Web developer and Designer

Difference between Web developer and Designer

In plain language, the difference is as clear as the difference between architecture and contractor workers who build a house or any building.

Yes! The web designers and web developers contribute to the same work that is helping you build a great website, but what is creating the difference. Did this question crop in your head, right away? Well, we got everything covered here!

Often people get confused with the usage of the prefix around designers and developers. The contribution might be on the same project but the work area is quite different. The web developers as the contactors build the core structure of the website with coding languages like HTML, CSS, Python, JavaScript, Ionic, Angular, and others. Whereas the design works more with the visual prospects, deciding the overall look of the website. The digital interface looks more appealing & effective in leading visitors to convert and get support is because of the designers.

In simple words, designers are doing aesthetic work for the core structure built by those developers.

What is a Website and Web Designing?

Website, thinking of going online with your business or promoting your brand? But wait, isn’t the article you are reading now is also through our website? A website is the core of your online marketing activity. All the brands that are multinational or local are now getting acquainted with the website usage that helps them bring visitors and convert them.

Web designing is not just as it sounds. Great web design is an art, it requires balancing, text styles, structure, great graphics, layouts, and features to make it appealing. The purpose, goal, target audience, and graphics of the website are the key ideas of the client that the team of web designers.

The developers come in a role and that is the primary case. Often the group sits together to fix, analyze, plan, execute, and deliver the best web design. It is the web developers who build the core of the website and make it a structure strong enough for designers to give it life.

Who is a Web Designer?

Web designers have multiple tasks. It is them who gives the final touch to the website that is made to make it appealing, easy to access, and draft graphics accordingly.

They focus on key areas. Their work has to be specific as it should software tools like photoshop, and other graphics tools with the basic ideas of HTML, CSS if does it require to enhance and speed up the web development process.

The soft key skills a web designer must possess are,

  • Imagination
  • Analytical
  • Technical ability
  • Client management and communication
  • Understanding the business requirements.
  • SEO / Digital Marketing Strategy to understand the user behaviors.
  • Communication

The technical skills a web designer should know and must have been,

  • Visual Design
  • UX
  • UI
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Design Software and so on.

There are different types of web designers. Let's learn about the different types and their expertise.

User Experience (UX) Designer

What is UX design?

UX design usually focuses on the interaction that happens between the visitors and the products and services for example websites, apps, and top-ups. The core aspect is that UX designers are an amalgamation of psychology, business, market research, design, and technology of course. Its main purpose is to serve a seamless user experience.

The UX designers work with the website regularly. UX designers work include,

  • Conducting user research
  • Creating prototypes
  • Conducting user testing
  • Determining the information architecture of a digital product and services

If you enjoy any website and find it more accessible that is because of the UX designers. It focuses on enhancing user satisfaction while scrolling your website.

User Interface (UI) Designer

What is UI design?

Wondering how UI is different from UX designers? Well, while scrolling did you figure out the navigation to whatever support you were looking for? So, if you figured out where to click to get to where you wanted to go, it was because of the UI designers.

UI designer's work is time taking to save yours. They build mood boards and design interfaces using tools like,

  • Sketch
  • Figma
  • Photoshop

They also perform the testing of the features before executing or reaching the users. UI designers try to understand the targeted audience's psychology, interest, and demand. The work is not aesthetic or beautifying the website instead it focuses on areas that would help to get visitors into customers.

The UX and UI designers work together to make it a success. The similarities between UX and UI are as follows.

  • Focus on improving customer satisfaction
  • Focus on customer’s interface with the services available on your website
  • They need each other

The soft skills needed for a UI designer.

  • Team player
  • Research skills
  • Deep understanding of the customers
  • Understanding of digital aesthetic

Visual Designer

The visual designers are the look at the work of both UX and UI designers. The visual designer is a mixture of UX and UI designers. Their job is to improve the customer/visitor's journey in the most creative and easy to access mode. They are well-versed with coding language enough to solve the technical design issue.

They along with, UX and UI designers work with developers and conceptualize the website tone, look, and talk of the brand in the most creative way. Concluding is the jack of all the tools needed to build the website.

What is Web Developing?

Web development is all about building and maintaining a website. The web developers need to come in roles, plan, strategies, assign work to different people to perform the task faster and better. The work happens at the backend. The purpose of the website is to put an impact on your brand on your audience provide them with better service and maintain a healthy relationship with the audience as well.

Web development is the work of a team and most importantly it includes web designers and web developers.

Who is a Web Developer?

The crucial and primary role of web developers is to build the web designing concept before anyone starts to work on it. They give vision to your concept and idea, by building an attractive bridge – A website.

The relationship between the web designer and web developers

The structure of the website is built and structured by web developers, they use technical tools like,

  • JQuery
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • C
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • PHP and so on

The soft skills needed for web development are,

  • Project management
  • Responsive web designing
  • SEO
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Formatting
  • Team building

Types of Web Developers

Backend Developers

The backend developer's work refers to the server-side of the website building application that bridges the gap of communication between the database and the browser. They work with coding languages like PHP, Ruby, Java, and the list goes on. The coding language helps them build a framework for the website.

As the name suggests, these developers work at the backside of the server. They focus on database, scripting, and the architecture of the website development. They keenly understand the goal of the website and find an effective solution to it. They also for organizing the logic behind the system that runs across various devices. They must have the skills and knowledge that help the website build and create algorithms and solve system-related problems. They are also responsible for testing and debugging.

Front-end Developers

The Front-end Developers work at the front that is focusing on the ‘Client Side’. Everything that you see as soon as you open the browser is what has been done by the front-end developers. They are solely responsible for the look and feel one gets through the website. They build out all user-facing functionality and features and so on.

The skills required for the front-end developers are,

  • Proficient in coding language as HTML, CSS
  • Understand server-side CSS
  • Expert at graphic designing
  • Specialize in CMS development

Full-Stack Developers

Just like the Visual Designer, Full Stack Developers do the work of both backend developers and front-end developers. They work/develop both the client and server software. They work with version control systems, server, API, and backend development languages, front-end development. Hence, they are called ‘Full-Stack Developers’.

The skills in full-stack development are as follows,

  • Front end technology
  • Development languages (Angular, React, JS, HTML5, and so on)
  • Database and cache
  • Basic design ability
  • VCS
  • Working with API

There are different stacks like LAMP Stack, MERN Stack, and MEAN Stack.

Where would you go if faced the issue?

Now, we hope the difference between the web designer and developer is clear enough that you know whom to call if there is any problem with the website.

  • Edit photos and videos – Web Designer
  • Fix server hosting issues – Web Developer
  • Designing a new homepage layout or format – Web Designer
  • Building a new contact form or top-ups – Web Developers
  • Creating a mobile app – Web Developers
  • Conceptualizing the website branding – Web Designer
  • Building website structure – Web Developer


Now, before you hire the designer or developer, we are sure you would know whom to approach. Of course, the difference is not as simple as it looks. The ultimate truth is you need both to build the website. But first, approach the web developers for building the website from the core and giving it a form.

Both together will give the structure and aesthetic of the website.


Q. What is the difference between web designing and web development?

Ans: As said, web designing is more leaning towards the aesthetic perspective and creating better access or usability. Web developers are more on the technical side as the functioning of the website. Both use different language with different levels. Developers build the core structure of the website whereas designers give it an appearance and easy-to-use procedure.

Q. Can a web developer be a web designer?

Ans: Yes! Of course, you can be a web developer and a web designer. The workload might be much more if you do both the task and also you can be better in one or at both, depends mostly on the practice and interest.

Q. Do one need both a web developer and web designer for a single project?

Ans: Building a website from scratch will require both web developers and designers. Building the website with developers will be beneficial for the core structuring of the website depending on various aspects of the company’s target audience, vision, and motto.

Designers help you with the aesthetic creation of the website on how your audience will perceive your brand. A good web design helps in creating leads and also with conversion.

Q. What are the elements required for web designing?

Ans: Keeping the audience in mind the web designer has to understand the targeted audience and customers. One needs to create a web design that is,

  • Easy to navigate even for the new users
  • Has an appealing visual content/design
  • Gives information easily
  • Speaks of your brand strongly
  • Interaction is made easy with the existing and new leads and so on

Q. What is required for a backend developer?

Ans: The things required for a backend developer are:

  • Knowledge of front-end technologies and a strong grip at HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and so on Capable of managing the host environment
  • Team player as the backend has to work in collaboration with front-end developer